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The last vestiges of cab driving

I have been fighting it spiritually for some time. The reality that I am not a taxi driver anymore. I have become a medical transport driver. That is nor what I wanted to do.

That would be a job. Cab driving is not a job. It is a hustle. You get customers who use you to go buy drugs, go to the bars, the clubs, the massage parlors, the grocery stores, work, the airport, football games, church, and so forth. Along the way you meet a variety of interesting people. They all use Uber now.

We load walkers in the trunk for elderly people with oxygen tanks. Seriously. God love them but that's not my calling.

I want my whores, drug addicts, business people, jerks, sports fans, hipsters (I really miss the hippies), computer geeks, college students, degenerates, gay duds, the confused band the lost back.

There are only a handful left as the gig slowly dies.
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I've sort of been busy

I have not put up a post in the entire month of April. There are a few reasons for that. The main one is that I am trying to take my mind off of how bad the taxi business is in the traditional form. The business is becoming a hybrid form of medical transport precariously dependent on a few eggs in small basket. I have simply lived long enough to know that is an untenable situation.

I am not, however, looking a gift horse in the mouth (whatever that means) for without it, it would be chips out. I am at least able now to have not such a myopic view of everything and I'm adapting a long view of the situation. Hence, the image of the Skyway Bridge.

I crossed that bridge six times in one day when I lucked out at and caught a double Bradenton run from St. Pete. The charge included deadhead and that worked out pretty good. Believe me, I never got anything like that when I was driving traditional taxi. So I am not able to complain too much.

I am coming out of my funk and slacking off o…

Chess is giving me joy

Right now I am rated 675,000 in the world (out of 2.6 million). I am training for a more modern opening for over the board tournaments. This is the Kings Indian Attack Sicilian variation. I like it for you can control the center directly and indirectly without your king ever being in trouble.

From the recession in 2010

What is going on now in the taxi business in Tampa is not just having "a bad day." Most drivers are getting somewhere between two to five calls a day. That's it. "Don't worry, it will be better tomorrow." a customer told me. I am worried.  Each day is just the same. For example, this morning I came out at Five a.m. and did not get a call until Nine. There has never been a time when a driver during the morning hours would not get a call for over 4 hours.

The new dispatch system is inherently unfair. If you are not close to a call, it will not give you one, nor will it even send you a f*g bid. Without the bid, I cannot make any money. Paul Hinton says I simply need to park my cab where the calls are going to come out. How in the hell do I do that? The calls could come out from anywhere. I have no psychic abilities, so I guess I am screwed.

Talking to Paul Hinton and Eddie Munster (the computer guy) has proved useless. They don't even know what the algori…

The Storms of Chance

Once in a great while the storms of change will overshadow the plans of man. That would happen today. A cold wind blew over Tampa Bay this morning, a brief repose from the subtropical heat ever-present most of the year. The cool air felt good on my face and brought my spirits to a new high. I needed a lift.

I had a ride out to Boco Ciega which is a beautiful part of the area. I had a scheduled ride of some significance and I felt hopeful. This ride I was on would put some serious money and my pocket. I was excided because I needed a break. Today was going to be a good day. Would I at least have an auspicious start?

 It is believed Desoto once landed in this area. It was all jungle prada then. It had to have been very inhospitable to his gallant crew. Today, it is airy homes, many built in a time of no air conditioning. The natural winds off the bay during storm season will cool a house off. You just need to be near the shore.

Its the end of winter in Tampa Bay. Winter is our spring…

New Blog Design

Blogger is now offering modern type of designs to chose from. They have not updated their templates in years and I find these to be refreshing. This design has what is called a Hero post. I guess that is the last post you did. If it is one you choose, I have not found a way to do that yet. I just started working with it and hope I can get all the functions to work. This post is an experiment to see what will happen.

A checkmate in five moves!

I am playing chess and working out to keep my mind and body sharp as I go thru this difficult period in my life. I just started playing blitz chess on which is the best chess site on the internet. It is where all the top players in the world play. The world champion Magnus Carlson plays on this site almost every day. In a game last night, I checkmated a guy in 5 moves! I did not think that was possible. You can view the game below.