Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Uber ordered to stop operations in Argentina

Uber driver being robbed. The robber should have killed the son of a bitch Uber shit
A judge in Argentina has ordered Uber out of the country. Why can't the useless HCPTC kick them out of our county. What a weak piece of shit organization.


"That judge, however, declined to jail local executives, despite a request from the local prosecutor who asked for a nationwide shutdown of the ride-sharing service.

Uber told CNNTech the app continues to operate normally and an appeals court will consider a nationwide ban.

The ride-hailing company was told to stop business in Buenos Aires in April. Local credit card and telecommunications companies were ordered to block Uber, but the ride-sharing service continued to operate in the city.

The Silicon Valley company faces criticism from labor groups, governments and drivers around the world. Critics say Uber should provide better pay and benefits to drivers, and that it undercuts local unionized transportation groups. Drivers in the U.S. are considered contractors.

In October, Uber drivers in the UK won a case classifying them as "workers." Uber said at the time it would appeal the ruling.

Taxi drivers in Argentina have been vocal opponents of the app-based car service, and a local taxi labor organization filed a lawsuit against the company when it launched in the country last year.

The local black and yellow taxis frequently feature anti-Uber slogans in their windows, and Uber passengers are sometimes asked to sit in the front for safety reasons to prevent harassment from taxi drivers."

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Monday, January 30, 2017

The Great Tribulation is now

Get in shape..the zombies are closing in
We are moving toward a post Uber apocalypse - a primitive Neolithic world where you may see a cruelty of man toward man unseen since the dark ages. Our survival is at stake. If you have not been preparing, you need to now. Your ability to survive in business and life will now require strength, power, and endurance of mind and body.

Fortunately, we now have Donald Trump.

We will eventually find our real freedom and security when Donald Trump continues to enforce constitutional law and expand our industrial base. The enemy has been identified. It mostly is coming from within in the guise of leftism. Just look at your TV at the kooks marching and shouting filthy things. Do you really think these people are where your hope is found?

Do you really  think Uber, or Google will lead us to Zion, or take us into the abyss? Do you know that your smart phone is spying on you.

The anti Trump people are the most vile people on earth. They are zombies totally controlled by smart phones and a mindless ideology forged with emotion and not even contiguous to reason. They are full of hate - the self loathing variety. Don't believe me? Go out in public with your "Make America Great Again" gear and you will be treated with cursing, spitting, punching, and profanity. That will not happen if you have on Hillary gear.  We are peaceful people. We do not hate. We are not bigots. We just want a better life and want to be left alone. We also want that for everyone else. This includes being left alone.

Trump supporter attacked by "peaceful" democrats
But first, we have to be safe. We have to be efficient and successful in our business dealings and handle our affairs with dignity, integrity and honor.

I see this all happening from behind the wheel of the taxi cab
Trump is over performing in my view. He out does himself every day. He listens to his advisors and he gets better every day. This is good for he is attacking evil on this planet. We should be thankful to God that we have this man. This is day nine and already he is enforcing the law and forging relationships with rational foreign leaders.

It is going to take time for the devil worshipers will not go away. Eventually, a more reasoned element of what is left of the Democrat Party, will tell the kooks to back off for they are losing more than they are gaining.

If not, it will be civil war!  Just be ready.  I am very serious.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

The taxi business in Tampa is officially dead

This is an image of my tablet at around noon on Gasparilla day 2017. It was a clear board. In years past, there would have been 1,500,000,000 calls on the board. The business is gone. There is not anything more I can say about that.

I used to blame the HCPTC for taking no action to stop a gypsy cab operation. They were compromised early in the process of negotiations, and with the billions behind Uber, is that a surprise?

The only mystery now is why do so many drivers continue to work for a leasing operation. There are no real perks to that anymore. The airport will soon be open season. When that happens, you won't be able to find a taxi in this town anymore.

I did pick up a couple south of Gandy who told me the reason they called United Cab was they did not want to pay 10x surge. A 10 dollar fare would now be over 100 bucks. Apparently many were willing to pay that instead of getting into a taxi.

Its over folks. Face it.

I'm behind on my rent. Can't pay the electric bill. And my phone has been cut off.

There is a solution.

I am going to drive for Uber.

A friend of mine owns a car dealership in Daytona and he says he will help finance me on a car that would be perfect for ride share. I cannot make this deal fast enough.

I miss being a cab driver. I will soon be back to doing that. And with daily pay, Uber is now the taxi company.
I did get some new workout equipment today

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

All American Gym Lakeland, Florida

Louis Baltz and Ken Snell of All American Gym
I found this photo today of Louis Baltz and Ken Snell on a Lakeland Ledger post about the iconic gym. It really blew my mind.

I began working out with weights at the All American Gym in 1980. In fact, I remember working out there the day after John Lennon was murdered (that will show you how old I am).

I remember the gym well. It was a "dungeon gym." You know, the kind of place where Arnold and Franco would workout at. Even today, this style is still preferred to serious bodybuilders and power lifters. The reason is the "big five" are promoted here - the squat, the deadlift, the bench press, the military press, and the barbell row. Its as simple as that folks. If you want to get big and strong, you have to lift big and strong.

Its hard to find places like this to work out at nowadays because the commercial gyms must cater to the masses and they have too many rules about deadlifting, working out barefoot, and so forth. At All American, that was never a concern.

I fooled around at All American for months without ever getting any bigger. That was until Louis began teaching me what to do. Then - I got big...REAL BIG! In fact, there were those that thought I was on roids. I was not. I was just young and full of testosterone.

That will ultimately become the prime focus of this blog..the raising of old guys testosterone. It can be done and the glory days can be captured. I am doing it and you can follow me along.

The year I spent at All American was a coming of age for me. I had just come off of a divorce and needed direction. Believe me, bodybuilding can get your body and mind in a state to make clear and wise decisions.

I had no idea that All American Gym is still in operation and that Louis would have been able to keep it going all those years. Wow! I am impressed.

When I started back working out six months ago (after decades of sedentary lifestyle), I thought back to what Louis had taught me. You know what - the old school way of compound movements still work if you want to get big and strong. If you want to stay skinny, join a CrossFit box. Simple. Have you ever seen an industructable looking big guy walk out of a Cross Fit box? I have not.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Kevin and Terri got married today

Kevin and Terri were married today at their beautiful home in Lakeland. They met a few years ago when Kevin went to a MUFON meeting. They are both into paranormal research and it seems to have been a perfect match. The ceremony and day was just perfect. I am happy for both of them. That is Terri's son Jason on the left, and Kevin's daughter Madison on the right.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Taxi Tim Live on Twitter

See the replay of my "LIVE" tweet about one of the aspects of the modern cab business...lust!https://twitter.com/CigarCityCabbie/status/817028608896147456?s=09

You will be sent to the Tampa Taxi Shots Twitter page and the Periscope video will begin playing.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 a year of Redemption and Reconstruction

Tampa Bay on New Years day sunrise 2017
Have you ever felt defeated? Have you ever felt like you're life has stalled out? Have you ever felt like giving up? I have.

The last ten years of  the taxi business have just about done me in. It has been miserable with a bad economy that was near a depression and it took everything I could do to just survive. I made no money. In short, I suffered badly. (I will not mention Tampa taxi politics. The companies did what they had to do to survive. Their actions were not often in my best interest.)

My only hope was that the economy would get better. It began to. And as it did, Uber came along. That was the death kneel. Talk about timing.

For ten years my life has been in purgatory and I almost died. The stress and the bad food left me with chronic heart failure. My weight had climbed to 295lbs (I am 5'8"). My blood pressure was 210/150. By rights, I should not be alive. The doctor sent me to the emergency room. He later told me he did not think I would make it. I decided desperate measures were in order and I took to the area of fitness.

I had decided to use extreme exercise to turn my life and health around. I was skeptical because I felt I was too far gone. What did I have to lose? The game was over, right?

I began the Redemption campaign I found in MEN'S FINTESS magazine written by Mike Simone. I combined it with HIIT Cardio training finishers and my health began to turn around.

Since I knew I was dying, my strategy was to push each workout to the point of near death. Why not? I would take death on and go where it would not. I was kicking its ass and it felt wonderful. My effort was extreme, like a MMA fighter. It needed to be. I was fighting for my life.

I really had nothing else to live for.

My life was in shambles. I had pissed away any money I had ever made. I had pushed away anyone that ever gave a shit about me. In short, I was on my own.

It was going to be me who would do the work. It would be me that would make the effort to change my life. It was me that would also benefit from it.

I never shared this with anyone but my doctor. I had to because the blood work was transformed to the level of what he said was "miraculous."

I waited until people began to remark that they thought I was losing weight. People in convienince stores would ask me, "How much can you bench?" That was the watershed moment when I knew it was working.

With every lift of weight. With every wind sprint. With every battle rope session. I knew I was getting closer to health. I felt like Rocky Balboa. I felt like a champ.

The carry over has been a taking charge of my own life as I will climb my way out of hell. I know I will get there and it will be better than I could have realized.

The Reconstruction will lead to redemption.


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