Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Little Manatee River Trail

A hiking adventure awaits
Someone told me to take a I did. I took advantage of a long ride I had out of TIA that went deep US 301 near Manatee River State Park. I got $100 cash while Uber driver would have done it for $20 and given up twenty percent.

I dropped my fare off at a campground 500 yards from the trail head of this cool trail. I circled around and parked at the gate. I always keep my hiking polls in the trunk, so I knew I would have good footing. This trail has a lot of roots and the polls help me a lot. I did not have my backpack, so I had no water. Unfortunately, I had no water so I would have to limit the hike to one hour.

There is a primitive campsite about 3.5 miles into it. I hope to camp there in the winter but today it would just be a hike. Good aerobic exercise.

Check out the photos:
The boardwalk over the creek

Tim Fasano on the trail

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

U2 and thunderstorms in Tampa

Thunderstorms loom over downtown Tampa
I actually had a good day today and it was not because of U2 playing tonight at Raymond James Stadium or the thunderstorms building up over the bay area. It had to do with the three part approach I use to try to book like the old days.

1) I live in Clearwater, so I get out early to rack up some liquid gold. That is the increasing number of people that are going to PAR on Logisticare charges. That tends to slow down by 8'oclock.

2) I work Tampa International Airport in until the lunch hour.

3) I work the hood until late afternoon. That is where a taxi driver can still get cash fares because these people are not good enough for Uber or Lyft. They don't have bank issued debit cards and the ride share folks do not want them. You also get many Logisticare charges from the poor areas.

That's about it. Adapt or perish is the rule of the jungle.

Forget about getting any U2 people like we would have in years gone by. Those folks will most certainly be using ride share even under surge conditions.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

I lost a friend over Donald Trump today

Trump says he is sorry I lost a friend
A friend of mine could not handle the fact that the Democrats cannot produce anything on Donald Trump. There is a reason for this - there is nothing on Trump! This whole Russian thing is the biggest political hoax in history. (View Video Below)

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Trump will win

I've never felt better
The Deep State has shot their wad. Has anyone bothered to tell us what the crime is Trump is supposed to have committed. I have historically been consistent on these matters. On the day the Republicans impeached Bill Clinton, I stated it "was a sad day in America." The reason was the Republicans were on a witch hunt and had nothing on Clinton. Now, its not the Democrats trying to get a payback, its the news media. We cannot continue like this. Trump will be cleared before this gets going. (Check out the video below)

I have added onto my home gym from last year

I know. I need to clean the soap off the mirror

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The last vestiges of cab driving

HULA Girl goes with me everywhere
I have been fighting it spiritually for some time. The reality that I am not a taxi driver anymore. I have become a medical transport driver. That is nor what I wanted to do.

That would be a job. Cab driving is not a job. It is a hustle. You get customers who use you to go buy drugs, go to the bars, the clubs, the massage parlors, the grocery stores, work, the airport, football games, church, and so forth. Along the way you meet a variety of interesting people. They all use Uber now.

We load walkers in the trunk for elderly people with oxygen tanks. Seriously. God love them but that's not my calling.

I want my whores, drug addicts, business people, jerks, sports fans, hipsters (I really miss the hippies), computer geeks, college students, degenerates, gay duds, the confused band the lost back.

There are only a handful left as the gig slowly dies.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

I've sort of been busy

The Skyway Bridge
I have not put up a post in the entire month of April. There are a few reasons for that. The main one is that I am trying to take my mind off of how bad the taxi business is in the traditional form. The business is becoming a hybrid form of medical transport precariously dependent on a few eggs in small basket. I have simply lived long enough to know that is an untenable situation.

I am not, however, looking a gift horse in the mouth (whatever that means) for without it, it would be chips out. I am at least able now to have not such a myopic view of everything and I'm adapting a long view of the situation. Hence, the image of the Skyway Bridge.

I crossed that bridge six times in one day when I lucked out at and caught a double Bradenton run from St. Pete. The charge included deadhead and that worked out pretty good. Believe me, I never got anything like that when I was driving traditional taxi. So I am not able to complain too much.

I am coming out of my funk and slacking off on my chess games on which I need to. I am currently rated almost an expert with a 1975 ELO rating which puts me in the top 99.4% of all chess  players in the world. The ones left above me are IMs and Grand Masters and that is going to be tough nut to crack.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Chess is giving me joy

My record right now is 13-5-2
Right now I am rated 675,000 in the world (out of 2.6 million). I am training for a more modern opening for over the board tournaments. This is the Kings Indian Attack Sicilian variation. I like it for you can control the center directly and indirectly without your king ever being in trouble.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

From the recession in 2010

What is going on now in the taxi business in Tampa is not just having "a bad day." Most drivers are getting somewhere between two to five calls a day. That's it. "Don't worry, it will be better tomorrow." a customer told me. I am worried.  Each day is just the same. For example, this morning I came out at Five a.m. and did not get a call until Nine. There has never been a time when a driver during the morning hours would not get a call for over 4 hours.

The new dispatch system is inherently unfair. If you are not close to a call, it will not give you one, nor will it even send you a f*g bid. Without the bid, I cannot make any money. Paul Hinton says I simply need to park my cab where the calls are going to come out. How in the hell do I do that? The calls could come out from anywhere. I have no psychic abilities, so I guess I am screwed.

Talking to Paul Hinton and Eddie Munster (the computer guy) has proved useless. They don't even know what the algorithms are set at or the parameters of how it will give out a call. Paul just says that one day he will call the main office and find that out. Great! That will do me a lot of good while I STARVE!

The only reason I have not left United Cab to go to Yellow Cab is that I am in the Lighthouse program for the blind school children. After that, I am on my way to a company that will put me to work and provide me with business. I am ready to work and I  need to work. With my years of experience, I will be an asset to any company that wants a quality driver, not just someone that can fog a mirror.

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Friday, March 24, 2017

The Storms of Chance

Once in a great while the storms of change will overshadow the plans of man. That would happen today. A cold wind blew over Tampa Bay this morning, a brief repose from the subtropical heat ever-present most of the year. The cool air felt good on my face and brought my spirits to a new high. I needed a lift.

I had a ride out to Boco Ciega which is a beautiful part of the area. I had a scheduled ride of some significance and I felt hopeful. This ride I was on would put some serious money and my pocket. I was excided because I needed a break. Today was going to be a good day. Would I at least have an auspicious start?

 It is believed Desoto once landed in this area. It was all jungle prada then. It had to have been very inhospitable to his gallant crew. Today, it is airy homes, many built in a time of no air conditioning. The natural winds off the bay during storm season will cool a house off. You just need to be near the shore.

Its the end of winter in Tampa Bay. Winter is our spring. It brings a sense of renewal and hope. There is something optimistic about sunrise this time of year. The sky is clear and birds seem happy as they celebrate a new day by soring high - just like my hopes. Hope was is in the air as this new day dawned. I needed a good day to make up for all the no shows I  have had lately. The trip I was now rolling on was scheduled to go out of town. Good. I could use a decent charge.

I arrived on time to see no lights on inside. It was a quaint, if not charming cottage across from the bay. This was a typical Key West home with a wide porch, wicker furniture, wind chimes, and other bric o bac, the things that bring comfort to the soul and a sense of the spiritual.

Standing at the door, you could see the functionality. Homes built by the bay are subjected to summer squall lines that move in fast during storms. The wind and rain can be brutal. The clouds eventually roll offshore and a couple hours later they become distant gels that cast color for a beautiful sunset. This pattern keeps repeating itself almost every day.

I knocked on the door and noticed the artwork hanging inside. I wondered what decisions he had made that resulted in the direction he took in life. Clearly he went on a path much different then mine. I wondered if he had a clue as to how important it was for me to actually pick him up and take him where he was going. Thoreau said most men live a life of quiet desperation. Did the home owner know how desperate I really was.

He answered the door in his bathrobe - never a good sign. He said his doctors appointment was scheduled for the next day. He wanted me to cancel the order. Great. Just what I needed. A capricious act of no order to him. Devastating to me. You may have figured out business has not been going well. I am doing well.  There is so much in life now that gives me meaning and identity. That was not possible in my youth. I just need a gig that will justify my pursuits.

Anyway, I did take advantage of the situation to get some great images of the bay right at sunrise. The storms of chance seemed to iron out in the long run. The images were not bad for a cell phone.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

New Blog Design

New flowers for my garden
Blogger is now offering modern type of designs to chose from. They have not updated their templates in years and I find these to be refreshing. This design has what is called a Hero post. I guess that is the last post you did. If it is one you choose, I have not found a way to do that yet. I just started working with it and hope I can get all the functions to work. This post is an experiment to see what will happen.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A checkmate in five moves!

launching an attack on the back rank of my opponent
I am playing chess and working out to keep my mind and body sharp as I go thru this difficult period in my life. I just started playing blitz chess on which is the best chess site on the internet. It is where all the top players in the world play. The world champion Magnus Carlson plays on this site almost every day. In a game last night, I checkmated a guy in 5 moves! I did not think that was possible. You can view the game below.

Monday, March 6, 2017

A ten year history of my chess rating

Chart off of chess site
This is my chart on Gameknot which shows I had a great rating before the economy collapsed and I lost my internet connection. You will also note I am on the rise again. That feels good.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Tim Fasano is alive!

At the doctors office today my blood pressure measured 123/66. The diastolic was actually a little low! You people who are not emotionally involved (like what is left of my family) have no idea how significate this is.

The hard work of resistance training and metabolic cardio conditioning has brought me from a state of congestive heart failure to a super charged heart!! I am beating this diseases ass and it fells wonderful.

The best part is that I am just reaching the stage where I will be able to turn this up several notches. The best is yet to come. I am now on my way to a different life.

My goal is next month to go on a solo backpacking overnight hike in the Green Swamp of several miles and camp out. I now know I  have the physical conditioning to do this. You have no idea how great his feels.

I am celebrating life!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

My game against chess master Tom Stroup

Play online chess

The game is still in progress but I am playing him even. Tom is rated in the top 2% of all players, so I am happy for such a result so far. He has analyzed the remaining moves and sees this as a possible draw. Don't worry, I can still screw this up. I used the "Donald Trump" opening on him. Since he is a Hillary supporter, he seems befuddled by it. LOL>
The game is still in progress but I am playing him even. Tom is rated in the top 2% of all players, so I am happy for such a result so far. He has analyzed the remaining moves and sees this as a possible draw. Don't worry, I can still screw this up. I used the "Donald Trump" opening on him. Since he is a Hillary supporter, he seems befuddled by it. LOL&gt

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Busy as Hell - then why am I pissed?

Why can't I teleport to other places?
Maybe I'll go purse snatching at WallMart!
The business on all fronts has finally kicked in. The airport is off the hook and Pinellas country is going bat shit crazy. The problem I have is I can't be in two places at the same time. I could have really used the Clearwater business a few weeks ago, but now, I have to work the airport. That is what I have always done this time of year.

I've been getting hauls to the beaches and all over the place. The wait times at the airport are not long right now. It is moving and you will get rides.

While I am waiting,  I take a look at the tablet and can see they are begging for drivers in St. Pete and Clearwater. That is too bad for I am not in a financial position to do that and that really sucks.

I need cash and the only way I can get it right now is by working streets and the airport. You have to
Look at the calls on this board!
have gas money to work the charges all day long.

Unfortunately, I got too far behind in the last few months, and out of necessity, must do what I'm doing. Even though its great right now, I feel like I'm screwed. But with this kind of activity, we should be alright over the next couple of months.

As far as the charges go, I have a girl I am sandbagging who comes out every morning. I normally don't like sandbagging but she lives only three blocks from my house. It is almost automatic. Her ride is part of the "liquid gold" that comes out of PAR (methadone clinic). It seems addiction is big business now. At this point, I'll take the money anyway I can.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Reading Fake News with discust

Tim Fasano reading the fake news
The St. Pete Times is getting lazy. Not only do they print fake news, lies, and twisted facts about Donald J Trump, they can't even write their own shit. Is there some reason why in the TBT all they can do is reprint SLATE? They search high and low for anything that will give a false impression about the President of the United States. Their bias really shows.

The only good news about this is their readership is on the decline because nobody gives a shit about them anymore. Just note how many of their staff have been layed off. I guess they have to use other sources because they don't have enough people left to write a grocery list.

Strong coffee to read
the crap put out by
the fake MSM
Their efforts against Trump are in vain (just like the fake polls that showed Hillary winning by a large margin). All that did was instill a false sense of confidence, and people stayed home. Their efforts now are only going to cement the "we against them" felling that many of us Trump supporters have. This will make us even more determined to stay the course and not let the fools at the St. Pete Times influence us by using SLATE. Did I mention they only use SLATE?

Trump kicked off his 2020 re-election campaign Saturday and he has just served one month in office. He is doing great things and there is much more to come. America will be great again and we will not hand our country over to the Islamist who will destroy any record of our way of life. Trump, and others, know this. The St. Pete Times will only lie about this fact. Just think of Sweden.

NOTE: tomorrow I should have something about the looping audio that is being broadcast on the taxi radio at TIA that states "Africans were sold as slaves in North America." This is really getting strange folks.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Travis Kalanick is violating federal law in an attempt to establish a monopoly

Rockefeller and Kalanick - both criminals
John D Rockefeller would be very proud of Uber. What Travis Kalanick has been able to do is violate established law set over a century ago. The Sherman Act and the Clayton Anti Trust Act were reasoned decisions by the Supreme Court to stop the criminal activates of the Robber Barron's.

At its heart is a clearly unfair practice called "low balling." What Rockefeller did was run his railroads at a deliberate loss for a five year period. He was making so much money off of Standard Oil, that this was no problem. His competitors (who needed to make a profit) were unable to keep matching Rockefeller's price. They all eventually went out of business. Then, JD was able to charge any damn price he wanted to move product by rail. The same thing is happening today with Uber.

Kalanick calls it "customer behavior modification." He is low balling the Tampa area to get all of the former taxi riders. Soon, United Cab and Yellow (regulated transportation) will be gone. Then, Uber can run 10x surge all day long. Don't like it? Then fucking walk. Most people will then call the taxi companies but get a recording stating that the number they have reached is out of order.

Anyone with a reasoned mind can see how this would not be good for any community. People need to understand just what they are doing by supporting ride share. They are cutting their own throats.

At the local Tampa area, I read today in the TBT that Uber is paying only 10% of the rate that the cab companies pay for licensing fees to the PTC. Uber pays ZERO to the airport but they let them pick up anyway which only cuts our fares and we pay $250,000 a year to serve the airport. Is this fair? Is this right?

The business people I pick up everyday from TIA say they are very much aware of Uber and their illegal activities. That is why they deliberately walked to the taxi quad to get a ride. (Uber is allowed to pick up in the tunnel...we are banned. This is totally unfair)

An anti-trust law suit has been filled by the largest cab company in the nation out of San Francisco. I hope it makes it to the Supreme Court because they have precedent and case law on their side. This time, they won't break up Uber, they will get rid of it and throw Kalnaick in jail where he belongs.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

American Remains - I'll Ride Again

I was ridin' a Tampa taxi and everything was fine,
Till we took a shorter road
to save some time.
The bandits only fired once,
They shot me in the chest.
They may have wounded me but,
They'll never get the best
of better men.
'Cause I'll ride again.

Thanks to Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson for the inspiration. I have seen better days and I will see them again. Current circumstances will never get the best of me. I will ride again. There will be an exciting future full of hope and wonder. This journey has only begun.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Taxi Truman Show

I may have found the escape hatch
Regulated Taxi driving is now dead. Uber has taken over. The current situation is no longer tenable for drivers who face an old model of cab leasing, and can no longer continue paying a Pre-Uber lease. Today was the tipping point. This time of year we should be very busy...EXTREMLY BUSY. We are not. It is dead as a doornail with drivers at the airport waiting up to 5 hours to a ride. It should be off the hook. It is for Uber. They pay no fee to the airport, yet they are allowed to operate.

I made a good living for years. Transportation was regulated in Hillsborough County. This insured uniformity or rates, insurance, and accountability. But no more. The HCPTC has now allowed a gypsy cab company take over. Uber has not only taken some or part of our business - they have taken it all. This is because they are low balling the market in an attempt to establish a monopoly. They are well on their way to doing that with the compliance and help of the politicians and agencies that are supposed to protect the ridding public.

Like Truman, I am living a false reality by continuing to believe everything is real. It is not. I do not have a job. I do not have a gainful enterprise that I can make a living with. I am tired of  it. I am facing eviction from my apartment. I have not paid this months rent and I have exactly $17 in my pocket. Phone was cut off. My electricity is scheduled for shut off. The only reason I have a cell phone is because a homeless women gave me her Obama Phone. That's what it has come down too, being supported by the homeless.

There is no business. I have no clue as what to do. Does it matter? I don't even have gas money.

One thing that I will take to my grave is why Transportation? I mean, you can't run a hot dog cart without the right permits. You can't open a bar without a liquor license. You can't run a barber shop without the correct insurance and permits. Can you start a pirate radio station without a FCC license?
What about law? If you do what Uber does, you would practice law and argue cases in court without a law degree. After all, why fool around with such silly stuff such as Bar Exams!

The point I'm making is that Transportation is not the only regulated industry. Virtually everything is.

Again. Why my form of work? Why did the politicians, courts, lawyers, Mayor, airport, media, think illegal operators were fine as long as they served the general public?

They really don't. And that's the dirty little secret about Uber - Racism.

Uber is a racist company, Their entire business model is set up to exclude many individuals. Their model is similar to Jim Crow.

What they have done is "Red Line" every city they work in. By requiring credit cards (no pre-paid debit cards allowed). This way, they exclude the poor parts of town. We all know that is the black and Hispanic parts of any city. They just don't want your business.

Taxi cabs are required to pick up in all areas. We have PHONE NUMBER and anyone can call. Uber will only use an app, and you must financially qualify to be a customer. That alone should have been the reason the political types put a stop to it. But with the strong Uber lobby, there was no way these corrupt people would have done the job they were elected to do.

I blame a lot of people for this travesty. The one I blame the most is Victor Crist. He was compromised early in the process and was determined to let this gypsy company take hold. They have not taken hold - they have taken over.

It is done folks. That is why I have been looking for an out. All of my energies now are for moving on and reinventing myself.

My ability to make a living is over.

I hope to have a Truman Burbank moment. In The Truman Show, Jim Carey was sailing away on a boat because he had pieced it together that his reality was fake. That is were I am now. I cannot continue thinking it is real. I hope to do what Truman did and bump into a stairway that leads to the door which he can escape his false reality.

So in advance of that happening, "and in case I don't see ya again, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!"

Thursday, February 2, 2017

My Outdoor Gym

This is from my new blog I will now put all of my workout stuff on this blog and try to keep Tampa Taxi Shots about taxi driving. I will try. Check out the new blog.

My backyard gym
I took it outdoors today to enjoy a very nice February day this time of year in Florida. The equipment you see is everything from an EZ Bar to a slam ball, kettlebell, dumbbells, dip bars, and an overturned planter to put my feet on for raised pushups. I did the incline bench press inside. Then, I took the same dumbbells outside for the farmers walk.

  1. Incline Bench Press - 12 reps
  2. Split Stance Squat - 10 each leg
  3. Farmers Walk - 60 yards
  4. Dips - 10 reps
  5. Walking Lunges - 10 each leg
  6. Elevated Pushups - 10 reps
  7. Romanian Dead Lifts with kettlebell - 10 reps
  8. EZ Bar Curls - 10 reps
My motto on rest intervals..."take as much as you little as possible."

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Taxi driver uprising in Tampa over Uber

I can honestly say that in the 22 years I have driven a taxi in Tampa, that I have been treated more than fairly by the company. In fact, I consider the management friends. As I have stated repeatedly on this blog, the problem is not the ownership of United Cab. The problem is the HCPTC which, in my opinion, has been compromised by the deep pockets of Uber.

This is why the commission treats them with kit gloves and makes tremendous concessions that would never be made in another industry.

Drivers gathering at United Cab Tampa
Running a cab company is costly. That is where Uber has an absolute advantage. They have managed to shift all the cost onto the worker and Uber takes no risk. This is an anti-labor practice that has gained ground under the stagnation of the Obama administration. Fortunately, that may soon end. I read the other day that the leading employer in the United States is Wall Mart. Most of their workers make minimum wage. I also read that nationwide over one million people are signed up to drive for Uber. That, in my opinion, is a reflection of a poor economy. I think most of them would rather have a decent job with traditional benefits.

Believe me, hauling drunks around at all hours of the night is not what most people would rather do to make a living. Under the Trump economy, I think it will simply be harder for Uber to hire the desperate people they currently have driving for them. This will self correct but probably not in time for me. My situation has been devastated by Uber. I find that I may soon have to move on.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Uber ordered to stop operations in Argentina

Uber driver being robbed. The robber should have killed the son of a bitch Uber shit
A judge in Argentina has ordered Uber out of the country. Why can't the useless HCPTC kick them out of our county. What a weak piece of shit organization.


"That judge, however, declined to jail local executives, despite a request from the local prosecutor who asked for a nationwide shutdown of the ride-sharing service.

Uber told CNNTech the app continues to operate normally and an appeals court will consider a nationwide ban.

The ride-hailing company was told to stop business in Buenos Aires in April. Local credit card and telecommunications companies were ordered to block Uber, but the ride-sharing service continued to operate in the city.

The Silicon Valley company faces criticism from labor groups, governments and drivers around the world. Critics say Uber should provide better pay and benefits to drivers, and that it undercuts local unionized transportation groups. Drivers in the U.S. are considered contractors.

In October, Uber drivers in the UK won a case classifying them as "workers." Uber said at the time it would appeal the ruling.

Taxi drivers in Argentina have been vocal opponents of the app-based car service, and a local taxi labor organization filed a lawsuit against the company when it launched in the country last year.

The local black and yellow taxis frequently feature anti-Uber slogans in their windows, and Uber passengers are sometimes asked to sit in the front for safety reasons to prevent harassment from taxi drivers."

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Monday, January 30, 2017

The Great Tribulation is now

Get in shape..the zombies are closing in
We are moving toward a post Uber apocalypse - a primitive Neolithic world where you may see a cruelty of man toward man unseen since the dark ages. Our survival is at stake. If you have not been preparing, you need to now. Your ability to survive in business and life will now require strength, power, and endurance of mind and body.

Fortunately, we now have Donald Trump.

We will eventually find our real freedom and security when Donald Trump continues to enforce constitutional law and expand our industrial base. The enemy has been identified. It mostly is coming from within in the guise of leftism. Just look at your TV at the kooks marching and shouting filthy things. Do you really think these people are where your hope is found?

Do you really  think Uber, or Google will lead us to Zion, or take us into the abyss? Do you know that your smart phone is spying on you.

The anti Trump people are the most vile people on earth. They are zombies totally controlled by smart phones and a mindless ideology forged with emotion and not even contiguous to reason. They are full of hate - the self loathing variety. Don't believe me? Go out in public with your "Make America Great Again" gear and you will be treated with cursing, spitting, punching, and profanity. That will not happen if you have on Hillary gear.  We are peaceful people. We do not hate. We are not bigots. We just want a better life and want to be left alone. We also want that for everyone else. This includes being left alone.

Trump supporter attacked by "peaceful" democrats
But first, we have to be safe. We have to be efficient and successful in our business dealings and handle our affairs with dignity, integrity and honor.

I see this all happening from behind the wheel of the taxi cab
Trump is over performing in my view. He out does himself every day. He listens to his advisors and he gets better every day. This is good for he is attacking evil on this planet. We should be thankful to God that we have this man. This is day nine and already he is enforcing the law and forging relationships with rational foreign leaders.

It is going to take time for the devil worshipers will not go away. Eventually, a more reasoned element of what is left of the Democrat Party, will tell the kooks to back off for they are losing more than they are gaining.

If not, it will be civil war!  Just be ready.  I am very serious.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

The taxi business in Tampa is officially dead

This is an image of my tablet at around noon on Gasparilla day 2017. It was a clear board. In years past, there would have been 1,500,000,000 calls on the board. The business is gone. There is not anything more I can say about that.

I used to blame the HCPTC for taking no action to stop a gypsy cab operation. They were compromised early in the process of negotiations, and with the billions behind Uber, is that a surprise?

The only mystery now is why do so many drivers continue to work for a leasing operation. There are no real perks to that anymore. The airport will soon be open season. When that happens, you won't be able to find a taxi in this town anymore.

I did pick up a couple south of Gandy who told me the reason they called United Cab was they did not want to pay 10x surge. A 10 dollar fare would now be over 100 bucks. Apparently many were willing to pay that instead of getting into a taxi.

Its over folks. Face it.

I'm behind on my rent. Can't pay the electric bill. And my phone has been cut off.

There is a solution.

I am going to drive for Uber.

A friend of mine owns a car dealership in Daytona and he says he will help finance me on a car that would be perfect for ride share. I cannot make this deal fast enough.

I miss being a cab driver. I will soon be back to doing that. And with daily pay, Uber is now the taxi company.
I did get some new workout equipment today

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

All American Gym Lakeland, Florida

Louis Baltz and Ken Snell of All American Gym
I found this photo today of Louis Baltz and Ken Snell on a Lakeland Ledger post about the iconic gym. It really blew my mind.

I began working out with weights at the All American Gym in 1980. In fact, I remember working out there the day after John Lennon was murdered (that will show you how old I am).

I remember the gym well. It was a "dungeon gym." You know, the kind of place where Arnold and Franco would workout at. Even today, this style is still preferred to serious bodybuilders and power lifters. The reason is the "big five" are promoted here - the squat, the deadlift, the bench press, the military press, and the barbell row. Its as simple as that folks. If you want to get big and strong, you have to lift big and strong.

Its hard to find places like this to work out at nowadays because the commercial gyms must cater to the masses and they have too many rules about deadlifting, working out barefoot, and so forth. At All American, that was never a concern.

I fooled around at All American for months without ever getting any bigger. That was until Louis began teaching me what to do. Then - I got big...REAL BIG! In fact, there were those that thought I was on roids. I was not. I was just young and full of testosterone.

That will ultimately become the prime focus of this blog..the raising of old guys testosterone. It can be done and the glory days can be captured. I am doing it and you can follow me along.

The year I spent at All American was a coming of age for me. I had just come off of a divorce and needed direction. Believe me, bodybuilding can get your body and mind in a state to make clear and wise decisions.

I had no idea that All American Gym is still in operation and that Louis would have been able to keep it going all those years. Wow! I am impressed.

When I started back working out six months ago (after decades of sedentary lifestyle), I thought back to what Louis had taught me. You know what - the old school way of compound movements still work if you want to get big and strong. If you want to stay skinny, join a CrossFit box. Simple. Have you ever seen an industructable looking big guy walk out of a Cross Fit box? I have not.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Kevin and Terri got married today

Kevin and Terri were married today at their beautiful home in Lakeland. They met a few years ago when Kevin went to a MUFON meeting. They are both into paranormal research and it seems to have been a perfect match. The ceremony and day was just perfect. I am happy for both of them. That is Terri's son Jason on the left, and Kevin's daughter Madison on the right.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Taxi Tim Live on Twitter

See the replay of my "LIVE" tweet about one of the aspects of the modern cab business...lust!

You will be sent to the Tampa Taxi Shots Twitter page and the Periscope video will begin playing.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 a year of Redemption and Reconstruction

Tampa Bay on New Years day sunrise 2017
Have you ever felt defeated? Have you ever felt like you're life has stalled out? Have you ever felt like giving up? I have.

The last ten years of  the taxi business have just about done me in. It has been miserable with a bad economy that was near a depression and it took everything I could do to just survive. I made no money. In short, I suffered badly. (I will not mention Tampa taxi politics. The companies did what they had to do to survive. Their actions were not often in my best interest.)

My only hope was that the economy would get better. It began to. And as it did, Uber came along. That was the death kneel. Talk about timing.

For ten years my life has been in purgatory and I almost died. The stress and the bad food left me with chronic heart failure. My weight had climbed to 295lbs (I am 5'8"). My blood pressure was 210/150. By rights, I should not be alive. The doctor sent me to the emergency room. He later told me he did not think I would make it. I decided desperate measures were in order and I took to the area of fitness.

I had decided to use extreme exercise to turn my life and health around. I was skeptical because I felt I was too far gone. What did I have to lose? The game was over, right?

I began the Redemption campaign I found in MEN'S FINTESS magazine written by Mike Simone. I combined it with HIIT Cardio training finishers and my health began to turn around.

Since I knew I was dying, my strategy was to push each workout to the point of near death. Why not? I would take death on and go where it would not. I was kicking its ass and it felt wonderful. My effort was extreme, like a MMA fighter. It needed to be. I was fighting for my life.

I really had nothing else to live for.

My life was in shambles. I had pissed away any money I had ever made. I had pushed away anyone that ever gave a shit about me. In short, I was on my own.

It was going to be me who would do the work. It would be me that would make the effort to change my life. It was me that would also benefit from it.

I never shared this with anyone but my doctor. I had to because the blood work was transformed to the level of what he said was "miraculous."

I waited until people began to remark that they thought I was losing weight. People in convienince stores would ask me, "How much can you bench?" That was the watershed moment when I knew it was working.

With every lift of weight. With every wind sprint. With every battle rope session. I knew I was getting closer to health. I felt like Rocky Balboa. I felt like a champ.

The carry over has been a taking charge of my own life as I will climb my way out of hell. I know I will get there and it will be better than I could have realized.

The Reconstruction will lead to redemption.


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