Saturday, June 25, 2016

Island time

The sun sets every night
For years I lived on Island time. That is why I became a cab driver. I did not want to punch a time clock. I wanted to forge my own way, and come and go as I pleased. Things have changed and I've had to reorganize my life so I am sort of getting a weekly pay check.

The major reason for this is Uber. They have cherry picked all the good business and left us with poor people at laundry mats and grocery stores, going around the corner for 3-4 dollars. You can't make it on that. When I was a real cab driver, each day was an adventure. I got to pick up all kinds of people and see the world thru their eyes. It was actually fun.

When I was in the newspaper business, I had to arrive when they wanted me to. I had to work the days they made me work. I could only make the income they dictated I would make. I was actually glad when my department was downsized out of existence for I could now take off in the direction I was meant to go. Since I knew I wanted to be self employed, I became a cab driver. The customers are now your boss but at least I did not have some dickhead leaning over my shoulder all day long.

Uber has kicked all this to the curb. I am now following a ridged schedule of picking up medical charges. My day is laid out in advance and I don't have much choice in the situation. The irony is I'm making a more consistent income which I need right now. At my station in life right now, I would not be able to handle the uncertainty of trying to live only off street calls. You could do it but you would have to work 'round the clock. I'm too old for that and I don't have the inclination anyway.

The rule of the jungle is adapt or parish. Since I have no interest of perishing professionally or otherwise, I adapted. I don't like change but had no choice. I would be under now if I had continued in the same path. All of this because of Uber.

How an unregulated company can be allowed to operate without following any requirements by the oversight commissions is something I did not think I would ever see. The politicians are cowards. Uber is so popular among the young people, they are afraid they will be voted out of office.

I have seen them in action they are cunts. They are weak-kneed jelly fish. Donald Trump says are leaders are stupid. I don't know about that but they sure have no backbone and no concept of upholding the law. One senator for the Tampa area said he would be afraid to answer the phone in his office if he did anything to stop Uber. He lacks balls. No doubt. I could do a better job then he does.

When I was young I used to believe the politicians were smarter then me. That they could be trusted to make the right decisions that would benefit my life. Boy how wrong was I.

Anyway, Island Time is good. I am now home each night at 5:30 which is BEER THIRTY. Not everything is bad. In fact, its better right now then ten years ago. Life moves on.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Juggling Taxi Cowboy is a hit in Las Vegas

I want to get out of this town so bad. This is taxi driver from Las Vegas doing a comedy stand up routine. He's trying. We had a group of cab drivers leave a few years ago to do stand up comedy. One of them was a Pakistani dude that did dot head jokes, and another guy called "The Fat Bastard." I have no idea what happened to them.

The Juggling Taxi Cowboy is a star and was even on the TV show America's Got Talent. There is hope. There is hope beyond Uber.
He's got to be having fun!
You have to believe in yourself and keep moving forward

Friday, June 17, 2016

Racist White Liberal to Young Black Trump Supporter: "You Should Go Get ...

This is what the Democrats fear - a new generation of young blacks who can think for themselves. They do not have the tribe mentality that has infected the hood for decades. All of that was a product of the Democrat party to ensure a generational voting block. The world is changing and many blacks will not be brainwashed by politicians anymore.

This kid and his friends are just cool!

Tampa taxi drivers call for resignation of PTC chair for delays in Uber negotiatioin

The taxi drivers in Tampa are pissed. The reason is because HCPTC has dragged this out long enough. Their delays in negotiating with Uber and Lyft has only allowed them to get a foothold in the Tampa community. Now the people are used to their low ball service and it just may be curtains for the taxi industry. Then, the choices the consumer has in this market will be limited to just Uber. Isn't that what they want anyway.
One of the useless meetings I attended. I have since stopped going. It is only a morbid reminder of what once was

Thursday, June 16, 2016

16-Year-Old Black Trump Supporter Schools Black Lives Matter Moron in Ep...

This kid is the wave of the future. He knows the past generation was lied to by the race pimps. He wants to grow up in a world where he can be like Donald Trump. He knows being a business man pays more than welfare.

This Black Lives Matter Pimp can't believe the young generation does not believe his lies

Monday, June 13, 2016

I was in a wreck yesterday

It was raining but not a lot of damage
In 21 years of driving, I have never been at fault in an accident. Yesterday I was. My foot slipped off the brake causing a low speed rear end. Fortunately, nobody was injured. I was really traumatized by this event because I have never been in this situation before. I have been hit by others but I have never been at fault.

I found out today that I still have my job which is good. I do need a gig. What I want to do now is put this as far behind me as I can.
The bumper did get knocked a little loose

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Watching INFORWARS.COM - the only news that matters

View from my living room
I am watching the INFOWARS.COM Nightly News. Why? The network news channels are owned by corporations with agendas that dictate what is broadcast. Donald Trump says thay are LIARS! That is correct. I have had it with the horse shit and propaganda. Alex Jones is self promoted and is in bed with nobody.(who's Bill Clinton in bed with? Hillary?) Anyone with a brain cell knows they are being jerked around. Your mind is being jerked around.


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