Friday, February 27, 2015

Yankee spring training photo shoot

I was in downtown Tampa this afternoon and saw a photographer working with a model in a skimpy baseball uniform. It had to be for some New York publication. The Yankees are here for spring training. There had to be a connection. She did have nice legs.

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Get in - Get Confident (2010)

I went to SUPERCUTS in Tampa today. The commercial shows guys getting a new look and then going out and kicking some serious ass at MMF, a casino and extreme sports. I can't wait. You can see the before and after below.


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

St Petersburg today

A view of St. Pete hard to get today because its from the closed down pier.
I got a medical charge to downtown St. Petersburg today. Its a beautiful city, and a good ride if you can get it. I wish it had come out of the airport but that has been running cold for me. I can't buy a call out of there, right now. Must be a cold streak because its peak tourist season, and all I'm doing is running people to the car rentals. I'm also getting my fair share of business people going short. I hope my luck turns because this is the time of year I should be making money.

The Logisticare charges are keeping me alive.With the amount of street business Uber has taken from us, that, and the airport, is all I can really can depend on. We do have some older, non tech savvy tourist who still use cabs. Thank God for that. But that's it.

 I did not get Elena this morning because some other guy was tipped off about it and sandbagged it. That really pisseses me off. Somebody must have tipped him off. I will have a surprise waiting for him if he tries tomorrow.


Saturday, February 21, 2015

Taxi headed for the Indian mound camp

I had a chance to work with Dave Lauer and Stacey Brown Jr, and others on a special edition Bigfoot investigation. There were eight guys going. Some I have worked with before. The area was an enchanted old Indian tribal area. So I knew it was going to be a great weekend.

This is the lady that oversees the site. She is pointing out to Stacey where we are to go. The sun was setting and I was stoked. More later.
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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Tony Dungy 1996

This was Tony Dungy after the first practice of his first year as coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He is crossing the street next to the University of Tampa football field. We did not know much about him and nobody thought we were looking at a future Hall of Fame coach. Wow! Save your photos folks.
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United Cab shirts

Airport drivers are now required to wear cool new uniform shirts. They are nice shirts and have the United Cab logo on them. This eliminates confusion when customers walk out. They will know you are a driver.

The drivers have to buy them for $30 a shirt. But you own it and it's yours. I like them and can always use a new shirt. This applies right now to just airport drivers.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hillsborough County will use the courts to shut down Uber

These cocksuckers will soon be gone from Florida
Hillsborough County has tried everything to get Uber and Lyft off the streets. Now it wants a judge to shut them down.
The county on Wednesday joined cities such as Las Vegas, Miami and Portland, Ore., in calling for the court system's support in the ongoing battle between regulators and ride-share companies.
Board members voted during Wednesday's Public Transportation Commission meeting to pursue injunctive relief against Uber and Lyft after both ride-share companies failed to comply with a cease-and-desist letter issued at the end of December.
The companies use smartphone apps that allow riders to summon nearby drivers who use their own cars. Both argue that they are technology companies, not transportation companies, and thus don't fall under the rules administered by the PTC.
Temple Terrace City Council member David Pogorilich made the motion, calling it the next logical step after neither company altered its operations following receipt of the cease-and-desist letter.
The difference with injunctive relief, executive director Kyle Cockream said, is that an injunction has the weight of a court order behind it.
"The only thing that has initiated any productive talks at all, from my research, from Portland to California, to here in Florida, has been a court order to say, 'Stop,' " Cockream said.
Tampa City Council member Frank Reddick opposed the motion, citing the possibility of additional court costs.
Uber spokeswoman Kaitlin Durkosh said the PTC was "engaging in extreme measures to protect the status quo" instead of supporting innovation and opportunity.
"The PTC's actions are deplorable, and intentionally seek to disrupt the lives of thousands of people who depend on our technology to make a living and move around safely," Durkosh said.
This is not the first legal option the commission has pursued against the ride-share companies, which regulators argue fall under their jurisdiction as providing for-hire vehicles.
A hearing officer ruled in favor of the commission last fall, fining Uber and saying its vehicles are largely functioning as taxicabs. Uber appealed the ruling, and the action is stalled in the 4th District Court of Appeal.
A similar hearing for Lyft takes place Monday morning, when the company will contest tickets it received from PTC investigators last year.
Investigators have also issued tickets ranging from $100 to $500 to nearly 100 drivers, Cockream said. But because Uber and Lyft offer to pay the citations for the drivers, it hasn't proved to be a strong deterrent.
Some jurisdictions, such as Miami, have impounded the drivers' vehicles, but the PTC has yet to take such actions.
Leaders of the taxi industry celebrated quietly after the motion passed Wednesday, slapping each other on the back and whispering excited congratulations.
County Commissioner Ken Hagan said that although he thinks "there is no question this technology is the way of the future," something has to be done to force Uber and Lyft to cooperate and take part in negotiations.
"I, for one, am not going to tolerate just ignoring our laws and refusing to comply," Hagan said.

The historical ghost investigation at Fort Desoto

Conditions were miserable in 1898 when this fort was constructed. Disease and food shortages were common. Yellow fever was prevalent along the Gulf coast and mosquito's were in the millions on this island. Many of the men must of succomed to the factors found in living here. It is our belief that energy is still in the fort from long ago. That was the objective of this operation.

George and Kevin unloading their equipment
In May, 1980 the Skyway Bridge collapsed after being struck by the tanker the Summit Venture. The main span fell into the water and 37 people lost their lives. A temporay morgue was set up in the magazine hold of the fort. That is were we were going to concentrate our efforts. Other paranormal groups have reported strange things going on in there.
The magazine at the fort
We went in as the sun was begining to set. We almost immediatly got a reading on the Ghost radar of words that were very approprate for the setting. We had been speculating how the soilders were so accurate on firing 800lb shells from cannons fired with nitroglycerin ignited by an electrical charge. When we went in the readout was "Accurate" "Egypt" and "Fed." George immediately said, "Federal troups." Very creepy. later, Kevin got the word "Dead." That was after I had gotten "Hell" and Die."

You can judge for yourself what all of this means.
Geroge and Tim

The quartermaster storehouse

Big guns

George and Kevin look small next to the big guns

Inside the haunted area

Port Tampa bank once robbed by Bonnie & Clyde

In the ghost town area of Port Tampa is an old building that is now a public library. The residents that live here may be unaware of the history of this building, and the Port of Tampa.
This building used to be a bank and it held all the payroll money for the ship and dock workers. That is why it became a robbery target for Bonnie and Clyde, who were depression era bank robbers.
Their plan was fairly sound with the port not having been annexed by Tampa and a dirt road being the only way in and out. It worked. They got away with it. Too bad for the workers.
There was no FDIC back then and I imagine many guys did not get paid that week. Conditions were hard back then, much less, to have it compounded by being broke.
Port Tampa has a rich history that I am now researching.

Monday, February 16, 2015

New and the old

People who remember the old Tampa Taxi Shots know that I am a bit of a photographer. I am been around it along time, and just work hard at it. I have a massive collection of images and have them stored on disk. I have always wanted to share them with others for they do no good just sitting around in a shoe box, when they should be on the net.
Click image for large size
This photo was taken at Hillsborough River State Park in 2003 when I got my first digital camera. Wow, the technology has changed but this one was a DSLR and I was able to adjust shutter speed and exposure to get this effect.
The river rapids

The river rapids at Hillsborough River State Park are the only rapids in the state. I was able to find another in my hiking in the woods but it must have been unclassified or unknown.

This is one of the directions this blog will now be taking. I have also returned to the TampaTaxi.Blogspot URL. The reason is the dot net deal only confused Google searchers for they did not know it was a blog. The Blogger URL lets them know. Plus, its free. If I were to die, this blog would also live on as long as Google let it stay up in its dormant state. I am OK with that.
Tim Fasano in 2003 (note the much thicker hair which is brown)
Anyway, I do hope to start bringing you real stories about Tampa and my experiences instead of just a dog with its head sticking out of the car window.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Ludovico Einaudi (my private collection)

I am convinced that the best music being written today is by classical composers. In the case of Einaudi, his music is being used in motion pictures to invoke deep emotion. His melodic command of the piano has been described as minimalist and New Age.

What does this have to do with cab driving. A lot. I often use heroic music in the morning to inspire me. Success is as emotional as its intellectual you listening to this for the first time, I am envious.

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Tim Fasano on the Zite feed

How cool. The website compiler site Zite picked up the Cryptomundo blog reminder of Monster X radio with Tim Fasano as quest. I was the guest on this national radio show to talk about the Lettuce Lake sighting and the attempt by the BFRO to discredit it. The producer of Animal Planets FINDING BIGFOOT emailed me before the show to clarify some things. Nothing to clarify. The organization is corrupt. posted from Bloggeroid
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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Finally some cool weather

It should be very comfortable and dry in Tampa for the next 7 days. This is what I have been waiting for. Time to put some Irish cream in my afternoon coffee.

The Tampa Tribune ran a headline article the other day asking what happened to winter. I don't know that but it might make up for it in spades.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Change for a twenty

It seems most customers will give you a twenty dollar bill no matter what the amount of the fare. The first two fares I had today went short, and they did not let me down. They gave me twenties for 5-6 dollar fares. Yikes! That wipes out all of my change (cab drivers do not begin their day with thousands of dollars on us). I went on my third fare.

He is going from Albany and North B to Howard and Mississippi (I could only spell this because of the jingle I learned in 5th grade). I ask him if he has exact change. He says no, he was going to give me a twenty. So we stop at the convenience store at Howard and Morrison. He goes inside, gets some cigs, and comes back. We are set.

When I get him to his house, he hands me a twenty dollar bill! What! We just went to the store. He was a little drunk and said just keep it. I was not trying to rip him off.

When he got out of the cab I looked at it and it was a 1928 twenty gold backed bill. You don't see many of them anymore. I'm not sure how many people have seen the gold backed $20 bill. All I've ever seen were images and the signature was of A.W. Mellon. Is that who I think it is?

I know the driver Joe down on Britton Plazza, he buys old currency. I might a little more than face value.

I have always understood that in time of economic downturn, you will find old currency and coins in circulation. People are desperate.

Saturday, February 7, 2015


If there ever was a meme for this expression, this is it. You must be kidding? What's you talken about?
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Friday, February 6, 2015

Dog with head out the car window

I shoot these when I find them. It was a nice cool day in Florida and the wind must have felt good to this dog. I'd be afraid they would jump out the window.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Elena and a beautiful baby boy

When I dropped Elena off this morning, I told her I needed a nap and would sleep in the taxi parked in her driveway. I've done this before and not big deal.

Ten minutes later, I was awakened by the giggle of a baby. Elena was standing next to the drivers window holding a very happy baby. She held him in that very special way that says pure love. I know I'm biased but that is the cutest little baby in the world.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Wild Taxi Blog

Lets get wild baby
This blog will separate my online presence from the cab company. I don't need to explain to management why I threw someone out of the taxi as if that were the kind of service I provide. Go to . I can cross a line here that I could not before. 

Monday, February 2, 2015

Season has kicked in

I have never seen this many calls on the board. This is what it looked like this morning as the red highlights show the zones where calls are at. Man! Take your pick. This sure beats sitting on stands looking at the numbed out faces of taxi drivers m

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

New computer


Well, a tablet. The first time in 7 years I have been able to buy anything. Man, the tech is getting better and I can load direct videos. I can really use this function. Lets see if it loads.


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