Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Who supports Uber and why that matters

Most of Uber's money went to little Marco
I have had this conversation many times with people in my taxi. The profile on the customer is a hipster, progressive, and a once supporter of Hillary Clinton. I try to explain that no matter how tight your jeans are; no matter how groomed your beard is: Uber does not support your politics. Uber was a major contributor to the Marco Rubio (extreme conservative) Presidential campaign. Believe me, your politics are yours but Uber does not care about your hipster lifestyle. All they care about is that you use their service at the detriment of the regulated companies that follow the law. In reality, you are a conservative but you just don't know it. How can I say that...look at this image and ask yourself if you believe in what Marco represents.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Dana Young is evil and will not protect the riding public

I am a regulated and law enforcement cleared driver

This note shows who not to vote for in the last election if you believe in regulated business and industry. The politicians that are marked slashed in red are anti-business and they do not support the safety of the general population.

If you notice my hack permit, that means I have been run through the NCIC crime data bank computer to ensure that I am not a dangerous fugitive. The percentage of criminals that drive Uber are very high. That is one of the reasons there are a million people signed up nationwide to driver for

Uber, it is the only job they can get that does not background check. The bitch of it is that the politicians do not support background checks as well.

Even the bitch Dana Young would rather her daughters ride with a child molester then a driver from a regulated company that screens its drivers thru law enforcement.

Oh, it cost me $75 a year to renew my hack permit. This is something Uber drivers do not have to worry about for they have no hack license. They just drive.

I don't know what you do for a living but I am sure there must be some regulations and rules to follow. Imagine a competitor coming in and stealing all your business and they have to credentials, that you are required to have, and just do whatever they want. Imagine the politicians support the renegade operator only because they are afraid of losing votes at the poll. This is just wrong man.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

St. Petersburg Taxi tells the truth about Uber and ride share

Albert is a cab driver that follows the rules and pays his insurance, license, and operation fees
Guest post by Albert Zee:

Uber problem in Tampa Bay.....Taxi industry has been under siege since 2007-2008 due to economical collapse of 2008, then surge in new taxi cab start ups between 2010-204 which were still mostly operating according to all the rules and regulations prolonged recovery.

Then uber came around with "great solution" to our transportation problems and said, what regulations, what commercial insurance, what background checks and what cars (we don't need to own any and our drivers don't need to be regulated because we are "rideshare" company), we will invade and steal the market by offering rides at half a price, we will put all those law obeying "taxi cartels" out of business by creating bogus press releases about advantages of uber, by lying to public, drivers and politicians, they don't know any better any ways.

Current situation in result of uber actions,

Taxi market is mostly deregulated, there is oversupply of drivers who struggle to make money, uber drivers bypass uber platform to make extra money, they create gypsy cab companies and advertise on google as legal taxi operators to unaware public, taxi companies are under pressure to keep their cabs rolling, so often they don't require new drivers to pass level 2 background checks because uber doesn't have to do it, most of those start ups from 2010-2014 went rogue and operate without any kind of credentials same like uber drivers operate gypsy cab companies.


By my estimation, 80% of drivers out there operate without commercial insurance or city stickers, 40% of them have criminal record (those good drivers gave up), 10% of drivers are constantly involved in some kind of criminal activity to supplement their income,....

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Yellow Cab of San Francisco is up for can't give it away

Taxi companies are dying nationwide
The oldest and one of the largest cab companies in America is up for sale. They were headed for bankruptcy as Uber and Lyft have taken all of the street business and the drivers have defected because they cannot make money. The politicians, that claim to be Democrats, have no courage and will not do what is right to protect the public, and a regulated industry.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Time for Tampa International Airport to honor their contracts with the taxi industry and shut out Uber.

We are entering a Neolithic age of capitalism. Oh, that is a Cuban cigar from Havana - against federal law to have one - Screw 'em
(Check my Twitter bar to view videos of my opinion on this)

The Tampa Airport Directors of Operations are screwing the local cab drivers up the ass. The local taxi companies have an exclusive contract on "transportation for hire" at the airport. The taxi companies pay $250,000 a year for the right to pick up. (You have to pay to play when it comes to the airport...unless you are Uber or Lyft). Uber pays ZERO $$$. Do you know that?  And they are allowed to pick up in the tunnel where we are banned from. In fact, an ADO told me that for every 1 fare we pick up, Uber picks up 11. That is an outrage.

It is time that the drivers protect their own rights and the taxi companies need to support us in this. Let me explain:

The taxi business is not going well in Tampa. It is worse than what is commonly known. If it were not for the Logisticare charges we receive, the taxi companies would be out of business. The number of cash fares have dropped off to a negligible amount that can not sustain a fleet of several hundred taxi cabs. Our last chance was the airport.

It used to be that the days before Thanksgiving were very good for the cab drivers. Wednesday, the average wait was five hours while the Uber drivers swooped in and took our business. They were bragging about it on the local news about making $200 a day this week. I'm telling you, the cab drivers are not making anything. If they are like me, they are behind on their rent, electricity, and other bills..

The coming months are usually the best part of the year at the airport. If the drivers do not make money - THEY WILL BE GONE!!! The cab companies will not be able to get anyone who wants to drive with a daily nut of $130.

The situation is so urgent, I believe both Yellow Cab and United Cab will be out of business by next summer. Without the airport  being profitable, the drivers cannot survive..hence, the companies cannot survive.

I am not being over the top with this prediction. It cannot continue at this pace. Something must happen or Uber will have a total monopoly in Tampa. Mr. Mayor and Dana Young, explain how a monopoly in any business benefits the consumer. It does not.

Uber will now be free to charge any price they want and there will be no alternative for the general public. Please consider this as a fact.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Cigar City Cabbie

Go to
I heard United Cab was going to sue Uber and the HCPTC. I heard the drivers were going to sue Uber, Tampa Airport, HCPTC and others. Frankly, I am tired of hearing all this shit. Nobody really gives a fuck about this massive gypsy cab company. My only hope may be Donald Trump.

I read that there are now over 1 million Uber drivers nationwide. That is an enormous figure. I think the only reason these people get this gig is because there are no jobs in the country that are worth a shit. I think what most of these drivers want is a good job with benefits. Perhaps, if that stuff was out there, the number of dumb shits doing the Uber gig would go way down.

I know the ad says "get your side-hustle on." There is no hustle to what they do. Hustle is what I do on a daily basis to make my money. I have to ad lib the entire day and make opportunities happen. Sorry Uber scum...waiting for a ping is not a "hustle."

Just keep working for your 50 cents a mile in Tampa. That's why you guys won't take anyone out of town because you lose your shirt on the deal. Hustle. That's right. Hustle.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Camping and suing the HCPTC...say what?

I did take some time off to be with family and good friends for the Halloween weekend. I needed the distraction. I am sure you know that the HCPTC has entered into a temporary agreement with Uber. They are not going to get far.

What is not known is that United Cab is tired of this illegal shit - the cowardly commission and politicians - who are shaking in their boots because of Uber. We are not. United Cab has a court hearing next week in which we have filed for an injunctive relief under the fairness clause of the Florida Constitution. Under the current plan, Uber will still not follow the laws and regulations, and they will do what they want. Taxi companies will still have to pay exorbitant fees which Uber is not compelled to pay.

Yes, we did have fun on the camping trip.


Saturday, November 12, 2016

Does anyone remember Justin?

Justin was the ultimate cab driver
I found this file on an old photo cd I have from 2003 when digital photography first came out. Justin was sitting next to me on the old Hyde Park 21 stand and telling me about the poker tournaments he had been winning. Justin was from "back in the day."

Friday, November 11, 2016

Celebrating Donald Trump's win election night

I was very happy for Trump and America. I knew the polls were rigged and the asshole media was lying to us. Finally, we have a real president. I see God's hand in this.

Tampa Bay on a beautiful sunrise

Let's see if this published correctly.

This is Tampa Bay this morning.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Attempted assasination of Trump in Nevada!

I just saw it live on a livestream in Reno. A guy pulled a gun and the storm troopers came out and pushed Trump off the stage. They got the guy and it looked scary. That was right after Trump accused the guy of working for Hillary Clinton for $1,500. Can you believe it. USA!

You can see it here at Right Side Broadcasting

The Hillary paid assassin being led off by Reno police

Female Uber riders are now wanting female only drivers...get that Dana Young

Dana Young swore the safest form of transportation for women was Uber. It seems many women are not so sure of that. In fact, many Uber women riders are now requesting female only drivers. Uber said they will look into that. Unfortunately, for Uber, that would be no different than wanting a white only driver. Sorry folks, you cannot have it any way you want it.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Dana Young is a Liar or very confused about Uber

A very bad person with no honor or integrity
I attended a meeting at the hockey arena downtown which was attended by all the Tampa Bay area state senators and representatives. In attendance was one Dana Young (R). When it was her time to speak, so told a story about a young women that was being raped.

While the college student was being sexually assaulted, the student hit the Uber app on her phone and the police now knew the GPS coordinates of her location. What MS. Young did not disclose was that it happened on the UCLA campus and that it was an UBER DRIVER THAT WAS RAPING HER!

"As students prepare to return to college, one thing female students cannot go without is caution.
Assaults, especially sexual assaults, are a haunting part of daily life for so many students. Uber has made that nightmare even more of a reality.
We tell our students that getting a driver when they’ve had too much to drink is the responsible course of action — it’s safer. But what happens when Uber drivers take advantage of that false sense of security?
Here are the worst examples of the drivers who have preyed on students:

Click here to see the worst examples of Uber drivers raping female students

Dana Young had to have known that fact. That makes Dana Young either stupid or a God Damn liar. I choose to believe she is a liar on the level of Hillary Clinton. It's as simple as that.

The reason I hate her is because she wants to kill off my industry and others by deregulating everything. Only her rich friends are down with that. (Google how much money her and hubby have made since she entered politics...sound familiar?)

I interrupted Dana Young because I knew the truth behind the story. She seemed annoyed that someone would challenge her.

If you don't believe me Dana, check out the link I provide and stop lying about the safety of women. I see on your ads on TV that you have two daughters. Perhaps you should consider having Uber drivers fingerprinted and background checked like the HCPTC wants and YOU OPPOSE!!.

People in Tampa Bay do not vote for this ignorant piece of white trash lying bitch!

Halloween campsite

Tim and his new friend
This guy is a new attendee to our annual Halloween Bigfoot camping trip. We always do it on the last weekend if October. That is the time of year when the weather changes for the better. I mean it finally gets cooler.


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