Monday, June 29, 2015

Uber driver in Tampa Bay shoots pasanger

Police in Clearwater, Florida say an elderly Uber driver shot his passenger in the foot following an altercation.
According to local TV news channel WFLA, Uber driver Steven Rayow, 74, got into an argument with his passenger, Gregory Mermel, 60. The Clearwater Police Department says the argument escalated into a physical fight. Mermel began choking Rayow, upon which Rayow—who had a concealed-weapons permit—pulled a pistol from his waistband, and the fight ended with Mermel being shot in the foot.
Mermel was treated in local hospital for a gunshot would; no arrests have been made in the case. Uber was not immediately available for comment.
Uber has been at the center of several violent incidents in recent months, including several incidents of alleged assault by drivers against passengers, but also an incident last week in which a crowd of striking French taxi drivers broke Uber car windows and overturned at least one car.
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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Pay the fare or else

My shrunken heads will put some mojo on you that will make your ancestors beg for mercy. Try running on Uber and see what happens.
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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The summer solstice

This was sunrise Sunday beginning the longest day of the year. First light gets the birds riled early and the late darkness keeps this cab driver up late. Unfortunately, I need to get up earlier every day because goon cab drivers are trying to take my morning special from me. This morning, Jackamino (372) checked in at 3:57 for my call which will not come out until after six. For me to beat him, I would have to go to bed around seven p.m. like I was a little kid. The late sunset is making that a little bit difficult.
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Monday, June 15, 2015

Hula Girl and a myopic cab driver

I was told today that I had a "myopic" viewpoint of taxi driving. Since I have been driving for 20 years, I believe I am in a position to make that determination. You have to be short sighted in today's market. Years of a bad economy and the rise of Uber, have made it that way. Cab drivers operate out of a sense of urgency. Our needs are so immediate, how can you be future oriented? I can. And it has nothing to do with the cab industry. I focus on things that give meaning to my life.

Photography, swimming, Bigfoot, my blog give long range meaning, and slow me to set goals. Cab driving does not. My Hula girl is a big believer in American potential. You can dream big, and achieve big in America. All is possible....just not cab driving. Not the road to success.
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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Uber driver arrested Saturday night for exposing and playing with himself

Video of Uber driver playing with himself with a female passenger in car
 A Springfield Uber driver has been arrested after a woman reported that he exposed and touched himself while she was a passenger in the vehicle. Police arrested 29-year old Adam R. Stevenson. The 30-year old woman and her husband told police the incident happened last Saturday just after 3am. She says they called Uber for a ride home from downtown Springfield. Stevenson picked them up, and while driving he exposed and touched himself while the woman was in the front seat. Police arrested Stevenson yesterday for disorderly conduct. Management at Uber says Stevenson will be removed as one of their drivers.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

My blood work was normal

The doctor could not believe how good my blood lan was. Last July, euro g Shark Week, he sent me to the ER because of a BP of 215/118. Today, 147/77 and ALL my blood counts were normal. He called it "miraculous" and Congratulated me on starting the swimming cardio routine.

I told him I had joined the USMS and was planning on being in a meet in July. I could not be happier with my progress. Now, I don't have to see him for six months. I hope to blow his mind again.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Life right now

This is what life has come down to. I get in the wee hours of the morning to sandbag a call that virtually pays my lease. Its very important that I get it considering there has been a marked drop off in business. I would prefer to go back and be a real cab driver but reality dictates otherwise.

I am fighting another driver who knows about it. We have to resort to tactics, such as, rejecting bids and offers that you normally would have taken. That really does cost you money. Not many cash calls left anyway, Uber has taken care of that.

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