Thursday, July 31, 2014

Who's picking you up?

She would never make it on the mean streets. She will stay with the craft beer drinkers and poor people suffer.
People like the lady above is what is wrong with the rideshare concept. This women will never go into the bad part of town. Poor people in society suffer enough, now, they won't even be able to get rides. The cheery pickers have arrived. Cab driving will now be an exclusive right of passage for hipsters, on the same level of Starbucks coffee, skinny jeans, and alternative rock with craft beers, and the other sacraments of hipsterism. This has to be stopped. Jobs are at stake. 
"Led by companies like Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar, ride-sharing has rocketed into the mainstream in a relatively short time frame. Uber started up in San Francisco four years ago, and has since expanded to 128 cities worldwide. The company's most recent valuation came in at an eye-popping $18 billion. Uber founder and CEO Travis Kalanick has publicly stated that his company is doubling its revenue every six months.None of this is good news for taxi companies. In May, drivers protested outside Uber’s Boston offices calling for stricter regulations for ride-sharing companies. In London, an estimated 12,000 black cab drivers clogged the city’s to protest Uber’s presence. It backfired spectacularly, with London Uber sign-ups surging 850 percent in a week, according to the company. If the protests haven’t gained much traction, taxi industry advocates are hoping that safety concerns might. Their argument: By managing drivers as independent contractors and thereby sidestepping the costly training, background checks, and insurance regulations that taxi drivers are subject to, Uber is putting passengers at greater risk.“When we talk about public safety, talking about the passengers in the vehicle, the driver, but also people on the street,” says Dave Sutton, spokesman for the “Who’s Driving You?” campaign, based in Washington. Launched last year, “Who’s Driving You” is a marketing effort funded by the Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit Association, which counts 1,100 licensed transportation companies among its members. “The insurance that Uber is providing has serious gaps that only move into the general awareness when something bad happens,” he says.The problem, Mr. Sutton notes, is that Uber drivers aren’t covered by an expansive commercial liability insurance that protects them while off the clock. Though the company expanded its insurance coverage earlier this year, Uber drivers still don’t have the round-the-clock coverage required for a commercial cab.“Who’s Driving You?” has also taken aim at Uber’s background checks, charging that the company’s screening easily allows convicted felons to slip through the cracks. “Uber does not submit to regulations, so they cannot use background checks that use FBI fingerprinting,” Sutton says. “They use private companies and cheaper background checks that are not as comprehensive.”But Uber spokesman Lane Kasselman calls such accusations “scare tactics,” by rich, multinational corporations. “Instead of improving customer service they’re complaining about opposition,” he says. “The taxi industry has decided to play dirty politics instead of compete.”Uber’s criminal background checks, Mr. Kasselman says, are as comprehensive as the law allows for business purposes. On the insurance end, he says that perceived gaps are due more to the fact that insurance regulations weren’t written with a company like Uber or Lyft in mind: "Insurance companies have obviously been around for decades, and they aren’t quick to adjust their products.”Requiring the round-the-clock insurance that Uber’s critics are demanding, he says, would be like “trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.”Still, concerns about coverage expand beyond the taxicab lobby. Since Uber drivers are independent contractors, rather direct employees, the company is not responsible for incidents that occur when a driver is off the clock, and what “on the clock” means has been a point of contention. After a San Francisco Uber driver en route to pick up a rider struck and killed a young girl last year, the company expanded its coverage to include the time between when a driver accepted a ride and when an actual passenger entered the vehicle.Some states want more: California has proposed a rule that would require ride share companies to cover drivers anytime the ride-share app is on. Uber has come out against such a rule, but is “for regulations, we just want them to be sensible and reflective of an evolving industry,” Kasselman says.Ride-share customers might have some complaints –  Uber’s Boston Yelp! page has its fair share of bad reviews, mostly about high prices during peak times and drivers who occasionally get lost  – but insurance liability and safety concerns are “not really” a priority, says Ms. Nation, the Uber user from Providence. She’s never felt uncomfortable or unsafe using the service, “and I’m a scaredy-cat.” Still, the Cambridge meeting raised concerns about Uber's more hands-off administration of its drivers. Sassy Outwater, a blind Cambridge resident, told the committee that app-driven transportation services like Uber are in many ways more convenient for the disabled community, but noted that she had been refused Uber rides on several occasions because of her seeing eye dog (which is illegal under the Americans with Disabilites Act)." 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Occupy Taxi: The Gilded Age of Taxi driving is near

Cabs at Tampa airport.
I am a 19 year United Cab of Tampa driver who likes his job. It has done me well over the years and I have been able to make an honest living. Something now threatens that livelihood - rideshare apps. The illegal Uber and Lyft operations, if successful, will drive the transportation industry to a new Gilded Age of robber barons who control everything and the public welfare is not served. Natural monopolies would develop and you would now have your 1%, with no hope of options for the consumer. It has been a disaster in California and I pray it does not spread. Let me explain.

On the surface, this looks like a simple job: People call or hail for a cab, I pick them up, and take them where there going. However, there is more too it then that. That person is only able to get  into my cab because of the business structure and climate that has been established by regulatory agencies. Without them, it would be pure chaos. Uber and Lyft are determined to operate illegally in Hillsborough County and threaten the community as a whole. Chaos is just a nice way of putting it.

Beneath this simple picture of giving people rides, there are major concerns. There are issues of competition, meter rates, flat rates, free shuttle services, issuing permits (Uber Lyft have none), condition of vehicles, the background of drivers, the health and safety of the community as protected by the Hillsborough County Public Transportation Commission. Adequate insurance becomes a major concern. Even the interdepartmental cooperation between companies and the municipality during major events have worked for the communities advantage. There is no cooperation with the illegal ride share people.

In recent years, we have hosted a Super Bowl and a Republican Convention. The logistics of these events were worked out between the companies and the TPC. All of this aided the flow of the events. Eliminating the TPC or allowing Uber and Lyft to operate as outlaws would be detrimental to the community.

Yes, the commission does set limits on permits (as is done in other industries) It assures adequate numbers of cabs are on the streets and protects jobs. This number is based on population numbers and nothing else.

The taxi meter is there to protect the customer. It measures distance and time and the rate is established by Tallahassee. Therefore, tourist are not ripped off by "high-ball" rates from unlicensed cabs. (Uber calls it "surge pricing")The only flat rate is from the airport to downtown and the rate is clearly stated on a sticker in the cabs window (Lyft has no such sticker).

By only allowing late model cars that are inspected, the public is assured of safety. By requiring high limits of insurance, the public is protected if there is an accident. They will be compensated. The commission has taken care of that.

To be able to drive a taxi in Tampa you must pass a background investigation with law enforcement. You will be run on the FBI computer to verify identity and search for warrants. The public can rest assured that a dangerous criminal is not coming to their house at 5 am to pick up their family. With Uber and lyft, you have no assurance, only a smiling face on an app. Making a decision about who comes to your house based on that is foolish.

Lately there has been an issue of mechanical soundness and cleanliness of taxis in Tampa. This issue is overblown and based on hearsay from a source who has much to gain by allowing the outlaw companies to flourish. I assure you, our cabs are clean and are mechanically sound. They are inspected by the commission on a regular basses. And when the cab gets to old, it must be pulled off fleet by law.

Now I would like to address the very ugly nature of what is really behind Uber and Lyft - RACISM. If you get their app, you will see they are only hanging out in the hipster (white) and upscale areas. Hyde Park and downtown condos (white) are what they cheery pick. The taxi companies cannot cheery pick. We must, by law, serve all of the county 24/7/365. Got it. I cannot refuse to pick up someone because they are black. Uber and Lyft drivers routinely do this. In fact, the customers make decisions of what driver they want based on skin color. Do not try to tell me that does not happen.

Rubio at the Uber headquarters
What gets me is the "save the whales" types and anti "1%" will support Marco Rubio and his un-regulated business model for taxis. That's right? Check out his picture at their headquarters (they are campaign supporters). You did not know you were a tea party guy did you? Why transportation? Can you open a bar and sell liqueur without a license? I don't think so. I don't know what business you are in but if a competitor was kicking your ass, and you found out he was unlicensed! You would scream like a wounded banshee.

So as much as you want to believe you support liberal causes, understand supporting Lyft and Uber is anti jobs across the board. If they drove all taxi companies out of business the result would be a natural monopoly. Think Standard Oil. IBM. Think the Gilded Age. Then, you really would have your 1%. Brought to you by the 99% hipsters.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Christian rock at Skippers

Kevin and his band getting ready to rock out at Skippers Smoke House. Come have a beer.

Check out @TimFasano's Tweet:
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From back in the day

Some random shots of friends, camping, and a downtown Tampa cemetery. Lots of photos of good times. Tampa Taxi Shots is shooting.
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Lou Plasencia Is wrong about Tampa cab drivers

Lou Plasencia recently trashed the Tampa taxi industry by saying he always gets into dirty cabs at the airport. That cannot be supported by any facts. Not even the photos of dirty cabs he claims to have (he will never produce them).

We have a starter who loads our taxis at the point of purchase. If a driver has a dirty cab, he will suspend him untill he cleans it. That rarely happens because the standards of United Cab of Tampa are just that high.

He observed shorts being worn by drivers. You do have the option to wear walking shots because this is summer in Tampa Florida. 95% of all drivers wear Dockers, polo or dress shirts, and wing tipped shoes. We are a well dressed unit.

They don't take credit cards. Wrong again
Lou Plasencia. Drivers use the company installed machine or they use the Square. In fact, most drivers do over $30,000 a year in credit card payments. The company promptly cashes drivers out daily on these transactions, so there is no reason to balk on this form of transactions.

I have been driving for United Cab of Tampa for 19 years and I am proud of it. I keep a clean cab but cringe when I puck up a suit like you. Your type are condescending to the driver. You already have made up your mind that it will be a bad experience, so it becomes one. I just know you are going to leave your Starbucks cup behind as litter, along with your party wrapper. Lou Plasencia, and your kind, stop dirtyingy my taxi. I have others to pick up.
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Monday, July 28, 2014

Getting flex fuel for my taxi in Tampa

The new cab I have will burn ethanol. That should improve performance and safe me a couple hundred a month in fuel cost. That is money right in my pocket. I do believe I could tell the difference and the price was $2.99 a gallon. There is savings there.
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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunrise in the swamp

This is what you see if you go to The Great Green Swamp of central Florida before sunrise. I met some friends of mine at 4:30 am at a remote trail head into the swamp we were the only ones there. We were hoping Bigfoot would be there.

Kevin was checking his photo equipment and Nick and Robert were making final minute preparation. Most people are not willing to do this when they can just watch on tv. I live out here.

What's cool is this night vision camera that let us see on total darkness. You can walk right up on someone and they won't know your there. We packed up and moved on.

This is the back of Kevin while Robert and Nick take us in. We went five miles on before the sun even came up. We did some howls and off trail recon but only got video of a pig. Thats the way this goes. Just have to stay with it.

It beats driving cab on a Saturday morning!

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A sled drill at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Training camp

This is the time of year people are so happy to see any kind of football that a sled drill becomes a Twitter hit. Can't wait until bodies start slamming. Oh, it is VERY HOT man!

Friday, July 25, 2014

The Buccaneers will contend for the Super Bowl

As Lovie Smith was holding his press conference after the Bugs first practice of training camp, this rainbow appeared over Tampa Bay. There was rain in the area and I believe it was a sign. Remember, you heard it here first.
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A new car

I took delivery of a new taxi cab with only 70,000 miles. Its a former police car, and only three years old. It is the newest cab I've ever had in nineteen years of driving. I have been in some real junk before. My understanding is the company is going to all late model vehicles. That would cut down on maintenance cost. Just another sign things are looking up.

This was taken from the front seat when I got in for the first time. I am cab number 474. If you are down on vacation, don't call Lyft. Call Tim Fasano in his new, clean cab. The trend in the industry is to get away from clunkers.

I ran into Rob Searcy and he asked me how I liked it. I shook his hand and thanked him. I need to get Joe to clean it every Friday. Joe does a good job.

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Meters Running blog

I am entering a new phase of my life. The economy is getting better and things are finally beginning to improve. I should soon have a new computer, and finally get back to serious posting.  Viewers from years ago expected it. Time is marching on; Tim is marching on... hence the metaphor of the taxi meter running.

I started blogging in 2005 during the heady days of the Tampa blog scene explosion. It was new and fun and I could not wait to get home and blog about the daily trips I had. Something changed along the way, however. The United States economy fell apart like a three dollar watch, killing hope and breaking the spirit of many. Most of the local bloggers just went away. Their dormant blogs left abandoned years ago, a testament to a vital community killed off by fast change and greed. Many Tampa blogs  still show the last post from way back.

During this time, FaceBook was taking off and it seems to be where most people are at. The blogging scene just a faded memory for me. However, I still believe a blog can succeed. A blog can still get noticed. I believe in blogging but you just have to find your way and have a message.

For a blog to succeed today, it must really have unique content that people can't find anywhere. It must also give them a reason to disconnect form FaceBook, and actually go somewhere else on the Internet where they may get back some hope. Not the hope and change promised by a failed administration, but the hope and spirit they felt when love was young. When you felt things would last forever, like a kid during summer when there's a bit of a buzz but only back then you did int know what is was.

I have a story to tell and I need to get to work. I am getting older along the way. "Daily thoughts and inspirations from a Tampa taxi driver on the back half of life" is more important to me now then just stories about drunks who puked in my cab.

In the coming years there will be changes. I may get out of cab driving. My interest may change. My hobbies may change. I may no longer live in Tampa. One thing will never change - the meter will always be running.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Taxi shop cats

These cats got it made. They are well fed by the mechanics and drivers. Come by at sunrise and you will ser JD pull up. He has been feeding these guys for ten years every morning

The black one is not as feral as he was but he must really know you to pet him. I sort of wish someone would have made pets out of these guys.

"Flat Top"even rolled over for me. What a nice kitty.
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Grey Hair

I did not know my hair had gotten this gray. The stress from social media and seven years of recession has taken its toll.
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Tuesday, July 22, 2014


United Cab got a toll violation from the State of Florida. Their cameras took a photo of the tag of a taxi not paying the toll, and sent it to the company. The low resolution image made it difficult to read the cab number and they thought it was me. Impossible. I never use the toll roads.

We are only talking $3.50. I went in to contest it, and sure enough, the tag number did not match mine. I am 378 and it was 338. I was off the hook. How bout that!

United Cab does not like getting these things from irresponsible drivers and charge a $25 handling fee. They are in the cab business, not the toll business. I was ready to pay. (Note money order.)

I was very glad it was not me. Just an oversight.

I want to state for the record United Cab has been very good to me over the years. Everyone from the owners to the back office has been beyond great. That is why I have stayed all these years.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Beautiful sunrise in the wilderness

I took this photo last September on Lake Hudson in the BWCA. It is on the Canadian/Minnesota border far away from any semblance of civilization. On this morning the ducks were stirring; the loons were calling; the frogs sang in a cocofony of delight. The growing embers of my campfire, combined with lake water, turned instant coffee in high-brow brew. This wilderness is wonderful. I cannot tell you how beautiful and peaceful it was. Unfortunately, I was not really there.

This image was taken behind the dumpster in the back lot of Publix supermarket in New Tampa this morning. No frogs; no loons; But the silence was puncuated with the sound of hundreds of cars just off my left going to work. What a drag.

TIMMY PHOTO TIP: you don't have to travel to exotic locals to get good image's. However, I really wish I had been in northern Minnesota

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Clearwater Beach booming

The crowds are thick and there are signs of expansion. Many of the mom and pop properties were torn down to make way for condos. This happened in 2006, just before the economic collapse. Well shazam. That kind of sucked

In Clearwater today you could see tower cranes in the distance. That is something I have not seen in years. Must mean the economic is recovering.
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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Gone swimming

Trying to develop regular exercise habits is difficult. My favorite exercise of long distance hiking is sort of hard in the summer heat and humidity. The pool now seems like the place to be. As Arnold said, you wear a spedo, get a tan, and everyone is almost naked. Sounds like fun

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Friday, July 18, 2014

The Bag Lady

This is really sad. I have seen this lady for years pushing this cart down the street, loaded with stuff. She is obviously mentally ill. You would think someone could help her. Maybe the cops could Baker act her, and get her help. On this issue, they say its a liberty issue and she can do what she wants. Funny, on other issues the cops are all up in our business. Sad. Very sad.
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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Smell the roses

I had a run way out to the Turkey Creek area. Instead of dead heading back, I went to a nice park for a couple hours. As Tony Soprano said "sometimes you just got to smell the gorilla shit."

This boardwalk is next to a camping area, and goes our to a wilderness preserve. There is an observation tower which gives a spectacular view of the former phosphate mine. Unfortunately, the lakes out here are man made.

There was a storm brewing in the distance and I could hear thunder. So I cut the trip short. I got back to the car in the nick of time as the bottom of the bucket opened up.

It has been raining so much in central Florida that we have already reached the annual average for rainfall and we ate not even in the rainy season yet. Wait until a hurricane comes around. Yikes!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Arizona Shootout

Dave is moving the operations to Tuscan away from the more vista areas around phoenix. The nudist camp in the south allows more privacy, and scenes that ate not like Florida. For the first time since 2007 I am planning for the November event. My life may finally be back online. Now, that would be cool.

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Xzanthia has moved away

I found this on an old TBT. If you remember back in 2007, I had the honor of shooting Xzanthia in an art nude shoot. The recession hit and I could not keep up my craft. She was a fantastic model and artist and held events at her fathers nudist resort. I now know now she has moved onto other things. I wish her well. Her and her father were top notch.
"Through festivals, parties and an artists’-colony sense of camaraderie, the Pasco County performance artist created an enclave of creativity and diversity in Tampa Bay at the Riverboat Nudist Colony in Land O’Lakes. Her work with the band Impotent Sea Snakes, herXBash Music Festival and her legendary foam partieshave made her a fixture of Tampa Bay’s underground art scene.
But after years spent working to connect and create a community, she has decided to leave. Citing a desire to de-complicate her life and focus on her art, XZanthia is moving away. She remains positive about the Tampa Bay artistic community, but says she just “needs a break from the massive workload.” “Every city has its ups and downs, strengths and weaknesses ,” XZanthia said. “We have the talent and resources, but we need more structure and focus.” XZanthia has been a bridge between the diverse communities of Tampa Bay. Artists, clubgoers, Goths, vampires, naturists, burners and creatives of all stripes saw her as a common friend who made the Riverboat Nudist Club a safe mingling spot for all. What she has helped build will continue in her absence. The photo events and model connection events will go on; the resort will continue to be run by her father. The XBash music festival is scheduled again for July, and next month a nude Rocky Horror Picture Show starts at the resort. True to her spirit, XZanthia has no firm plan for her destination but instead will travel till she finds the place that needs her. She said she “could be happy living in the woods with a teepee and moccasins without a care in the world.” -- Eric Sturm, tbt*"
Outtake from 2007 in Pasco county

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tampa Taxi Shots new location

I have the URL Tampa Taxi Shots and I have shifted resources there. To promote my brand Tim Fasano, that domain is attached here. My Sasquatch Evidence blog is taking off and almost 1,000 views a day. The internet has been the most successful thing I have ever done. Check out my sites.
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Monday, July 14, 2014

Survivorman Bigfoot episode

I am home watching Les Stroud and Tod Standing searching for Bigfoot. Stroud would make an awesome footer and it seems they have gone to lengths to make sure Standing does not upstage the star. I like this episode and has more pace then the Finding Bigfoot show. Todd seems like a cool dude.
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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Tampa from behind the wheel of a taxi cab

I shot this video a couple years ago when my computer was functional. I really need to get a new one. Anyway, I hope you like this. I did put some work into it.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Downtown Tampa

A different vantage point to shoot downtown Tampa. This is on Harbor Island on a beautiful morning. The next photo has the taxi in it.

I kind of like this one. It shows taxi cabs get all over town.

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Twitter Experiment on posting

I found out that I can post directly from Twitter onto the blog. That sounds like a cool function that I would like to try: here goes nothing!

The URL is now ...a herbal viagra site has the dot com..WTF.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Tim Fasano back in the day

When I started the first generation of Tampa Taxi Shots, this was the photo I used in my first post in 2005. Its been a while. Yes, I was drinking a beer. I am over 21 and have wandered why my haters use this image against me. This was taken during a good time in my life. An episode I am trying to get back too. I am trying hard.
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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Homelessness downtown Tampa

Being homeless must be rough. Trying to get food and water and a place to sleep is primary on your mind. Florida is extra tough because of the summer heat and humidity. However, they do have a beautiful view of the waterfront and the University of Tampa.

Note the kids playing in the water.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I picked up Elvis today!

I picked up a guy today from the airport that looked like Elvis. There is a reason for that - he is an Elvis impersonator. How cool is that. He performs at local clubs, and is trying to break into Las Vegas. Like me, he has his goals.

I include one of his videos here. Unlike some Elvis wanna bees, this guy is good. He also gave me a good ride and I made money of him. He was no "hound dog."
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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ivy Farms pool part of history

I found this article on the Daily Press website. It will mean nothing to anyone but it means a lot to me. This article wad written in 1993 when the possibility of closing Ivy Farms pool was real. I hear in 2010 it was demolished by the city. Just another nail in my coffin. I always wanted to get up there and swim one more lap. That will never happen

July 22, 1993|By VIRGINIA BIGGINS Daily Press
NEWPORT NEWS — Three decades ago when the Ivy Farms swimming pool was new, people of all ages came early and stayed late to swim, sunbathe and chat with friends.

Neighborhood kids campaigned to get their families to become members of the pool, which they saw as the only place to be on a hot summer day. Many joined the Ivy Farms swim team.
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Now the pool, one of the oldest in the city, may have to close because its membership has dropped from an all-time high of 300 families in the 1960s to 50 families today. A combination of economics, shifting populations and aging families have affected membership.

To offset the financial difficulties incurred by pool maintenance costs, the Ivy Farms Recreation Association's board of directors and general membership recently voted to open the membership to any homeowner or renter of a single family dwelling in the area. Candace Waits is association president; John North is vice president.

``We've lost a lot of members. Many families have moved out of the area or their children have grown up and moved elsewhere. Some people have moved away because of the area's poor job market. We've had membership problems since 1989 and it has gotten progressively worse,'' says Sandra Atkins, secretary.

``It is a lovely pool in a quiet area. We'd hate to see it closed, but it is expensive to keep open as well as pay for a manager and life guards. We are still the cheapest pool program on the Peninsula, requiring only $299 to join and $170 a year in dues afterward.''

An emergency meeting was recently called to ask the general membership to help publicize the pool, find new members and distribute fliers and other advertisement material designed to encourage pool membership.

``We are offering a super-special, summer membership price of $125 for a family. Our normal summer membership fee has been $225,'' says Atkins.

``Swimming lessons, slimnastics and swimming teams are offered at the pool. We have a nice snack bar and can make arrangements for private parties for members and nonmembers.''

Members hope to keep the pool, which is located at 691 Dresden Drive, open through Labor Day and possibly one or two weekends into September, depending on the weather. The hours are noon to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday; 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 1 to 7 p.m. Sunday. David Rivera is pool manager; there are four part-time lifeguards.

The pool is 25 meters long and is 11 feet at the deep end. It has an elevated diving board, a kiddie pool, recreation room, bathroom, changing room and snack bar.

``Every Monday we have had Neighborhood Day, where anyone can come and swim all day for $3. Now we are holding Neighborhood Day every day in hopes of raising funds to keep operating. I'm surprised more people haven't taken advantage of this offer,'' says Atkins.

Tampa Taxi Days

This is a fresco on the side of a building downtown. It incorporates some of the iconic images of Tampa's history. I'm amazed at all the newcomers who know little about the areas history. Did you know that Plant Hall was the logistics and command center for the Spanish American War. Teddy Roosevelt was in command. As a result, the Rough Rider Krewe is still important to Tampa culture

Its hot in July, and so is the taxi business right now. The airport is off the chain, with little wait time. The streets are full of calls, many being great charges. It has not been like this since 2007. Knock on wood. If I make it through this summer, I should be in the clear and finally get my life back.

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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Saturday research trip

Just to let you know what we were doing the day after July 4th. We were at Blackwater Creek. We got there before sunrise and had an awesome day.

This is us in the creek looking for the Swamp beast. Rob has been featured on "Monsters in America" on the History Channel. It was an honor to work with him and Kevin this late in the summer.

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Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Forth Of July

Eat, drink (heavely), and be merry. The price for freedom was in human lives. Liberty has rarely existed on earth. It should not be taken for granted.

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Paid in full

I am $4.63 over after pulling down twenty bucks in pay. Its taken seven years to get here. Now, time to move forward. I really need a computer.

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Tampa Taxi Shots and the future

Tim Fasano publisher of Tampa Taxi Shots
I started this blog last year because I was bored. My original Tampa Taxi Shots was gone. I still had many of the images and the stories were still in my head. However, my ten year old laptop took a shit. Since then, I have been going to the library, but mostly loading with an android phone. That is a piss poor way of doing it. But its all I got.

Today was the first time since 2007 that I did not owe United Cab money. I paid off the balance today, and actually got money back!!! At this pace, I should be able to buy a new laptop soon and be able to do some serious writing from the comfort of my home, instead of trying to write in a crowded computer lab with the guy in the green shirt (the same shirt he has had on for weeks) sitting across from you and chewing his tongue,  while making funny noises.

The traffic on this site is growing and I know if I put myself 100% into it, I can make it big. July 4th is a good benchmark, and time to look at things. The chart below shows you how many thousands of views I  have had. Multiply that my 10 by next year.
36,240 in ten months.


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