Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Downtown Tampa from Ballast Point

This is a beautiful view of downtown Tampa from the parking lot of the gym I recently joined. The city of Tampa owns the complex and it has all the equipment you would want for a good workout. The fee is nominal and you have to he is a Tampa resident.

I am currently not attending because the infection in my leg has flared up. Five days on antibiotics does not seem to have done much. The prescription antibiotic cream should work. I hope. If this gets any worse, I will be back to the doctor.

The view from here is like being a member of a country club. The gym is located next to the pier and many people recreating can be seen here all day. I always look to see if there are any photographing opportunities. That often depends on the atmosphere.

Anyway, I hope I get better and can soon return to the gym.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Uber on damage control after many sexual attacks across America

The latest string of alleged attacks by Uber drivers has many questioning the safety of the taxi service. This week, an Orlando Uber driver was arrested after allegedly putting his hand down his female passenger's shirt. The driver told police the passenger's clothing implied "she was asking for that." Also this week, a San Francisco driver was accused of hitting a passenger in the head with a hammer. Police say the victim suffered trauma to the head and was hospitalized. And in June, a California Uber driver was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping a woman with the intent to sexually assault her. The woman who police say was under the influence of alcohol at the time of pick-up called 911 when she woke up next to her shirtless driver in a motel room. Incidents like these have Uber facing heavy criticism in the media.

 A travel journalist writing for The Huffington Post listed five reasons why he is "not on board" with Uber. These included a criticism of the company's screening policies. Uber performs background checks, but they only go back seven years. So theoretically, an Uber driver could have had a DUI eight years ago, and it wouldn't show up. A recent KNTV investigative piece highlights some of the potential dangers Uber riders face including their drivers getting into accidents and getting a driver with a criminal record. It is perhaps this media scrutiny and the heavily publicized attacks that led to the recent crackdowns on Uber and other ride-share companies Lyft and Sidecar in San Francisco and Los Angeles. The district attorneys for these cities say the companies were misleading in telling customers their background checks screen for all criminal offenses and DUIs, when they actually don't. The attorneys also say the companies need to be regulated to make sure riders are getting the miles they are paying for and if the companies do not make changes they will take legal action.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

United Cab Tampa has everything Uber & Lyft have and more!

You can see from my control panel that I have a computer, a GPS device, a credit card machine and printer. In fact, when I'm in route, three text messages are sent to advise you of my progress in getting to you. If you are using our app, the icon will show the location of my licensed, insured, and background checked driver. Our quality exceeds Uber. Just think of the Orlando Uber driver who tried to rape a women. Did you know he had been fired from every taxi company in town? So now you know.

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Live Earth concert not about Uber or Bigfoot

This post was from 2007 about the "Live Earth" concert sponsored by Al Gore. It was all crap then and still based on false science such as UFO's and Bigfoot:
What world do these people live in? These are aboriginals who opened up Al Gore's LIVE EARTH concert world wide. I'm still not getting it.
I mean, does the chick on the right drive an SUV and have a cell phone in her purse? What is with this desire to live in a world with no modern conveniences or science or toilet paper.
Al Gore has done a fantastic job in organizing this event to highlight global warming. The mistake he is making is assuming that man is causing it. Let me explain.
On one side you have the SCIENTIFIC METHOD. This method is how scientist explain how their theories can be verified or falsified before any real research gets underway. If you cannot explain how to prove your own theory, perhaps more work needs to be done on it. On the other side, you have AD HOCBig  science. This is when the premise is put up front as the conclusion and only evidence that will support it is considered and anything that falsifies it is discounted. This method is what is at the heart of all conspiracy theories. That is why people who believe in UFOs, Bigfoot, Lock Ness Monster, JFK conspiracy and so forth cannot be argued with because the conclusion is known before logical analysis.
I was raised on Lake Ontario and was told that the Great Lakes themselves were carved out 100,000 years ago by retreating glaciers. Cool. Why were they retreating? It must of been getting hot outside. Why was that? There were no factories, shaving cream, cars or Al Gore. Why was it Cold? Cold enough that the ice was as far as Kentucky. Hum? Why? We don't know folks. There are cosmic forces at work that we are only beginning to understand. The Earth seems to go into ice ages and warming periods without man permission.
SolarResearch has shown that solar activity is the real cause. The sun...thats right folks...MR. SUN goes through periods of cool and hot and the Earth or humans cannot do anything about it. IF man is around scores of thousands of years from now he will be witness to the ADVANCE OF GLACIERS over the North American Continent and he won't be able to do a damn thing about it.
Who says that hydrocarbons are bad anyway. Check this out from the website JUNK SCIENCE
"What mankind is doing is moving hydrocarbons from below ground and turning them into living things. We are living in an increasingly lush environment of plants and animals as a result of the carbon dioxide increase. Our children will enjoy an Earth with twice as much plant and animal life as that with which we now are blessed. This is a wonderful and unexpected gift from the industrial revolution."
Hydrocarbons are needed to feed and lift from poverty vast numbers of people across the globe. This can eventually allow all human beings to live long, prosperous, healthy, productive lives. No other single technological factor is more important to the increase in the quality, length and quantity of human life than the continued, expanded and unrationed use of the Earth's hydrocarbons, of which we have proven reserves to last more than 1,000 years. Global warming is a myth. The reality is that global poverty and death would be the result of Kyoto's rationing of hydrocarbons."
My conclusion: Only man in his arrogance thinks he can control nature or do a damn thing to affect a cosmos that has absolute sovereignty over us.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Is Yellow Cab of Tampa in trouble?

They must be because most of their drivers are defecting to United Cab. I hear that without the vaunted MMG account, they are left with chicken scraps. Face it. Uber and Lyft have killed off the street business. Without Logistical Care charges, we would also be dead. It should be a good next few months until May. Then, its over. I will soon be back to Las Vegas. I can see "Vegas Taxi Shots" in my future. I am looking toward to a real change in my life.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Gas prices down

I hope this continues. I am always surprised at the number of people who think the taxi company pays for our gas. The high prices since Obama took office is killing us. A bad economy, and now Uber. We could use a break.

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Hanging with reality TV stars

This is Stacy, Josh, and Bill. You can see them on Discovery Channel and Spike TV. They star in Bigfoot and monster shows. I have auditioned for several but lose in the final cuts.

Stacy Brown Jr and the gang rolling into the Embassy Suites International Drive Orlando.

Bill Brock and I selfie.

Bill (Monsters Underground) getting out of the car.

Stacy and I in a selfie. The convention was AWESOME and we had a lot of fun.

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Orlando Bigfoot Conference

This is me speaking at the Bigfoot conference presenting evidence for the Florida Skunk Ape. It was a great conference where most of the speakers have reality shows on Discovery Channel and Spike. Strange, I had more evidence then they did.

This is with Dr. Jeff Meldrum a scientist that believes in Bigfoot. I know you have seen this guy on cable tv...Google him!

These foot cast are 18 inches long! How do you explain that!?

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Drago and Josh McCown got their ass beat

Both Ivan Drago and Josh McCown (Buccaneers QB) looked menacing. But in the right circumstances, they got their ass beat. Bugs getting killed in Atlanta tonight. McCown hurt his hand.

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What a Bigfoot blog said about my workout

Tim Fasano may look like an old man, but we're now certain that if anyone tries to mess with him, he's taking down hard. In this video, Fasano shows us his cardio routine. "This is awesome cardio as I get in shape with weights and running to smash my haters in the mouth," says Fasano.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Momentum gathering for national taxi strike

This was local news coverage of the successful taxi strike we pulled in 2010. Our demands were met. We can do this! People are coming to this site now looking for information about the Uber Lyft strike. Please comment and let us know what you think. If we don't stand up to this threat, then we will lose.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Haslam's Books, ghost hauntings, and Teacup the cat

It is rumored that there are some strange going ons at the oldest used book store in the Tampa Bay area. Ghost investigations have yielded results. I have heard inanimate objects (old books) can carry spirits. The also say the cats that hang out there often refuse to go into the metaphysical section. I decided to investigate.

Years ago I had met Teacup the cat and was hoping she was still around. I went to the metaphysics section and there were no cats, but lots of old books

Outside this section, I thought I saw something down low. Could it be ghost seen out of the corner of my eye? What was it? A cat emerged and looked right at me and began to rub her head on the base of the book rack. It was Teacup! She was almost saying "Timmy glad you came back."

The owner came by and confirmed that most of the time the cats won't go in there. Often, Teacup will stare at something that is not there. What I thought was a myth turns out to be true. That being said, it is now one of Tampa Bays cool mysteries.

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Hipsters could create a just society by not using Lyft or Uber

This is part of an article posted in the Huffington Post by Ulmar Lee, a St. Louis cab driver and writer of science fiction. Yes, cabs serve Ferguson and I bet Lyft does not.
Just another cabbie trying to make a living
"To call a spade a spade, Lyft and Uber aren't coming to serve good ol' St. Louis Hoosiers or North St. Louis. Nope, they are coming by invitation and for the hipster population (and to a lesser extent business people and college students). Hence they kicked off at Nebula (the center of hipster thought in St. Louis).
So, now, let me use this time to call out hipsters and ask: What kind of a society do you want to live in? Do you favor the right-wing economics of the GOP or do you favor a more humane and just society? Hipsters are mostly associated with the left and being progressive. But with a closer look you could very well come to a different conclusion. Of course there are many brilliant and progressive folks in the hipster population who do much good, but still these questions need to be asked.
If you're supporting the decimation of good working-class jobs you can't make a very good claim of being progressive. Uber and Lyft are conservative economic ideas. Over the last several years, I've heard several young hipsters tell my they're socially-liberal and economic-conservatives, a popular trend in American politics. Well, I hate to break it to you buddy, but it's economics and the role of the state that defines politics. If you're an economic conservative, despite how ironic and sarcastic you may be or how tight your jeans are, you, my friend, are a conservative.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Lisa Roberts of Lyft had this to say about cab drivers

From Lyft driver Lisa Roberts FaceBook
"Sorry these old cab drivers spent so much money, but people spent a lot of money on 8 tracks and DOS computers, which didn't stop technology or progress. 
Riders prefer Lyft because our cars smell better, we don't mind short rides, they don't have to argue with us about payment and most importantly, we don't leave them standing on a street in the middle of the night!"
Lisa was wrong on all of her points

  • "OLD" - Your no spring chicken yourself
  • "Stop technology or progress" - Breaking the law is not technology. Killing off industries so Lyft drivers have money for pot is not Progress.
  • "Cars smell better" - you can eat off the floor of my cab. It is just that clean. Wait until the late night hipsters puke in your car and tell me how good it smells. 
  • "Argue about payment" - We except many forms of payment. Lyft only takes your credit card.
  • "Short rides" - Go work the east side of Tampa in the poor neighborhoods and tell me about shot rides.
  • "Leave standing in the middle of the street" - we pick up flaggers all the time, but only one at a time.

Mouthing her right wing conservative economic theory
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Lyft now offering SUV's in Tampa Bay

Up to six passengers can ride
Undaunted by threats and tickets and criminal charges against drivers, the ride-sharing company Lyft has just launched a new SUV ride service in the Tampa Bay area called Lyft Plus. The offering, launched nationally, promises modern, clean SUVs that can carry up to six passengers and directly rivals minivan services by local taxi and limo services.
San Francisco-based Lyft started experimenting with Lyft Plus in its home market last May.
“Thousands of rides later, passengers are now using Lyft Plus on a daily basis,” the company posted on its blog this week. As a promotion, the company is setting the rate for Lyft Plus at 1.5 times the price of normal sedan Lyft rides, which are charged based on time and distance, with Lyft promising typical discounts of 30 to 40 percent off existing taxi rates. Currently, Lyft’s pricing chart shows a minimum cost of $7, with $2.03 a mile and 21 cents a minute.
Thursday, the Lyft app showed at least one Lyft Plus SUV driver on the roads around Tampa, available for rides.
“September means back to school, football games, and backyard barbecues to enjoy the last few days of late summer,” Lyft’s blog states. “Whether you need extra space or just want to roll with all your friends, a bigger ride is now just a tap away.”
Local taxi regulators take a different view on Lyft, Uber and other ride-sharing services.
Hillsborough County Public Transportation Commission inspectors are handing out tickets sometimes totaling $800 on Lyft and Uber drivers they catch picking up passengers, or catch through the agency’s stings. The first drivers have started appearing in court to face a misdemeanor criminal charge....Source

Sunday, September 14, 2014

No taxi calls during a NFL football game

This is my tablet one hour before kickoff of the Rams v Buccaneers game and there are no calls on the board. I have been doing this for 19 years and the board should be loaded. We are losing. Uber & Lyft are getting our customers and the local politicians (Victor Crist) only want to talk about it. The industry is being destroyed.
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Saturday, September 13, 2014

National Taxi strike called for October 26, 2014 against Uber & Lyft

Following the crowd is the opposite of the Uber Man...They want your mind...don't let them have it!
There is more at stake then a ride to work. The battle for man's mind has begun. The Internet has made many things possible and reacting with incomplete information has had a debilitating effect on peoples behaviour and mental acuity. The ability to assess facts accurately has been diminished. When wide swaths of hipsters chose to use a ride share company because it has a slick app, without considering the consequences to society, then harm is being done. Ignoring that modern society is structured by law - they proceed anyway. This course must be redirected
Back in the dark ages, villagers and townspeople would often react to a rumor and then take action swiftly to bring justice upon the presumed guilty party without waiting for the authorities to resolve it. The more emotionally attached people were to the crime, the less real or confirmed information they needed to follow the crowd and exact revenge. - See more at: http://goodmenproject.com/featured-content/managing-business-risk-in-the-dark-ages-of-social-media-dg/#sthash.16JVmySb.dpuf

Social media is controlling people and creating the modern ant hill that Nietzsche's Uber Man stood against. If you want to be progressive, consider all facts. In fact, we will make the hipsters consider them.

On October 26, 2014 there will be a nationwide taxi work stoppage. It will last from Sunday 6:00 AM until Monday 6:00 AM. No airports, NFL Football games, cruise ships, tourist attractions, and poor people without apps (the people Uber and Lyft ignore) will be served. Thousands of people will be stranded. Welcome to the herd.

The local politicians will then see how important taxi cabs are to modern societies. The logistics just don't work without us. We do follow the law. It is time everyone else does.

Friday, September 12, 2014

NBC News says Uber is unsafe

You will be left on the lurch if you are in an accident with Uber or Lyft. Their drivers do not have commercial insurance and Lyft will not cover collisions.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sleeping with the enemy

I sort of stick out in this sea of pink
I always seem to get on TV. This is Tim Fasano (in the yellow shirt with camera) sitting in the room full of Lyft and Uber drivers. Did you ever feel really alone? These rideshare people are operating an illegal business that is cutting into my livelyhood, and I wanted the Hillsborough County Commission to know it. The Lyft drivers are a bunch of punks and  kids who have never worked a day in their lives. They will get whats coming to them.
How do you spell douchebags?

You will see me in the video shown on the local news.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hillsborough County Public Transportation hearing on Lyft & Uber

Victor Crist the county commisioner and head of HCPTC
I got a call from Rob Searcy yesterday. He wanted me to attend the Hillsborough County board hearing about letting ride-sharing companies such as Lyft and Uber coming into the area. They are already here. What I found amusing was that they were discussing the issue at all. let me explain.
Rob Searcy defending our position
I got my hair cut yesterday and could not help but notice the number of permits and licenses the barber had on his mirror. I guess that goes for any business. Could I set up a booze cart in front of a bar and sell liquor for half the bars price without a license? NO! There is no business in which you can do that. So, why is Hillsborough county even considering such a thing as illegal taxi services. All businesses have regulations based on the local, state, and federal laws. There people, however, think they are above the law. You could sense their arrogance. What I hear is that Victor Crist is leaving them with no out. At some point, he will order them out of our county.

The insurance agents testimony about Uber having only a "surplus lines carrier" was damning. James River Insurance is Uber's carrier and they are not recognized by Florida as a primary carrier. UBER THEN HAS NO INSURANCE IN THE STATE OF FLORIDA. Are you seeing now why important industries need to be regulated for the public safety.
Lyft drivers at the meeting
Lyft drivers showed up in mass wearing pink shirts and pink mustaches. They seemed to be organized. My only question was why were they no being arrested? They were sent a "cease and desist" order months ago. They are now in non-compliance with that.  Since they were more then willing to step up to the microphone and admit too illegal activities, the bailiffs should have put them in handcuffs. I am legal and must pay a high sum for licensing. I really don't get it.
I'm in the front row in the yellow shirt holding the camera on the tv monitor
One by one taxi drivers and owners went to the podium and talked about how they comply with the law, and get all needed permits. One lady representing Uber, could only talk about the ease of their service. It was pointed out to this bitch that Uber does not even have the needed insurance to operate in the state of Florida. Again, why are these people not in jail. That was the proposition I insisted on when I spoke and I could hear the Lyft drivers booing in the background. My position was:
  1. We will be a society of laws
  2. Lfyt and Uber do not comply with those laws
  3. They should not be allowed to comply because they have already received a cease and diciest order
  4. The framework in which they operate makes them a limo service
  5. As limos they cannot charge taxi rates.
  6. They have no license.
  7. Like ISIS, they should be destroyed. Do not negotiate with them.
They did not like me one bit. Several of them commented so at the mic.
Uber bitch trying to justify her companies illegal operations in Florida (notice the Lyft drivers behind her.
After an hour of this, we were done. We went outside as the meeting continued. We met up with an ABC Action News truck and they agreed with us. The black camera man said there was no way those punk Lyft drivers work the hood.

With the news reporter outside.
I was glad to see that Lyft and Uber Bitch were getting nowhere with the commission. I seems anyone with a rational mind can figure this out. Afterward, I got a call from big Micky. He was watching on TV at home. He seems to like this kind of stuff.

Look at all the strange Lyft drivers sitting on my row on the second floor of the county building. They were wearing pink stashes.

How did I let the enemy get that close to me?
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Monday, September 8, 2014

A jackpot run

Luck is important in taxi driving and the wind blew some luck in my direction. I caught a Logistic Care Orlando run today. It was deep Orlando near Sanford off the 408 expressway. Clearly, one of the best runs I've ever had and I got to see downtown Orlando. Now I know where the Amway Arena is at.

Downtown Orlando from the 408. Orlando still allows you to pay cash on the toll roads. Tampa has eliminated all toll takers.

Where the Orlando Magic off the exit ramp near interstate 4. This was really cool because I have never been downtown Orlando.
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Lyft rider busted by the cops in Tampa

Travel blogger Keri Anderson decided she was going to try out Uber rival Lyft. She was on her way to a steakhouse and wasn't in the mood to take a cab since it was pretty late.

Only problem: she happened to be in Tampa. And ridesharing startups like Uber and Lyft happen to be illegal in Florida.

Moments after Anderson hopped into her Lyft driver's car, an officer from the Hillsborough Public Transportation Commission was walking up to the driver's window.

Instead of bolting, Anderson decided to stick around and see how the interaction played out, and she describes the experience in a post on the Heels First blog.

Both the officer and driver assured Anderson she would not be in any trouble, but the officer proceeded to write up a bunch of citations for the driver. A hundred bucks for not having the right license and then $200 to Lyft for illegally hiring her, plus $600 for two other violations.

And on top of that, the officer warned the driver that she was planning on filing the charges as misdemeanors, which could be prosecuted as criminal charges. She also ranted about cracking down on Lyft and “all your little Lyft friends.”

Apparently Anderson's driver is not the only one who is being threatened by Tampa officers.

The legality of ridesharing apps has been at a frustrating impasse for the past few months, according to The Tampa Tribune. But despite the legal issues, Uber and Lyft have decided to operate in the area with or without official laws in place.

Tampa's Public Transportation Commission is not happy with the situation and has been threatening drivers with warnings and citations that could add up to a maximum of $800.

In her post, Anderson notes she is all for the existence of the ridesharing services and wishes Tampa officers would spend their time and energy actually protecting its citizens.

Lyft reached out to us with the following statement:
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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Carolina vs Tampa Bay week one

This is the fly over before kickoff. Tampa fans are hoping for a new and improved Buccaneers team. We will see. New coach Lovie Smith and lots of new players.

The new theme is "protect the treasure." Again, I don't know what will happen. All I know as a fan is it would be good to see then start winning some games at home. It would help the taxi business.
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Taxi drivers live unhealthy lives

I am a 57 year old man looking for the fountain of youth. After being diagnosed with deadly high blood pressure, and the beginning of chronic heart disease, I decided to do something about it. I tried walking but in the Florida heat index of 105, all I do is cramp. Swimming reduces impact, and is refreshing. Plus, you get some sun. I am also lifting weights and trying to eat better.

The reason for 2016 is to compete at USMS Nationals. I know I have a long way to go.

My first workout:

1x50 warm up.

3x (4x25 free rest: 30 seconds)

I took it easy and was never out of breath. Two laps were even breaststroke,!

You can see the beautiful pool on Davis Island Tampa.posted from Bloggeroid

Downtown Tampa from the pool.


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