Sunday, August 31, 2014

Message for Lyft drivers

Here is a Lyft driver in Tampa putting the stupid mustache on his car (does his insurance company know he is doing this? I bet not). This guy is an asshole who is out trying to take money away from licensed, legal, and insured drivers that are playing by the rules. He looks like a former college student who does not want to serve coffee at Starbucks, so he thinks he can be a hack. I have a few words for these jerks in the video below.

I have a feeling this battle has just begun between the legal operators and the scabs. This has the potential to get very ugly. I need to find my baseball bat.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

No cheap parking at Tampa International Airport - take a taxi instead

 In late February, Richard Hettinga trekked from his home in Palmetto to Tampa International Airport for a trip to Alaska. He had never flown out of there before, and when he arrived to catch his early morning flight he parked his Ford F-150 pickup truck in the long-term parking garage. When he returned a month later, he had a $640 bill waiting. It was  like getting his car out of a pawn shop.
This is the Bull Shit put out by Tampa International Airport about 'cheap parking': 
"There are more cheap parking spots at Tampa International Airport (TPA) than ever before.A $71 million economy parking garage offers travelers 3,300 covered spaces. This is in contrast to most cheap parking spots, which are usually uncovered and on the fringes of airports.Why the new spaces? More cars. The facility was built, “due to increased demand for parking and parking garages,” says Louis E. Miller, Tampa International Airport’s executive director. “We can now offer a new option for parking that’s affordable and maintains the highest-level of customer service.”
Cheap is a relative term. $14 to park close to the airport, $7 for the "cheap lot."
Did you know most travelers  that are taken to the TPA by Taxi are less than $20 fares. And we take you "curb to curb for your convenience. You don't have to wait in a "cell phone" lot and hope that a shuttle picks you up on time. It would seen logical that people take advantage of the outstanding service cabs provide in the Tampa Bay area.

Fuck Uber or Lyft. You risk getting arrested now if you use them. We don't want you to go to jail. We want you to go on your trip and have a good time. Call United Cab - your legal and cheap alternative.
The cellphone lot is for people coming to pick up at the airport. Instead of your friends watching a scoreboard like they were at the track, use United Cab of Tampa

Christmas in August (from 2005)

I got a call for Macdintons Pubabout 4:00 a.m. but of course nobody here. That is not unusual for this hour or for many of the So Ho district watering holes.
No need to complain. I pick up here often on most nights and the place can be quite lucrative.
Too bad Collette is back in Ireland. She was truly one the most colorful char
acters working the Irish bar scene in the Hyde Park area of Tampa
I saw the pretty Christmas lights and using a night exposure, trying to hold the camera steady for a 2 second exposure, I got this shot of their Xmas's lights.
A lot of memories here. I hope next year will be even better.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Lyft drivers riding to jail in Tampa Florida

Farhad Kazeni, a Lyft driver, will stand trial in Tampa Florida for driving an illegal ride share. This may be the first time one of the Uber or Lyft drivers have been prosecuted. This case may set a legal precedent that could result in many Lyft drivers going to jail. Another driver failed to show up in court after being pinched in a sting operation. The judge has issued a warrent for his arrest.Darrell Rogers is his name and he is now a fugitive. Imagine that, ride share drivers are now wanted by the law.

I hope this asshole goes to jail. How a guy could operate a business without a license an take from taxi drivers, and somehow think its ok is beyond me. This is what the local Tampa Tribune is saying:

The simmering feud between the agency that regulates cab and limousine services in Hillsborough County and a handful of upstart ride-sharing companies escalated Thursday when a Lyft driver refused to take a plea on a misdemeanor of driving a taxi without a license and demanded a jury trial.
Farhad Kazemi, 42, rejected a misdemeanor intervention program that could have resulted in a dismissal of the charges and said he wanted his case heard by a jury. Hillsborough County Judge Lawrence Lefler set a trial date of Oct. 20.
Another Lyft driver, Darrell Rogers, was scheduled to appear in court Thursday on similar charges but failed to appear. Lefler issued a warrant for his arrest.
The two are the first of nearly two dozen cases made by local transportation inspectors over the past two weeks that now are wending their way through county court. The court cases began after the Public Transportation Commission, which has been locked in a dispute with Uber and Lyft over what level of regulation the ride-sharing services should be subject to, set up an operation to cite the drivers.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The REDSKINS are in town

The Washington REDSKINS!!! Just arrived at Tampa stadium. The buses just went into the tunnel and the police are blocking off the roads. I hate that. The taxi area is on the left of screen but I'm going home. 7:30 kickoff. I was wondering if RG3 knew he was just 200 feet from the worlds greatest BF hunter..LOL!

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tim Fasano after weight workout

I am working out now three days a week doing resistance and cardio. This is something I am going to do the rest of my life, so there will be a quality rest of my life. I have weights at home and I jog through the neighborhood. This I can commit too.

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunset over Lake Panasoofkee

George and I headed our to one of the largest lakes in Florida that is a wilderness preserve. We were hit with heavy rain early hut got the fire going after it was over. Glad we did. It was one of the best sunsets ever.

We were there to do Bigfoot research and recorded some awesome howls after sunset. The campfire was great. The sunrise was great. Everything about this trip was great.

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Buccaneers look good against Bills

The Buccaneers will enter the season opening game against Carolina with high expectations. I am confident that Lovie Smith will make a marked improvement in the defense. The offense is a work in progress and I believe our passing game will be formidable. Two weeks from today at 4:30

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

St Pete Beach

bridge to a fun time
I had a run out to St. Pete Beach to the Tradewinds Resort. After dropping off, I found one of the many public access points. The city does make its beaches user friendly and easy to get to.

I did not have time to stay. If I had my bathing suit, I would have gone in. It was a beautiful day. I did get some good images for my blog.

The taxi man himse

Oaklawn Gothic cemetery downtown Tampa

The grave of a slave is a rare thing indeed. Tom and I went by the Oaklawn Cemetery in downtown recently and we saw all kinds of historical things. Everyone from slaves, pirates, homesteaders of Tampa and a Florida Governor are buried here. This is a real Gothic cemetery and when it rains and thunders on a Summer afternoon, it has that atmosphere you would see in a horror movie. The place does give me the creeps. I have to say there is much history here and more research is needed for all the graves we photogaphed with names seen around town. I swear something was watching us.
Adam never made it to the Civil War

This place creeps me out!
The grave of Ybor himself in the distance

Tom seemed to enjoy himself being from Virginia and all that

Eddie got it fixed

Eddie installed Google maps on the tablet which seemed to fix the problem. You can use nnavigation but I prefer the mapping by Google. It gives me a better visual. I like the mapping system better and just wanted the new system to just work. now, there is no issue. I hope.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Lots of miles

The wheels never stopped today. The new accounts are soaring, and so are my miles. I actually did 200 before it was over. Having this kind of action during the summer is a Godsend. Airport drivers are loving it because half the drivers have retreated to the streets to get in on the action. Everyone is excited, including the Cuban girls above.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Michael Brown was a criminal

Michael Brown was a thug and a criminal. He had bought into the worst part of black culture. The worthless culture that produces irredeemable young men that contribute nothing to society while filling the morgues with dead black men from the hand if black men. As a cab driver, I see the safest place a black man can be at night is in a white neighborhood.

For the president to suggest this involved racism or poverty is wrong. Its a lack of values, self respect, and personal identity. Again Mr. Obama, individuals improve by looking at themselves and not trying to blame others for problems you created. We are now seeing this distinction on a large scale.

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Chasing the two dollar a mile idol (from 2009)

6a00d8341c73e653ef010536abdcea970b-320wiEnter one Tony "The Italian" cab driver.  A former man of mirth, a former believer in myths.  If he looks unhappy, there's a reason.  He's a hit and run victim who's taxi is stalled on a pavement called yesterday. He gave up looking for the tag number to the vehicle called livelihood.  Game over.  Point, set match.

His reality is as real now as the puke he cleaned up this morning or the cab beater who took off running without pay like the many other hopes and dreams once associated with a thriving industry, now just cracks in the sand caused by a relentless Florida sun beating on you without mercy until all resolve is gone.
Tony feels what  many of us do.  Its almost like hope is gone.

How long can you keep chasing the $2.25 a mile dream of a better day.  Will this economy ever get better?  Will it be in time?  In 15 days a new President takes office.  He is inheriting a mess.  Wish him well.
I hope he does not look like Tony after his first 100 days.  If he does, it is game over.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

FSU Ybor pub crawl

Holding up the college tradition of binge drinking, FSU students, and alumni, participated in a drunken pub crawl in Ybor City. Many people had come into town for this.

My advice for the young people that were in my cab, was to pace yourself and take it slow. The turtle will win this race. Ybor was mobbed with these people just before sunset.

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

UBER: Unlicensed, Unregulated, Unlawful, Unsafe

Protest in Europe

It seems Uber is not making any friends in the transportation industry. There is a reason for that - they are killing off jobs and replacing them with unlicensed operators. There is nothing good about this for society. Its a damn shame that people don't realize this and stop using the service.

Perhaps it will take a high-profile tragic accident to alert the general public about how unsafe it is to ride in personal vehicles that only use the insurance of the driver. The driver's insurance could have lapsed last week but you would not know that. You probably think that Uber is providing them with insurance. You are sadly wrong.

They sidestep all local regulations by simply setting up operations and sticking their middle finger at the local authorities. Does this really sound like the kind of people that you want to ride with?

Our cars are mechanically sound. You really don't know the condition of any Uber car for they have not been inspected. This is an accident waiting to happen.

The Emergency Room

I went to my doctor today because I was not feeling well. He sent me to Tampa General because of extremely high blood pressure (212/110). Now, I really did not feel well. I drove to the shop and had a driver friend of mine give me a ride. When you have doctor's paper work, they take you right in and there is no waiting for hours. I was glad for that.

I was given iv and they got it down to 130/70 wow!

A hot LPN hooked me up. I sort of thought that nurse fantasy of mine might come true. Not today.

After an afternoon in the hospital, I am home and feeling better. I need some major lifestyle changes. Big time lifestyle changes coming soon.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

App to hail taxis, limos launches in Las Vegas

CREATED Aug 13, 2014
LAS VEGAS (AP) -- Las Vegas visitors can now hail a ride from a taxi or limo company using their smartphone.

Las Vegas-based Integrity Vehicle Solutions launched the Ride Genie app Wednesday. About 400 black cars, SUVs and limos from several transportation companies will be picking up assignments from the app, while taxis will be added to the offerings in the next six to eight weeks.

The app allows users to watch the vehicle's progress toward them on a map in a style similar to ridesharing apps Uber and Lyft, although the drivers are professionals regulated through the taxi authority and not people using their own cars.

Ridesharing companies have expressed interest in entering the Las Vegas market, but so far been kept out of town because of heavy regulation.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Will this be the taxi business in Tampa after Uber?

Not if I have anything to do with it. Hacking without a license is illegal. Why the powers that be continue to allow Uber and Lyft to operate is beyond me. Can you open a bar and sell liqueur without a license? Could you open a coffee shop without a license? No. So why transportation? This form if primitive capitalism must be stopped for the good of the poor and minorities who don't have iPhones and credit cards. Uber and Lyft drivers belong in jail (just like I would be if hacking without a license).

I call for a protest in front of the PTC Friday at high noon. I want the Mayor notified that he has an illegal business operating and his oath to us was to enforce law. He was not to pick and choose. If I am the only one there, then that is a beginning. THIS NATIONAL WAR HAS BEGUN.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

UBER TRUTH: poor and minorities left stranded

Traditional laws and regulations require transportation companies to serve the entire community regardless of pick up location, whether you pay with cash vs. a credit card, ownership of a “smart phone”, ADA requirements or other socioeconomic conditions.  In fact, the underlying reason for regulations is to ensure EVERYONE receives service.
Uber requires customers to own a smartphone and a credit card.  Others “need not apply”.  Remember, Uber only wants to serve who they want, and not be required to serve an entire community.  They want a highly regulated taxi environment, but an entirely unregulated environment when it comes to “their business”.
According to the PEW Research and widely reported on major news outlets:
  • Only 56% of American adults own a smart phone;
  • If you are 65 years or older, that number drops to 18%;
  • Only 38% of those making less than $38,000 a year own a smart phone;
  • And only 36% of those people with a high school education or less have a smart phone.
As it pertains to credit cards, research conducted in 2012 shows:
  • 26% of Americans over 18 years old did not own a credit card;
  • Approximately 34 percent of survey respondents age 18 to 49 said they had no credit cards compared to 16 percent of those age 50 and over;
  • Education: high school or less 66 percent vs. post-graduate school 98 percent;
  • Income: under $25,000, 48 percent vs. over $100,000 96 percent;
  • Net worth: under $50,000 59 percent vs. over $500,000 92 percent;
In other words, the higher your educational achievements, the higher your income, the higher your net worth, the more likely you are to use credit cards.
Race also evidently plays a part in influencing credit card use.  Here’s the Federal reserve’s data for card usage by race:
  • Asian: 100 percent
  • White: 83 percent
  • Latino: 82 percent
  • American Indian: 69 percent
  • Other: 55 percent
  • Black: 50 percent
So, after reading these stats, who do you think Uber wants to serve?  And who do you think they don’t want to serve?  Why?  Because they only want to serve the easiest customers without any government interference and leave the rest of the customers to the highly regulated taxi industry.

Tampa taxi on a hot afternoon and Uber white drivers

The early morning street business in Tampa is very slow. The locals that would have called us in the morning to go to the airport are not calling. I have every reason to believe they have gone to Uber. These ride-share companies have made it seem cool to do so. Somehow, riding in a taxi is not so cool. Because of that, I have to work into the hot afternoon to try and keep up. Something has to give.

They are not saving money by calling Uber. In fact, they may even be hit with a surge charge during peak hours which the morning rush is considered. They are not getting a safer ride. Our cabs are routinely checked out mechanical and the scheduled maintenance is performed. Is there any guarantee that the Uber car has been treated in such fashion? Has the background of the Uber driver been checked out? No. You say you can use a credit card with Uber. You can with me. Ive got a credit card machine in the back of the taxi and it will print you out a receipt. There is no perceived advantage you can state that we don't have. What about their app? What about it? we have an excellent app.

Our app allows you book your cab. Locate it with a real time map. You can track its progress as it moves toward your location. We will even text you when the cab is arriving and when it has arrived. It will tell you to go outside, your cab is here.

So why do you use Uber? There is only one reason. YOU CAN ORDER UP A WHITE DRIVER.

That, I guess, is their main advantage.

Monday, August 11, 2014

The supermoon and love

While I was waiting outside a house in hyde Park early this morning way before sunrise, I noticed this incredible moon. I was wondering if lovers really gazed at the moon and expressed their hopes and dreams. Personally, I never have. The moon doesn't seem all that interesting.

Anyway, I pulled out my camera with telephoto and using the window jam of the front door, got this shot. Not to bad. You can see craters and mountains.

Why does a man risk everything he has in a game he cannot win? All of us can usually make sense of most things in our life. But the most uncertain thing of all makes us put everything on the line. Love is when we are at our weakest, our most vulnerable.

I've lived long enough where I can look back and make certain assessments that would have been impossible to a younger me. I've been rich, poor, up, down all that stuff but nothing beats being in love (yes will trade 10 blonde's with boob  jobs for true on it).

Later I found a posting from one of the most original blogs on the net Bitch| Lab. It was about love and how the concept of it has changed over the last 500 years. How the Romans believed Cupid with his arrows made people go insane in a way like nothing else . Well maybe the social conventions of love have changed with the times and various societies. But Co-Dependency has been around since before the Roman Days. It even pre-dates the Greeks.

Perhaps the only Shakespeare I can quote is from Pericles;  Antiochus points to skeletons being held up by a wall and states:

"Here they stand martyrs, slain in Cupid's wars; And with dead cheeks advise thee to desist For going on death's net, whom none resist. "

Man you do not have to read the play to know what he is talking about. Man will always be drawn into love like a moth to a flame.

Well, anyway, the guy shows up with his suitcases. I hit the meter and were off the the Airport. Another ride...another $20.

Looking back. I'd take love over anything else that's out there.

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All Buccaneer games to be televised

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are projected to surpass the NFL’s threshold of 85% tickets sold for the majority of the team’s home regular season slate of games in 2014. Based on those sales projections, the team ensures that all 2014 home games will be broadcast locally. The Buccaneers are also ensuring that the two preseason home games against the Miami Dolphins (8/16) and Washington Redskins (8/28) will be broadcast live by the team's official preseason broadcast partner WFLA-TV News Channel 8.

The Buccaneers host their intra-state rival the Miami Dolphins at Raymond James Stadium on Saturday, August 16 at 7:30 pm. The game will be broadcast live on WFLA-TV News Channel 8 beginning with the “Bucs Bonus Pregame Show” at 7:00 p.m.

Individual game tickets in most price categories remain available for all games except for Tampa Bay's Week 16 matchup against Green Bay, which is currently sold out. Season pass member packages are also available. Fans should visit the Tickets section here on for more information.

All Home Games to Be Televised Locally (via

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A ride to Mediera Beach in a clean cab

Fate had it that the guy at the airport wanting a ride to the cellphone lot, balked at the $15 minimum. Good. The next walk up wanted to go to the Gulf beaches. It was a nice ride out and after dropping them off, I hit a beach access. You just got to smell the roses sometimes.

The west coast of Florida has some of the finest beaches in the world. This summer (our off season) we are getting a steady run of fares that are going to the beaches. That is good. What is not good is people continue to dirty our cabs.

When I got back to the car I found a package of Sasquatch beef jerky on the backseat floor, and crumbs of jerky spread around. People have an impression that cabs are dirty. They would be cleaner if people stopped messing them up.

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Uber and sexual harassment of female riders

Feel safe now after reading this post
Many women mistakenly think that by riding with Uber they are safer. What they don't realize is that taxi drivers in Tampa (and most major cities) have been cleared by extensive background investigations by the PTC. The riding public can rest assured that when a United Cab driver pulls up, this person is not a strange and deadly individual who will stalk you. Stalking of female riders with Uber is happening because they don't background check and their drivers have access to information about you that a cab driver does not.

Olivia Nuzzi, a writer for the Daily Beast had a weird experience with an Uber driver who began stalking her. If she was not a high profile journalist, you would not know this. In her words:

I met the Uber at the corner of the street where I live near Lincoln Center in New York City, and asked the driver to take me across town. It was an unremarkable trip. 
Until the end. 
At the end of the ride, the Uber driver asked me if I had been near Lincoln Center a few hours earlier. I said I hadn't, since I didn't remember walking past there. Then he took out his iPad. "Really?" he asked. "Because you look like this girl." He turned the iPad around to face the back seat. To my surprise, I saw a full-length, close-up picture of me, wearing the workout clothes I’d had on an hour previously. 
The Uber driver asked me if I wanted him to send me the picture. I declined, and quickly got out of the car....The Daily Beast

She wrote a review on Uber's App and was subsequently informed that the driver had been fired. Then, a writer friend from another publication said they were contacted by email from the fired driver with the jogging image as an attachment!! WTF. It seems the fired Uber driver wanted to enlist her help in getting his job back by contacting her friend to see if she would remove the complaint. The stalker then contacted Ms. Uzzi at her place of employment through a private emial. Ms. Uzzi was at a loss to explain how he had received it.

 I had previously been under the impression that the only personal information Uber provided to drivers about riders was a first name, so I was a bit confused as to how this driver had enough information about me to find out my employer. I reached out to Uber for clarification. When Uber got back to me, they assured me that they were not at fault. The privacy and safety of customers, they said, was a priority. I was told that under no circumstance would an Uber driver be given the full name of an Uber customer—particularly not one that had just gotten him fired. Uber told me the driver must have just recognized me. Uber's decision to fire the driver so quickly was due to the fact that this was not the first time there had been complaints about him, they told me. 

 It did not stop there. Her Facebook friends started getting friend request from him and he wanted to know if she was single! He seemed obsessed with her and she went back to Uber for an explanation. It seems with Uber, drivers will know the full name of their riders. At my company, we only know the first name and we never handle your credit card.


Saturday, August 9, 2014

What Uber does not have - A TELEPHONE

Uber will not answer the phone. The only way you can contact them is by email. This severe lack of customer service (its cowardly to hide) has resulted in many bad reviews about Uber. It seems all that gliters is not gold.

"These people don't even check to see who's credit card people are using. I was shocked to find additional charges on my card that I hadn't made. You can't get in touch with anyone other than through e-mail and they take forever to respond. They only communicate via e-mail because they don't want someone yelling at them over the phone for their fraudulent activities. I will never ever ever use their services and I don't think any one else should either. UBER get a phone so people can communicate with you."

I thought Uber was perfect. I guess not. Are you sure you want to put every taxi company in America out of business and leave it to people who won't even answer the phone?

United Cab of Tampa will not only answer the phone but we will take your complaint as a priority. The issue will be taken care of that day and we will call you back to assure you it was resolved.
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Friday, August 8, 2014

Elvis is back!

I picked up Elvis again. He also gave me an autographed picture of him with a motivational quote on the back. It seems he is a bit of a preacher as well and he believes all things are possible with the Lord. Everyone has to have a bag. At least he has one. I do want to get his CD of Elvis hits.

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Man I love my job (from 2006)

Man I love my job. I once read that over %50 of all Americans really don’t like their jobs. They especially dread going in on Monday mornings. I can honestly say I have never had a day when I dreaded going to work. In fact, I really like it. I’m a people person and I enjoy talking to all the interesting people that I pick up in the course of my day. Plus, the $30 an hour I can make ain't bad either.
Monday mornings are especially exciting. Monday is like going to a casino and knowing the odds are stacked in your favor! The cash comes quick and it piles up. I usually bound out of bed anticipating the wonderful things that are waiting for me. After the bars close, you get people going to the airport and people coming into the airport. There’s a tremendous amount of activity and it last all morning.
I heard some guy on the AM radio this morning, and it seemed ironic because of all the money I was making, that the “average guys” style of living was being eroded by a number of factors. He cited decreasing labor union support, outsourcing, no minimum wage protection, the Wall-Martization of our economy which actually suppresses wages. All of these things and others where giving the working stiff a raw deal.2006_0130image0012
This all appeared odd to me. Most of our drivers are immigrants who left totalitarian regimes or countries so mired in difficult political struggles and suppressed economies that the opportunity to drive a cab here seems like the ticket to wealth. And you know what? It is. You see no one has told them that it’s not a great opportunity. No one has told them that a trade union or the Democratic Party or anti-trust legislation, NAACP or whatever is their savior. They approach the gig as if wonderful things are awaiting them. They are able to support their families abroad, buy homes, send kids to college and purchase the most expensive computers and electronics I have ever seen. We taxi drivers are self employed. I hope you knew that. And it’s an important distinction between this and some suck ass hourly wage job.
You see folks; if you want to get rich don’t work a union job. Or 30 years will go by and you’ll end up talking about how all along you were taking it in the shorts. In America you do not have to stay where you’re at. You can move up! Educate yourself, become ambitious ask yourself what is it that really turns you on. Do you have a passion? Are you a writer, photographer just what do you enjoy doing? I knew all along if I did not do something that involved meeting and talking to people, I would never be good at it. You can trust me on this if it seems like drudgery you will never become successful. It’s as simple as that. There’s a spirit of self-reliance that seems to almost be missing from America today and I see it in the eyes of our foreign drivers.
2006_0130image0026My last run of the day from TIA was taking an American League baseball arbitrator to the Vinoy in St. Pete. Wow! What job will let you rap with a baseball insider for 20 minutes and get paid 50 bucks for the privilege of doing it!
Man I love My Job.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Buccaneer playoff game 2006

THIS WAS POSTED IN JANUARY OF 2006 hours before the Redskin v Buccaneers wildcard playoff game:

This was the scene from my taxi about 3 hours before kickoff. The traffic was already backed up past Borders Book Store. I pulled into the book store and spent about an hour browsing. I bought the soundtrack to Brokeback Mountain. It is pure Country Western without any hint of homosexuality. Willie Nelson..Emyle Harris..that sort of stuff.

What I did not know was that the crowd was going to be about 10,000 Redskin Fans! What the hell is that! This is our stadium. The ones I was picking up later told me they where getting the tickets on-line! That means that our fans where giving their tickets up. What! Why our you doing this?

I have always been suspicious of Redskin Fans.

THIS CITY IS THE CITY OF CHAMPIONS. YOU ARE TURNING IT INTO GOOBER VILLE! You GODDAMN IDIOTS! This was an embarrassment.  I'm driving around all afternoon not picking up our people only people with PIG NOSES... AND THEIR GLOATING! !!! I'm beginning to think that we don't deserve to have a good team.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Are Tampa cabs really dirty?

The TBT did an article that dispels the urban myth of dirty cabs. They decided to see for themselves by taking cab rods throughout the city. United Cab and Yellow cabs were always clean with professional drivers. The off brand operators needed work in English and cleanliness. Again, United Cab is Tampa's finest cab company.
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Monday, August 4, 2014

Cab driving back in the day at the airport

The late Tom Rhones
Has anyone seen this man? His name is Pirate alias Tom (the real pirate!)Rhodes. He’s our primary second shift dispatcher at United Cab. If you have ever downed a beer at the TINY TAP in Hyde Park, you must know him.
I don’t know if his nick name has anything to do with tomorrows Gasparilla festival or what. I guess I was thinking of that when I saw him. He must have been trying to get in a couple of fares at the airport before he came to work. Funny, he told me he never works the airport?
I don’t work out here a lot but I do when I’m looking for a BIG SCORE! When you work the streets you can get bogged down in all the peripheral stuff that goes with it-No shows, little old ladies, now shows, grocery stores, now shows and GNOMES. That means people that “Got No Money!” But at the airport that all changes. You are either going somewhere or your not. Today the fares had places to go. The cash register kept ringing all day. My hands got dirty from counting all that grubby money.2006_0125image0002 Talk about real pirates. Have you seen our meter rates lately? Holy shit! We should be wearing mask and holding a sword. But that's what the Public Transportation Comminsion allows us to charge.
In between rides in holding I ran into “Sam.” Sam is from Iran. I have known the man for 10 years. Talk about a renaissance man, this guy has been a professor and airline pilot and can speak 7 languages. On 9-11-01 I was wondering where he was. I knew he had flown for Iran Air and combined with the fact that Muhammad Atta had received a hack license from the Hillsborough County Public Transportation Commission, I was concerned. For some reason when I did catch up with him he was laughing because he knew I would think he was involved. I must stress not laughing at what had happened, only about our personal relationship. Sam began to talk or I should say lecture. It is easy for him to digress into heavy subjects - such as the Second Punic Wars effect on 18th century economics.
Well, the line was moving fast. We were soon on our way. This time of year should be a gravy train.
After seeing Pirate, I could not help but think how busy tomorrow will be. Hey if anyone reads this blog and you need a cab call 253-2424 and ask for #497. I’ll come and get you or peal you off the pavement.
Tampasunrise_1Speaking of the pavement. I know tomorrow there will be Pirates throwing trinkets to drunk girls who are showing their tits for 10 cent beads. And there will be about 500,000 people convening on the place. But when I think of Bayshore I think of the image to the left. It's the quit and subtle beauty of it that makes it "Bayshore Beautiful."

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Cigarettes, coffee cups, and exotic birds (Back-In-The-Day-Series)

Sampson and Allison
(This is my new "Back in the Day" series from the original TAMPA TAXI SHOTS. This was from January 14, 2006!)
When cab drivers are in between fares they go to what are called stands. The entire county is divided into stands for almost each neighborhood. This morning I was at the Hyde Park stand. This is located across from the Kash and Karry on Swann. Look to the east where the basketball courts are and you will probably see cabs there.
If you see United #497 that is me. Come over and say hi. I have never meet anyone who has read my blog. It would be beyond cool to do so!
The two drivers in the photo are from our international division. Allyson, one of our female drivers, is from England. Sampson, is from Ethiopia. These two are very good friends and drinking buddies.
Note the cigarettes and coffee cups. That is almost a staple among drivers. I personally do not smoke. I do, however, consume massive amounts of coffee. That comes with the job.
I did take advantage of a Grey and misty morn to walk over to a retention pond that is next to the stand and found some cool birds. They have yet to figure out there are no fish in the pond.Egretmist  I think one of them is a baby Rosette Spoonbill. They are seen more in south Florida. I did see one later at the cruise ship terminal where the Royal Caribbean liner was parked. Again in a retention pond  Like I always said; you don't need airline tickets to exotic places to find interesting subjects. Damn! I stepped on a twig and they took off!


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