Wednesday, June 14, 2017

U2 and thunderstorms in Tampa

Thunderstorms loom over downtown Tampa
I actually had a good day today and it was not because of U2 playing tonight at Raymond James Stadium or the thunderstorms building up over the bay area. It had to do with the three part approach I use to try to book like the old days.

1) I live in Clearwater, so I get out early to rack up some liquid gold. That is the increasing number of people that are going to PAR on Logisticare charges. That tends to slow down by 8'oclock.

2) I work Tampa International Airport in until the lunch hour.

3) I work the hood until late afternoon. That is where a taxi driver can still get cash fares because these people are not good enough for Uber or Lyft. They don't have bank issued debit cards and the ride share folks do not want them. You also get many Logisticare charges from the poor areas.

That's about it. Adapt or perish is the rule of the jungle.

Forget about getting any U2 people like we would have in years gone by. Those folks will most certainly be using ride share even under surge conditions.

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