Friday, October 31, 2014

Watch out cops...everyone has a camera nowadays

Its not just black people cops beat the shit out of
You can add Miami Beach police officer Kenneth MacLeod to the growing list of cops who have been caught on camera acting like assholes. 

Miami New Times managing editor Tim Elfrink posted a video this morning of MacLeod launching into a profanity-laced tirade after a young man he'd ticketed for a license plate infraction said "God bless you." 

The video was uploaded to YouTube two days ago by Albert Valdes...and it's quickly going viral.

Now, MacLeod is being investigated by the Miami Beach police department's Internal Affairs unit, according to a police spokesperson.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Taxi driver finds dead Bigfoot in swamp

We have the body in the back of the truck
Our team has captured a Bigfoot body in Florida. The arial drone sending back HD video located an off trail anomaly. Enhanced images showed a primate form. It was on a forest road in the Green swamp not used for months because much of it is under water. George and I used the 4x4 to reach it. It was a non human primate dead of natural causes. Kevin hiked out and it took the three of us to load it in the truck. We only had two ice bags and went into town to get more. While George and I were shooting video - it moved its arm from under the tarp into the air (all photographed,) I saw evidence it was breathing again and seemed annoyed. Because of this development, we are going to release the video TODAY at 5:00pm. This is what you have been waiting for. Enjoy. No money will change hands. Sasquatch is not for sale. If you have any questions please contact me. My partners have families and lives and do not seek the spotlight.
Seven and a half feet long and several hundred pounds

Pretty cool image from the drone

We are getting more ice

At five today we will put up the video that will shock the world. You do not have to buy the DVD. You can see it  here when I put up the unlisted YouTube video before it goes live.

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Buccaneers used to score from 70 yards away

How far they have fallen. Did you know Doug Martin owns the 10th greatest one game output for rushing in NFL history? That was done with Greg Schiano's zone blocking scheme. This game was in 2012 in Oakland.

Vince Lombardi developed the theory of zone blocking. He believed it was easier to wall off and misdirect, then trying to bulldoze guys out if the way. This scheme has beed adopted by Greg Schiano of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

In the game last week against Oakland this attack was almost perfect as the Muscle Hamster - Doug Martin (our favorite Martin) ran for 251 yards. That was the tenth single game rushing amount in NFL history.

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UberX driver came by the shop

This Gavone who was fired because he is useless came by the shop today bragging about making a thousand dollars week driving UberX. He was fired from every cab company in town. He is 55 years old and lives with relatives. In short, a loser.

All of a sudden he has found success. The first time in his life he has ever done anything right. I don't believe it. He must of borrowed the car and is just trying to bust our balls. What a worthless piece of Shit.

Nice rig with cold bottled water inside.

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sukka the cat

There is a lady I pick up every morning that puts $100 in my pocket (paid by our great accounts). Her cat comes out and loves me and rubs up on me every morning. Uber has nothing like this. United Cab driver's are rocking out while Uber punks live for nine dollar fares that they have to give 20% to Ubet. Great gig guys. LOL!

Sukka loves me because I am legal and you scum drivers suck hind tit...boys and girls. Get over it. I rule and make more in one hour then you do in one day. Plus, this kitty loves me!

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Tim Fasano on local news

Tim Fasano on the news
A few years ago the drivers at United Cab had a dispute with management over a faulty dispatch system that they installed. It was going to take over a month to fix the bugs. In the meantime, they wanted us to eat the loss. The drivers rebelled.

When the tv crews arrived, the drivers (having seen my YouTube videos) wanted me to speak to the cameras. I did a pretty good job, I thought.

The issue was resolved. Now, we have an awesome dispatch system better then Uber. We actually have awesome management that has us in a position to make money for the first time in years.
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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Guavaween is back in Tampa - Voodoo carnival

Guavaween was a festival held in Ybor City the Saturday before Halloween. It was a costume party, rock concert, parade, boob flashing, drunken disorderly festival. It fell out of favor a few Yeats ago but it is now making a comeback with professional promotions handling the event. Tonight the theme is "Voodoo Carnival" and it should be wild. Cab drivers make money and have fun

Lots of costumes and booze with beautiful people walking around highlighted this event.

Uber job ads are everywhere

This ad for an Uber drivers is on a receipt from Subway. I am seeing their ads everywhere. Why not?

Friday, October 24, 2014

Former Uber driver exposes rip-off


Uber's advertisements to make "$25/hour in bookings" as a driver are a bald face lie. Remember "in bookings" means that you must immediately subtract 20% from "$25" because Uber takes that amount from each fare. In the final analysis, please keep reading to find out why you will make LESS THAN MINIMUM WAGE if you become and Uber "partner". Notice how they don't use the word "driver"?

I was sick in the ER

I was sick in the ER today. My head was swimming; I was off balance; I have high blood pressure; I was in trouble. An Iranian driver gave me a ride to the ER. The good news was they could find nothing wrong. My meds have my bp under control and my motor skills were good. Their best guess was its an inner ear issue, and told me to see an ENT specialist.

Dr. Jeff Meldrum & Tim Fasano at a Bigfoot conference

Dr. Meldrum and I were keynote speakers at the recent Bigfoot conference in Orlando. I'm sure you have seen Meldrum on tv with his impressive collection of Sasquatch foot cast

In discussion he agrees with me that the Sykes study was flawed for they got the methodology backward. It was a biased approach.

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Swedish nude

To the jerks that are insulting me on comments, I'm better than you. I do things you can only dream of. This was taken behind an abandoned barn. Yes, its fun to do this type of work and this beautiful women was more then willing to take her clothes off.

Comments about my blog on Reddit

This is fantastic! They even link to my blog.

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[–]crosswalkox[S] [score hidden] an hour ago* 
Maybe, the best argument for using ridesharing. Please check out this obnoxious, ranting, sexists, Tampa taxi driver's website. It is both entertaining and disturbing.
[–]elkanorthe Heights, downtown, Ybor [score hidden] 15 minutes ago 
Only question: how do I know my Lyft drivers aren't also racists and misogynists?
[–]starwarsnerdguy [score hidden] 44 minutes ago 
cab drivers are scumbags. old news
[–]dreddingENTJ- I'm in charge here [score hidden] 55 minutes ago 
Funny, the post titled "What the future holds for taxi driving in Tampa" pretty much explains why ridesharing companies like uber and lyft exist!
*Edit Direct quote
"Sit back and watch as Uber takes over and the Negro is further displaced by Democrats. This is some fucked up shit. As they say...LMFAO!"
Holy shit man, good find!

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Pasco County nude tourism capital of the world

Pasco county nude resorts draw many tourist from around the world. The climate is mild in the winter and people can walk around naked all year round.

Gas keeps dropping

How low can you go! Lets hope as China and Russia use less oil because their economies are in recession, that we can finally catch a break. Gas has been ver high during the Obama administration. Cab drivers have to by their own gas. That just comes off our income. Keep dropping baby.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

4 things you wish you knew about Uber

Is "ridesharing" safe? Who are these amateur uberX drivers and are they properly screened for criminal backgrounds? Do they have proper insurance? And what happens when inevitable accidents occur? Are riders in danger? Uber thinks they're above regulations and oversight. They claim to only be a technology company. But don't be fooled. Here are four Uber myths debunked. They seem to value profit over protecting the public they claim to serve. UberX services and companies like them want all reward and no responsibility. And they will take it, unless we hold them accountable and protect the public's basic right to safety. Vimeo link:

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A long time cab driver

This may be one of the few pictures Richard. He has been a United Cab driver in Tampa for almost twenty years.

Richard is very educated and once was a teacher. But like many, he became marginalized by society, and started driving a taxi.

He is from Wisconson and not seen his family in years (like me).
People just really don't want to have much to do with you when just drive a hack.

Anyway, this image is one of the only ones of him.
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Florida Dozier School for Boys

This Florida panhandle town is the home of a mystery that has become quite a scandal in recent months. A small cemetery buried deep into the grounds of a now-defunct boys reform school dates back to the early 1900s. Rusting white steel crosses mark the graves of 31 unidentified former students, and approximately 81 boys in total are known to have died there. The location of the remaining bodies is yet unknown, and is the center of investigation even now.

Throughout its 113-year history, the Dozier School for Boys gained a notorious reputation for beatings, rapes, torture, and even killings perpetrated by staff on students. Despite periodic investigations, changes of leadership, and promises to improve, the allegations of cruelty and abuse continued until confirmed by separate investigations by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement in 2010 and the Civil Rights Division of the United States Department of Justice in 2011. These investigations prompted state authorities to finally close the school for good.

In recent months, researchers from the University of South Florida have been on the school grounds using ground penetrating radar in a search for unmarked graves, hoping to determine just how many children were murdered here.

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Autumn in the air and a new hack permit - from 2009

October is my favorite month

A touch of Autumn is in the air and I am loving it. After six months of extreme heat, this is a welcome relief. Many people have commented to me about how nice this change of weather feels to them.
I am able to go to work in the morning without my shirt sticking to me and read the morning newspaper with the windows down and enjoy the fresh air. It is about time.
I believe that this type of weather calms people down. They don't seem so snappy to the cab driver like they usually are.

My New Hack Permit

I had to renue my hack permit this week before the end of the month. The new price is $75. Wow! What a rip off. The old fee was only ten bucks. Why such an increase? I believe that is only to support the corruption of the Hillsborough County Public Transportation Commision which is a division of the Hillsborough County Commission itself.

Monday, October 20, 2014

What the future holds for taxi driving in Tampa

The transportation future of Tampa is not as uncertain as some think. The local government agencies seemed determined to allow illegal operations to undermine the taxi industry. Why should I give a shit? I got nothing to lose. On any given day I can just turn in the keys and walk away. You know what will happen?

The sun will rise the next day and it will be beautiful in Tampa Bay. Other then time, I have nothing invested.

In fact, I could even become an Uber or Lyft driver and clean up. Why not? The HCPTC does not seem able or willing to stop the unlicensed operations. So much for getting their marching orders from the taxi overlords.

The taxi owners are the ones at risk. Why are they not using the courts to sue for cease and desist orders? I mean the drivers could employ Jimmy Hoffa like tactics and pull Uber drivers out of their cars and beat the shit out of them. I would really like to see that happen to those Lyft people who were at the county commissioner meeting. For the first time in history illegal business are being supported openly by the powers that be.

Fighting them now is like trying to land on the back of big birds.

I suggest they develop a bot that could jam the Uber server with bogus orders or send them to a house where a couple of pipe fitting niggers with blow torches can suggest a career change. If not, get medieval on their ass. Pain can be an exquisite form of human expression.

I don't really give a shit. I will probably be in Las Vegas by Spring where I will launch "Las Vegas Taxi Shots." It will be a great blog about sin, gambling, excess, lost dreams, and sports betting. A sure thing in deed.

Its just that before I leave, I want to see one of those Lyft pussies bloodied in the head. I won't do it but I would watch if someone else did. TAKE THAT ASSHOLE. I hope you have brain damage and erectile dysfuntion.

I will not see you in Vegas. Uber and Lyft have no chance out there. Without the right colored medallion, you cannot get in the casino line. Closed shop baby. Just like it used to be in Tampa before a bunch of retired former Sheriff sergeants began running the taxi commission. They don't give a shit.

Sit back and watch as Uber takes over and the Negro is further displaced by Democrats. This is some fucked up shit. As they say...LMFAO!

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

More images from the baby shower

This is Elena and Fernando, the VERY proud parents to be.

On the Dock outback.

Opening my gift.

Her brother with baby.
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A baby shower

A very special young lady in my life is having a baby and the shower was Saturday. Elena has a very extended family on two continents. In fact, her brother was in from Chili. I am so happy for her and I know she will be a wonderful mom. In fact, I met her driving taxi. She was a customer!

This is Elena and Fernando he baby daddy. They seem happy together.

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Friday, October 17, 2014

A voice from July 2008

Its not only slow; its very hot in the Florida sun
What is going on now in the taxi business in Tampa is not just having "a bad day." Most drivers are getting somewhere between two to five calls a day. That's it. "Don't worry, it will be better tomorrow." a customer told me. I am worried.  Each day is just the same. For example, this morning I came out at Five a.m. and did not get a call until Nine. There has never been a time when a driver during the morning hours would not get a call for over 4 hours.

The new dispatch system is inherently unfair. If you are not close to a call, it will not give you one, nor will it even send you a f*****g bid. Without the bid, I cannot make any money. Paul Hinton says I simply need to park my cab where the calls are going to come out. How in the hell do I do that? The calls could come out from anywhere. I have no psychic abilities, so I guess I am screwed.

Talking to Paul Hinton and Eddie Munster (the computer guy) has proved useless. They don't even know what the algorithms are set at or the parameters of how it will give out a call. Paul just says that one day he will call the main office and find that out. Great! That will do me a lot of good while I STARVE!

The only reason I have not left United Cab to go to Yellow Cab is that I am in the Lighthouse program for the blind school children. After that, I am on my way to a company that will put me to work and provide me with business. I am ready to work and I  need to work. With my years of experience, I will be an asset to any company that wants a quality driver, not just someone that can fog a mirror.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Gas prices are coming down

My understanding is that China and Russia are in recession and they are not buying oil like before. United States is producing more. Simply, the oil cartel has over drilled and losing customers. Thats a bitch. Cab drivers must buy their own gas and this is a benefit. Keep dropping.

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The state of United Cab right now

NOTE: this was an email I sent a friend who used to drive cab.

Hi friend

How's it going? Is Bob injured? Sounds like he's depressed. I don't know why...he don't drive taxi anymore!

United Cab now has the VERY LUCRATIVE Logisticare from Humana charges. They are providing us with over 1,000 charges a day! Many of them are $20-70 range.

Most drivers are dropping over and the company put in a cashier window with two tellers to hand out the cash. You will think I'm making this up. I'm not.

For the first time since 2007 I am making money.

Now for the bad news.

Our street business is going away. I believe Uber and Lyft are taking it. If we lose the account, we are fucked.

Anyway, I'm going to ride this pony all the way.

Tim Fasano

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Tampa Taxi Shots is are many other cab drivers

Protest in St. Pete off Ulmerton road
David Bean is pissed and so is Tim Fasano. David and I have been cab drivers for decades, and have followed the rules. Now, the people who are supposed to protect us, are doing nothing. Since the mayor of Tampa and the weak ass HCPTC will do nothing why should I continue to follow the laws

I think we should start small, such as, not wearing collared shirts and when the cab cops try to write us a ticket, tell the cab cop to STICK IT UP HIS FUCKING ASS. Those guys are only double dipping former sheriff officers who count the days to their next fishing trips. We need real cops. In the mean time, they will never get another dime out of me.

David Bean said he was particularly aghast about what he saw last weekend in Tampa's bustling SoHo party scene neighborhood. He said drivers like him have to "stage," meaning line up around the corner from a particular establishment to pick up a fare, yet "Uber drivers are picking up right on the street in front of police officers, and they're not doing anything about it!"

The main reason those officers aren't doing anything about is because Mayor Bob Buckhorn has already declared that he wouldn't allow TPD officers to do that. Though Jane Castor, and not Buckhorn, runs the department, undoubtedly the Chief has determined that there are bigger fish to fry in terms of priorities.

The tropical front

Tampa is getting massive rain. It is already a record year. The good news is behind this front is cooler and dryer air. Autumn is trying to get here and will certainly make coffee taste better in the morning, cinnamon and brown sugar.

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Resurrection from the dead

My laptop computer has been sitting in the corner for almost a year because it was dead. I just could not get it to turn on anymore. The other day, I had an idea.

I plugged it in. Of course the computer would not except the change. I ended up going to bed and forgot to unplug the old unit. In the morning, all the lights were on and the unit fired up!!!

Are you kidding me! I still may have some use out of this. I downloaded many of the important files and photos I wanted. I hope I can get it going again.

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Friday, October 10, 2014

TAXI DRIVER: the movie and Uber

Tom gave me this movie today as a gift. Its a classic flick from 1966 staring Robert Deniro as a disturbed cab driver. It was part of a new genre of movies that were seen as social criticism. It is much more then a movie.

The Travis character becomes more alienated from society. Working the mean streets for years will do that to you.This is what happens to lifer cabbies. It consumes you. It becomes part of you. Anything that threatens that, you protect. What would Travis have done to Uber drivers? I think we know that.

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Total lunar eclipse

That really was an eclipse of the moon last night. I pulled onto a street about one hour before sunrise and the moon low on the horizon looked funky. It was a dark amber color and it looked full. It looked like a total eclipse. So, I took some images with my cell phone.

I called a taxi cab buddy of mine who is usually out at this hour, to see if he had heard of there being a total eclipse. He never answered the phone. However, the internet confirmed that it was indeed an eclipse. How about that.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hot Girl Photography

I do used to do glamour photography and this is a new image for my hot girl gallery. I am an experienced photographer and student of glamour nude. This image was taken outdoors. Wish I could show more of her. I am developing a site were I will be able to do that.

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Monday, October 6, 2014


Listen, you Uber fuckers, you screwheads. You are stealing my shit. I tried to be rational (What's that?). But not now. I am a man who will not take it anymore. A man who stands up against the scum, the cunts, the dogs, the filth, the shit. I am a man who stands up. Look at it this way. A man takes a job, you know? And that job - I mean, like that - That becomes what he is. You know, like - You do a thing and that's what you are. Like I've been a cabbie for nineteen years. Ten years at night. I still don't own my own cab. You know why? Because I don't want to. That must be what I want. To be on the night shift drivin' somebody else's cab. You understand? I mean, you become - You get a job, you become the job. One guy lives in a shit hole, another lives on drugs. You pick up a lawyer. Another guy's a doctor. Another guy dies. Another guy gets well. People are born, y'know? Why do you want to drive Uber? You think you can avoid your destiny? You'll be a Fuck up fucking whores and taking blowjobs for fares. The spiral of your life brings you to Uber, you perverts. You think its just moonlighting? What the Fuck is that? Your cclinging to that is just you jerking off. Do you want to be a hack? You talking to me now. Then the life comes with it. You are just a bunch of pussies scared to give in. Go on, get laid, get drunk. Do anything. You got no choice, anyway. I mean, we're all fucked. More or less, ya know. I don't know. Uber and lyft drivers can avoid being fucked? That's about the dumbest thing I ever heard.

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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Don Caesar selfie

I have a tradition of doing a selfie when I get a ride to the Don Caesar hotel. It symbolizes a very good trip out of Tampa International Airport. I needed this ride after sitting in the airport line and it was not moving. Luck is always a good thing.

I have no idea why the airport was not moving. We were told that there would be no charter buses today but four Mears buses showed up. Still, with 2,000 people going to the boat, we should have been moving. I doubt if they were taking Uber or Lyft.

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Friday, October 3, 2014

Palm Beach Post did article on me

Frank Cerabino of the Palm Beach Post is a serious journalist that does hard hitting articles about State and local politics. He has quite a following and his opinion is valued in the community. The man pulls no punches. He will take a slightly different turn Sunday and is doing an article about the Florida Skunk Ape and the Florida Bigfoot Organization. He came upon the blog while surfing the web and seems intrigued by it. He called me on the phone and we spoke. He likes the videos and had all kinds of questions about tree knocking and footprints. Considering that Kevin and I were mentioned in the San Francisco Chronicle last week. Earlier in the year, I was on the front cover of the Washington Post about the Florida Primary. How cool is that!

Almost daily now I get email from people wanting to know about Bigfoot research and how they can get involved. It is good to be getting this kind of attention, only because it may advance research by inspiring people to do it.

I don't get paid to do this and I have no TV deal. We do this only because we love it and I could not imagine doing anything else. The amount of evidence is growing and we need to keep moving forward with the project.

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