Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Taxi driver uprising in Tampa over Uber

I can honestly say that in the 22 years I have driven a taxi in Tampa, that I have been treated more than fairly by the company. In fact, I consider the management friends. As I have stated repeatedly on this blog, the problem is not the ownership of United Cab. The problem is the HCPTC which, in my opinion, has been compromised by the deep pockets of Uber.

This is why the commission treats them with kit gloves and makes tremendous concessions that would never be made in another industry.

Drivers gathering at United Cab Tampa
Running a cab company is costly. That is where Uber has an absolute advantage. They have managed to shift all the cost onto the worker and Uber takes no risk. This is an anti-labor practice that has gained ground under the stagnation of the Obama administration. Fortunately, that may soon end. I read the other day that the leading employer in the United States is Wall Mart. Most of their workers make minimum wage. I also read that nationwide over one million people are signed up to drive for Uber. That, in my opinion, is a reflection of a poor economy. I think most of them would rather have a decent job with traditional benefits.

Believe me, hauling drunks around at all hours of the night is not what most people would rather do to make a living. Under the Trump economy, I think it will simply be harder for Uber to hire the desperate people they currently have driving for them. This will self correct but probably not in time for me. My situation has been devastated by Uber. I find that I may soon have to move on.

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