Saturday, December 31, 2016

Time to get into shape for 2017

My Christmas gift

Trying to put the text under my photo. Check out my spy camera built into the sun glasses. It was a Christmas gift from George.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Does Uber get Wall Mart and laundromats?

Tom and I have a discussion about Uber and the problems we don't think they can avoid, such as laundry, groceries, and asshole customers. Uber drivers will soon find out that all that glitters is not gold. Vomit on the back seat with Big Mac sauce mixed with French fries is so nice. You drive all night and your cab will smell like sex and livestock. How could Uber avoid this?

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas and my new Go Vision camera

George got me this cool covert camera for Christmas to film field work. I can also use it in the taxi because it is hands free. It sort of like a GoPro. I think it has great potential. I only had to spend most of my Xmas day figuring it out.

The original files are not compatible with Windows 10. I had to find an easy way to convert them. Plus, the record light has to pulse when it working and the directions do not tell you that. Lots of bugs, but I think I have it all figured out.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

2017 will be big for this blog and the taxi industry in Tampa

Sitting at my computer at home
I have been able to resolve many things in my life that will finally give me the time to make considered post to this blog. Believe me, life can really get in the way. It can come at you from many directions and you are not always prepared for that. One of the cruel ironies of life is that it will advance weather you are ready for it or not.

Resolution is a good thing. And I believe I have crossed some watersheds to get to where I am at now. I have many things going on in my life but the most important was to work on my health. When you are looking at death, that does become your priority.

That situation is improving, and so am I. 2017 should be an awesome year for me on many fronts. That will be great because I can honestly say I have not had an awesome year in the last 8 years. The Obama years were not great for me. Lets just leave it at that.

The time and effort I have put into the workout program I am on has been well worth it. It is finally dialed in and I no longer have to think about what I am doing. Each day is layed out in advance. The reason I am still here today is because I have stayed with this through the swimming and the hone gym training.

Do you know most taxi cab drivers do not live to be 60 years old. There are many reasons for that. The job itself is unhealthy. The food we eat is often fast food. The lack of exercise from just sitting on your ass all day long is a killer. Your joints hurt from poor posture sitting behind the wheel for most of the day. The long hours and lack of sleep do not help as well.

I made it to sixty and have plans for much more.

Just understand, things are about ready to take off.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Savage Cardio with fire hose battle ropes - making my body great again!

I'm using a fire hose (heavier than ropes) for Conditioning. I am restoring my health with the exercise and my blood pressure is now 128/70 taken at the doctor's office yesterday. I have also lost 16 lbs since my last visit in August. Remember when I used to wheeze and cough all the time - that was congestive heart failure! I am restoring my health by working out like a CrossFit enthusiast.

Tampa Bay vs Dallas

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

"Rides of Glory" Uber is violating your privacy and tracking your every move

Uber is violating the privacy of its customers. We know that many creepy stalkers drive Uber to get close to hot women (something they could never do in their daily life) but Uber itself is spying on its customers. Several former executives have come forward as whistle blowers and what they reveal is stunning. Every American should be outraged at the wanton abuse by this company which is involved in providing meta-data to NSA spying operations. They are Big Brother.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Make Your Body Great Again

I have joined the Alex Jones challenge of making your body great again. By using a morph between bodybuilding and Crossfit, I have gone from 298 to 273 since June 30, 2016. My goal is to get under 200 pounds. I have a long way to go but I am working hard and enjoying slamming this 20 pound ball into the ground as hard as I can. Believe me, it is awesome cardio.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Fitness over 60

My new battle ropes
In April 2015, I lay in an emergency room at 298 lbs with a blood pressure of 222/165. They thought it was over. So did I. I could not have felt worse..dizzy, passing out, ringing jack hammer sound in my ears. Years of sedentary lifestyle, and bad food, had caught up with me. Luckily, I made it thru the day and decided to do something about it. I started swimming for exercise and a year later competed in a Masters swim meet. My weight was going down but I still needed to do something else. I then started a weight training and HITT cardio program. I started keeping a tracker on my phone on June 30 2016 and you can see the progress. I am down 24 lbs (probably 30 lbs in fat because I have gained muscle size) I am feeling better but I still have a long way to go. I love all the exercise toys and today I got a new one...battleropes!!! (The guy in the photo is not me). But, give me some time and I will get there - even being over 60. I got them today and when I got home, stretched them out in the back yard....all 60 feet of them. What I got was a fire hose which is heavier and recommended by MensFitiness magazine. I now have kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, slam ball, medicine ball, TRX straps for pull ups and suspension training, and more toys coming. I workout six days a week and this is the most important thing in my life. It is keeping me alive.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

A comparison between Uber and taxi service in Tampa Bay by ABC Action News is FAKE NEWS!

ABC ACTION NEWS is a shill for Uber. At no time in this "demo" part 1 or Part 2 did they show a cab or an Uber car. In fact, they never stated which taxi service they called. Bad journalism. I bet the whole fucking thing was made up to pimp ride share. The service United Cab of Tampa provides is very fast. You could call 911 and we will get there before the police do. I really hate these guys being cheer leaders for ride share. You can see it in their face and body language.

I challenge ABC News Tampa to ride in my car and see how our computer GPS locator dispatch works and how it would be impossible for them to have received the service they just claimed happened. I am waiting for them to contact me. I bet they won't. Perhaps, I will contact this reporter with an invite to ride with me and see how fast my service is. I will not let this go.
A Google search of "Tim Fasano ABC Action News" yields more results then Adam Winer

Adam Winer barely shows up in a Google search..Is that Anthony Weiner I see?

I did a Google search of "Adam Winer ABC Action News" and there is only one photo of him. I did a search for "Tim Fasano ABC Action News" and I got a whole bunch of stuff from when I had been on their news show cast, with topics ranging from Bigfoot to Tampa International Airport and Taxi Driving. (try it yourself) Damn guy, I have been on your news cast more than you. At least on Google it would seem so.
Me and your co-reporter at Tampa International Airport

With another one of your reporters
Here is the challenge: go with me to where I normally sit waiting for a fare at the time you said you contacted Uber on your app. You can contact them first, then use our app to contact us...we will win every time. Are you up to the challenge? I hope you don't have feet of clay for I want you to film the whole thing for your newscast.
been on your news before


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