Sunday, November 30, 2014

Prime Breast

I dropped this stripper off at a club where her Mercedes was parked. Unspent the whole trip looking at her Boobs in the rearview mirror. I'm not kidding when I say she had the third best body I've ever seen and I can't remember the first two. There must be money in getting naked. As you may know, nude dancing is an industry in Tampa. I need a career change. LOL!

In the mean time, $25 for a $20 fare will keep me from taking my clothes off. Most would pay that for me to not!

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Fellowship on Thanksgiving

I got to spend Thanksgiving as a guest at Kevin and Teri's. A.B. was there showing his old 8 mm film from the Navy, World's Fair, Kudzu Caverns, and other places. I was honored to be their guest. Teri made a wonderful meal and we ate till we could not move.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Uber suspends operations in Nevada

Uber, the maverick ride-sharing company that has been bending the state’s transportation rules for a month, ceased operations in Nevada late Wednesday, vowing to return when it finds a clear path to operating legally in the state.

The decision for the temporary shut-down came after a conference call of Uber management and was announced publicly in a blog post on the company’s website. A company spokeswoman issued an emailed statement just after 10 p.m.

“It’s unfortunate that Nevada is the first state in the nation to temporarily suspend Uber,” said spokeswoman Eva Behrend. “That means nearly 1,000 jobs just disappeared overnight and those residents lost their ability to earn a living. On the eve of Thanksgiving, when Nevadans should be celebrating with family, now many are worried about how they’re going to pay their bills.”

The San Francisco-based technology company was dealt two legal blows earlier this week, the more lethal one occurring Tuesday when Washoe County District Court Judge Scott Freeman’s issued a preliminary injunction preventing Uber from operating statewide.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

It was raining today

I got soaked in this cold rain today. The temps are dropping and it won'tvget out of the 60° range for the next week.

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Is Uber in trouble?

For those of you interested in Uber, this is from Joshua Gans:

Is Uber really in a fight to the death?: In recent days, since their PR troubles, there has been much discussion as to why Uber seems to be so aggressive. Reasons ranged from being inept, to the challenges of fighting politics against taxi regulations to a claim that Uber’s market has a ‘winner take all’ nature. It is this last one that is of particular interest because it suggests that Uber has to fight hard against competitors like Lyft or it will lose. It also suggests that Uber’s $20 billion odd valuation is based on beliefs that it will win, and win big.

I am not sure that this is really the case. Despite the name ‘Uber’ connoting, ‘one Uber to rule them all,’ the theory underlying the notion of winner take all is rather special and is far from being proven in cases like this. …
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Coast2Coast radio (video upload)


Great late night programing with George Noory.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tampa Taxi After Dark

Check out my shadow blog Tampa Taxi After Dark at it will freak you out.

That's Kevin with George Noory at a UFO conference in Nevada

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday morning in Tampa

A cold front was moving through Tampa with rain. There should be cold weather coming in but now its hot and humid.

The street business is drying up as all the minimum wage Uber drivers steal all our good fares. You know, the south Tampa racists people who want a white driver to pick them up while they donate money to the democrats, with no understanding that this is "Uber right wing capitalism."

Travis will ultimately be taken to federal court and his investors will lose money. Why? Making billions off the backs if baristas is wrong. Just read the Sherman Act and the Clayton Anti-Competition Act (Judge Bork was denied confirmation to the supreme court for his denouncement of these acts as "mindless law)

Stop supporting illegal Ubet and Lyft.

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Welcome to United Cab of Tampa

Welcome to United Cab. This is the back lot the "cab graveyard." Or convalescence home. Each cab can go for about 3 years before it ends up here.The break room. Snacks and sodas. Oh Yeah! Notice the Weekly Planet on the floor. I love that rag.

"Shoe" is our weekend dispatcher. One of the nicest guys I know. He loves animals. Look belowHe started feeding these poor little sparrows and they won't leave the lot. there is a flock of them.Today I got to throw the bread out for them. Wow! They came flying over and dug in!This is a shot I took the other day to support my argument that you don't have to turn downtown into some cheesy Las Vegas show to have art.
If your interested I started a web site showing my photography. It's called Tim

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Uber - anti-competition practices to eventually dominate an industry

Has anyone ever read the Sherman Anti-Competition Act?

John D. Rockefeller would be smiling because he would be quick to recognize a winning display of anti-competitive market behavior by Uber. The founder of Standard Oil built his monopoly by exploiting  size to leverage discounted access to railroad transport. Such economies supported price cuts his competitors couldn’t match. Travis Kalanick, founder of Uber, is employing a slightly different strategy; Uber is straightforwardly leveraging its access to seemingly unlimited venture capital to break economic rules. Sitting on $1.2 billion in cash, Uber can lose money on every single ride for a long, long time. In some markets, Uber is even paying drivers a bonus to make up for what they are losing in price cuts (though that does not seem to be the case in New York).
Kalanick hasn’t minced words about his antipathy to the existing taxi industry, but Uber is also quite obviously focused on its tech start-up competition. With bigger pockets than the likes of Lyft or Hailo or Sidecar, it’s within reason to believe that Uber could triumph over all.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Live Streaming coming


I should be able to load videos in field within moments of taking them. A live effect.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Who is this taxi bum?

I saw this guy leaving a trailer park where I'm sure he collected five bucks. "Traveltime" it said. What the Fuck is that? Its bad enough there are thousands of Uber drivers, thousands of Lyft drivers (are there any jobs left in our society?) But this guy put his life savings into something that will pay him about $2 an hour. He just won't admit he's a bowry bum. Sad. So many people with so little expectations willing to settle for so little.

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

New cabs are coming

I saw an entire row of new cars on the United Cab lot. I hope this is only to replace de-commissioned cabs. It might not be. It could be that we are expanding so much because of the piss poor and unprofessional service that Lyft and Uber are offering, people are flocking to United Cab. Everyone I know is flush. Does anyone need a loan!? Go to a United Cab driver.

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Price of gas

I've been very sick lately. I am on a steroid treatment for inflammation in my head. That has been why I have bee dizzy and sick. I had all the symptoms of a mini stroke. The ER released me and my primary hopes this treatment works. What's this got to do with the price of gas? Nothing. I am glad its going down.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hillsborough County bans Uber today as taxi company

The HCPT and Hillsborough County public commission today affirmed Uber is an illegal taxi company and bared them from operating in the Tampa area. This is wonderful news to longtime drivers like me.

An Uber attorney asked Hillsborough County to make new rules to fit the trendy ridesharing movement pioneered by his company and Lyft, but was told flatly on Wednesday that Uber is an illegal taxi service.

The county's Public Transportation Commission unanimously affirmed that an appointed officer had enough evidence to fine Uber, based in San Francisco, for providing hiring and public taxi services without proper licensing.

Uber attorney Drew Sorrell held to the company's argument that it isn't in transportation. As a technology company, it doesn't need to follow transportation regulations as they are written.

"There's a perfectly good way to do this, and that is to write the rules so that they fit," said Sorrell, of the Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor and Reed law firm in Orlando. "They just don't fit here."

A county attorney rebutted with Hillsborough's argument that Uber has all the parts of a taxi service except that a phone replaces the traditional taxi meter.

"There is no question they are transporting people in this county and profiting from it," Rob Brazel said.

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Peter Schorsch of SAINTPETERSBLOG is wrong about Uber

Peter Schorsch of SAINTPETERSBLOG supports illegal business in Tampa...surprised?
Peter Schorsch of SAINTPETERSBLOG is biased in his opinion of Uber. He presents an extreme right wing opinion today in his blog about allowing illegal business to operate in Hillsborough County. No wonder. He is a criminal. Click his name to see his mug shot. He is also the arrogant asshole (nut job) who stopped a Starbucks line for ten hours because he had a problem with the "pay it forward" concept. Marco Rubio and Peter Schorsch, would eliminate all business regulations, licenses and permits that control commerce and industry. To support any business without a license because they have an app, is absurd. He states:

"Thus, I object to the proposed minimum fare and any other “compromise” that inhibits Uber’s fantasticbusiness model, which is safe, affordable and efficient in my numerous experiences."

You mean RACIST BUSINESS MODEL. I object to all of that sir. I have been a Tampa taxi driver for twenty years and have always presented safe, affordable, and efficient service. Where do you get off in broad stroking an entire industry. Have you not searched the web on sexual predator's that are flocking to Uber. Are you not aware of the sexual attack that happened in Orlando. Jesus Christ guy if you want anecdotal tales to spread lies about the taxi industry, why don't you start with Uber. I bet your young, hip, college educated, and you think you are a liberal. Do you not know that by supporting this unregulated industry you are a defacto tea party membeR? Do you not know that primitive capitalism always leads to natural monopolies? You will eventually have Wall Mart (Uber) paying piss poor wages and no benefits. I'm sure a conservative like you would welcome that.  No matter how tight a hipsters jeans are, no matter how many craft beers they drink, or tie die tee shirts they wear, hipsters are hard line Republicans by supporting this racist business model. That's right...RACIST. You friends at Uber are not going to serve the black part of town. Their entire business model is based on young, hip people, with IPhones and apps. That will eliminate an entire swath of the population. How come guys like you can't get that through your head?

The Don Caesar again

No better ride out of the airport that will be smooth and put $75 plus tip in your pocket. I bet the Uber driver gets $20 and pays 20% to the company. He buys his gas (minimum ten bucks on this trip) so he pockets six bucks. Damn. Where can I get that job. I hear they are hiring all the United and Yellow rejects.
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Sunday, November 9, 2014

I got flashed today

This very pregnant women flashed me this morning. Her baby is due November 22 and I'm sure she will be glad I took these images. She's had a tough go of it but the important thing is the baby is alright and mom is healthy.

Elena is a very special person.
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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Big changes coming at TIA

The Tampa airport will be under construction until 2017. They are expanding its size and adding restaurants and shops. While this is happening, customer service may suffer. However, the cab companies have a plan. That is why Ron held his PowerPoint presentations all week.

We will be working only out of the west quad. To facilitate customer, there will be two starters at all times. The holding area will be moved to the old One Buc Place. With 50 watt radios, will we be out of range? What about bathrooms and a pavilion with fans for when its a zillion degrees outside.

They say they will be flexible and make adjustments as needed. Lets wait and see.

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Friday, November 7, 2014

Fall Colors in Tampa

I love this time of year
They say the leaves don't turn color in central Florida. They cypress trees do. November is the time of year they start to fire up with the traditional fall colors of the northeast. The problem is so many people are busy making a living, they don't have time to smell the roses. As a taxi cab driver, and a photographer, I no where to go to find the best images. Today, the weather was perfect. This one is a keeper.

Lovie Smith is not a good coach

I don't know if he has just been surrounded by talant all his life that made him look better, but something is very wrong in Tampa Bay. Lovie Smith cannot coach. He is a poor judge of talent, his offense lacks a scheme, and the defense is as tough as wet toilet paper. They are terrible.

Fans now have no memory of what it was like to walk out of Raymond James stadium with a win and the crowd chanting "go Bucs go."

Lovie has not improved the team. He has only brought embarrassment to the Tampa area. As a fan, I was hoping for so much more.

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thong Thursday

As on most Thong Thursdays, not much comment needed. Hot Babes will be featured on Thursday. I do need another day for semi nude Saturday. That might work.

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Word is spreading...Drunk women easy targets for Uber Drivers

They even Twitter about it
One of the things naive women have expressed is how "safe" they feel with unveted, unlicensed, non-criminally background compliant, Uber Drivers. Word is spreading. Sexual predators are now driving Uber to come into close proximity with beautiful women. Drunk beautiful women. They make easy marks.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I voted

I voted for Rick Scott for Florida Governor. I felt he has done a responsible job. The state actually has a financial surplus because Scott cut all the pork out. We are not California which is insolvent after all the giveaway programs to poor Obama voters. Scott has kept regulations and taxes low creation a favorable business climate where firms are beginning to view Florida like Texas. Florida is poised for a massive boom. This is now going to be the place to be.

I voted against the medical marijuana bill, as I did all constitutional amendments. The bills were vaguely worded and I believe deception was used to disguise their true intent.
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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Black Guy Gets Refused Service at Soho Taxi Stand Tampa

Someone named "Ghetto Fabullus" posted this:

"To refuse a fare is already a $100 citation, but the Hillsborough County Public Transportion Commission who runs the taxi service does not bother to police the taxi stand and you never see them after dark. As you can see drivers pretty much behave anyway they want. At this point I imagine drivers from third world countries don't even realize they are doing anything wrong and think this is just a normal way of conducting buisness."

My Twitter sidebar

George in green camo. Kevin white hat
I have a Twitter function on the left sidebar that updates automatically with text and photos. I tweet a lot so there is always something interesting on it. When you come to this blog, just look and there will probably be the next image leading to a story or something. Now if I could just figure out what a hash tag is, I'll be in Twitter heaven.  The last image is of Kevin and George taking a break during a long hike.

Monday, November 3, 2014

I've been getting trolls and haters...oh no!

Remember when you were young and the first time you experiencedjealousy? It could have been something as simple as you had a popsicle, and one of the other kids didn’t. But instead of approaching you and asking if you would be so nice to share it they picked on you and made fun of you! You probably thought to yourself, “when I grow up all of this will go away.” I know I did! But sadly, we’ve all realized it doesn’t, in fact now that we can connect with each other in so many ways it’s gotten worse! People like to make you feel small and insignificant, regardless of how positive your message is. Call them haters, or trolls it’s all jealousy at the end of the day.

No matter what social network you use we have to deal with it at one time or another. We post a picture, video, or status update and someone, somewhere, decides to blast our post with a negative comment for no reason at all! And no matter how much you try to ignore it, that person’s negativity begins to eat away at you.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Mike Evens touchdown pass against Cleveland

Watch Mike Evens catch this TD pass from Mike Glennon the Buccaneers QB. These could be the stars of the future.

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Eastern Standard Time

As Yogi once said, "it gets light early here." It sure was this morning. Of course we had the usual number of people putting in time calls and the cab getting there an hour early. People still go by the wall clock. Watches are not needed now, but look at your cell phone. You can see downtown Tampa here around seven this morning.

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