Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thanksgiving and the cat

It was thanksgiving day and all thru the land, people ate turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, and ham. A beautiful plate, from a friend, I ate, covered with fixings and marvelous treats. Its the cab where I am, biscuits and jam.

As I enjoyed and gave thanks, it must be a hank, the pitter patter of feet, off of my flank. To my surprise, a feline arise. RSVP not the order of the day, this food smells better than the mouse in the hay.

She jumped on the roof to the passengers side, gaining entry...she was so sly. I said what the heck, there's none around. Twill share with the girl with the short black hair.

A purr so loud brought warmth to my heart, being thankful for the love of animals is common I thought.

Enjoy the seasons and the time we have. Lets be happy. No need to be sad.

She wanted all the fixings.

She found her way inside.

She was happy at last.

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Saturday, November 28, 2015

You did not know I was a coach?

This is my freestyle sprint workout for masters swimmers. Do this workout once a week and see your 25 and 75 times drop.

Short sprint training
Adult/Masters - Sprint Freestyle

4001 X {
1 X400Warm-Up(Mixed)SKPS14:50
3001 X {
4 X50Swim(Freestyle)Build Up1:30
1 X100Swim(Freestyle)EZ3:25
1501 X {
6 X25Sprint(Freestyle)60 seconds between reps0:40
1001 X {
2 X50Drill(Freestyle)Golf with fins1:45
6001 X {
8 X75Swim(Freestyle)Form and trunk rotation2:10
1001 X {
1 X100Warm-Down(Choice)I like backstroke3:45
Total Yards: 1650
Time to Complete: ~63 minutes (2 minutes rest between circuits)

* All time intervals are estimates. If they seem unreasonable please adjust the intervals to your individual skill level based on the percentage of your maximum effort the set recommends.

this workout is on the website

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Uber driver arrested for grabbing women's buttocks

A woman used a campus safety app to call for help when her Uber driver grabbed her butt, ultimately leading to the driver's arrest.

A student at USC called for an Uber on Saturday night. The driver took her to the University Park neighborhood near 30th Street as she requested, but when she went to get out of the car, the driver allegedly grabbed her butt, the L.A. Times reports.

The student used the app LiveSafe USCTrojan Mobile Safety to alert authorities. The app is available for students and staff at the school and allows them to contact police with one tap. Police can then use the app to track the individual's location, and the caller can then speak or text with 9-1-1. Students can also choose to share their location with friends.

After the student launched the app, campus police went to where she was. Meanwhile, LAPD found the Uber driver, 24-year-old Rodney Davis, and arrested him on suspicion of sexual battery after the student and a witness identified him.
Davis drove for both Uber and Lyft. A spokesperson for Lyft said that his account has been deactivated, and an Uber spokesperson said they also deactivated his account and are working with police.

The app came out last year, and students have been able to use it for a number of things, including reporting illegal activity and even asking for directions. About 12,000 students have downloaded the app so far, NBC LA reports.

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What im thankful for

Its not about Turkey. Its about the love of animals. It certainly cannot be about how the taxi business in Tampa has collapsed because Uber has taken all of my rides. This is the direct result of the HCPTC being unwilling to enforce the law. What purpose does this commission serve? All they do is shake down cab drivers and collect outrageous fees for petty shit. Speaking of shit. The head of the transportation commission Victor Crist is pure shit. I should say...pure pussy. He has feet of clay and will not enforce the law. He needs to go now.
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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

This blog is alive and well

Tampa Taxi Shots is not giving up. The taxi cab companies and transportation commission seem too have. They are incapable of stopping Uber. I can't carry their useless water anymore or even give a shit.

I am moving on with a persona more befitting of who I am..THE HOWLING HACK. No matter what I do or where I live, I will be the big mouth hack.

The game has changed and it will never go back to cab companies owning the business. This is a good othing for it is time for me to protect my interest and move on. Check out
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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Creatine Hydrochloride

I started using Creatine yesterday to augment my sprint training as I get ready for the Spring nationals. I understand that monohydrate is the more common form. I like that you don't have to load with Hydrochloride. Felt good the first day. I will let you know after next Friday's sprint workout.
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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tried to get back in the woods

I had nor been in the woods since February. My subs on YouTube are jonesing for new videos. Buts its still just too hot. I'm over this man. I need to get back to regular posting but climate change won't let me alone.

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Monday, November 16, 2015

Tenth year anniversary

Ten years ago tonight I launched "Tampa Taxi Shots" on the TypePad platform. Blogging was in its infancy and new blogs were coming on line daily. There was no Facebook back then, so if toy wanted to get your story our, you had to blog.

The first two years were great. Then, the economy fell apart like a three dollar watch. I was just getting going then disaster hit. I lost my internet connection and my TypePad subscription. It was all over.

I eventually got blogging again but my original account is now no more. It does exist on the wayback machine. Now, I am on Blogger.

All of the original Tampa bloggers are now gone. Moved on, lost interest, facebook, life, and other reasons got in the way. At least I am still alive and kicking. I still can't believe how fast things have changed. I do remember Blog Lassiter. His blog was very popular in the final months before his death.

Anyway, this photo of me was the first image I had up on Tampa Taxi Shots. My hair was longer.

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Sunday, November 15, 2015

A useless soul (Barack Obama)

(I wrote this in 2009 on the original Tampa Taxi Shots. I still stand by in now after the Paris attacks)

At today's press briefing, when asked about President Obama’s plan to reverse a Bush policy related to abortion, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs dodged the question with a joke: “As a part of my overall career advancement, I've found it useful to get out of the way of the principal, who might be making news on certain subjects later on in the afternoon.”

But the word is already out that Obama is expected to sign another executive order today, to end the Mexico City Policy (also known as the “global gag rule”). The policy bans federal funds from going to international health groups that provide, or talk to women about, abortions. Passed by George W. Bush in 2001 on his first day in office, it’s one more policy that Obama, with the stroke of a pen, can undo.

Dr. Ana Langer, president of the global health organization, EngenderHealth, said that the global gag rule has blocked health care in some of the world’s poorest countries. “Africa has been most severely affected,” she said. “Many clinics had to close because they declined to sign the global gag rule, and were not able to provide other services such as prenatal care, newborns’ health, cervical cancer screenings and vaccinations.” She cited Kenya, the homeland of Obama’s father, as one country where women lost their only sources of prenatal care for miles around after the policy passed.

Abortion is prenatal care?  Considering the uncertainty around Obama's mother and father's marital relationship, what if she were "counseled" in the way her son would want.  You know, with his arms, legs and guts being sucked down a drain.  Oh, also his brains.  Than the great one would have never existed.  Gee, I bet you never thought that one out.
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What chlorine does ti your hair

I say its blonde. My friends say its grey. Either way, it is no longer the brown hair I had when I started working out last April. I am stepping up my training in a more focused way because I want to race in a Masters meet in the Spring. My race pace training program should have me ready.
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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Veterans Day at the North Shore Pool

I seem to make it to St Petersburg on national holidays. Today, I did a workout at the North Shore pool and beat the times I did on Father's Day. Cool. It is quantitative evidence that my fitness is improving.

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Friday, November 6, 2015

Where's Tim?

I have been in the woods camping with friends. We had no idea last weekend would be the hottest Halloween on record in Florida. This fire is beautiful but it only made things hotter.

I have also been swimming. Now, the pool is extending its hours and I will be able to work out six days a week. My training program is coming along and its now the most enjoyable aspect of my day.

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