Friday, May 30, 2014

I'm in bad shape

I fell down a limestone rock face at the river rapids last week at the Campout. 1:00 AM with an empty bottle of Jack Daniels back at camp was not the ideal circumstances to do this. I went to a doctor and I'm now on antibiotics.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tampa police love to write cheap tickets

I swear the cops in Tampa are pure pussy. They break every moral and ethical street code in the book by hiding in areas that will allow them to right cheap tickets...I mean cheap for them, right? They say they don't have quotas but that is bull shit. All cops are city employees. Like all employees, they have performance evaluations. One of the duties of being a cop is righting tickets. If they don't right enough, it could influence future promotions and pay raises. So what do they do? They get practical, and do like this cop was doing and stake out the bottom of a bridge with a low speed limit. Gravity takes over, and the cop can wipe out his quota for the month in a few hours. That  is just wrong. I caught this on film at the base of the MLK bridge westbound. You can see the radar gun hanging out the window and he is backed into the spot so he can take off after the mark. Way to go big brave men.

Tampa Police Like To Write Cheap Traffic... by skunkapehunter

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Wrapped around a telephone pole

I always thought this was an expression untill I saw it today. I was unable to get a photo but I found this on the net. I wonder how many teens have pissed off their old man by doing this.

Monday, May 26, 2014

The Memorial Day campout

Kevin took this image at Hillsborough River State Park. I got it off his Facebook.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

When I wish upon a star

I had a ride today to Disney World Orlando. Could not have come at a better time. It was my first run of the day and I was not in the mood to work. Its a holiday weekend and I wanted to keep it that way. Instead of being out in the hot sun, I am home watching baseball. I got some chicken and corn on the cob. Life is getting better. What is there about corn that the human body cannot digest it?

Friday, May 23, 2014

Chopping wood at Hillsborough River State Park

Tim Fasano with the axe

We went camping this week and we needed a fire. The wood they sell you here are very large pieces. We needed smaller ones to get the fire going. Time to chop wood. First, you need an axe. Then,  strike the wood longways resting on a piece of wood. The smaller pieces help launch the burn of the fuel logs. We made a log cabin style which is good for cold nights when camping. With my new fire sticks, the campfire burned all night at the Bigfoot Campout.

Striking the wood with one even blow
The log cabin style of fire
You see it burns very nice

Boston attempts to shut down Uber

This was sent to me by taxi friend:

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Street preacher in Tampa

I saw this dude by the courthouse downtown Tampa. He had a microphone with a speaker and was spreading the word. The cops nearby can't stop him on constitutional grounds. The sad thing was his equipment was not very good and it was hard to understand him. Anyway, glad to see someone spreading the word. He was putting on a good show.

New $100 bills

The United States government is finally coloring our paper money. Other countries already do that. In my job I have to make change fast and I can't afford to cheat myself. Also, I think this may be an anti-counterfeiting measure. Anyway, I like the new money. I just wish I saw mote $100 bills!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Cabbie suspended for wearing Nazi armband

A 27-year-old cab driver's license has been suspended for 30 days after he was photographed wearing a Nazi armband while on duty.
The Taxi and Limousine Commission said the driver broke a rule that says prohibits any "act that is against the best interest of the public."
The Anti-Defamation Leage of New York issued a statement praising the decision.
"By openly displaying this hate symbol identified with Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party while operating a New York City taxicab, the driver sent a frightening and offensive message to New Yorkers about who might be welcome – and unwelcome - in the taxicab he was driving," the ADL said in a statement posted on its website.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Crack Motels: desperation, hope, and survival...hope not doing too good these days

The Mosley Motel
I had a pick up in south Tampa at a nice townhouse/condo. A girl came out of the condo, but did not look the part. She looked road weary and beat. You know, hard living, even though I just picked her up on easy street. I knew this was not  her place. I have seen her type before. Years of bad decisions, poor emotional support, lack of friends, no job, no man, and everyone else in the world is too blame. Sad. What is really sad is I'm rarely wrong on this. Two decades of driving a hack has jaded me, I guess. It's not bias if you've seen it a million times.

I was surprised when she said she needed to go to St. Petersburg on 34th street. That's an out of town trip and that is when I get nervous about getting paid. I hope the John was nice enough to give her money for the fair. They usually do. I ask a few qualifying questions and I'm now satisfied she has money because she knows exactly what the fare will run because she has done this before. We settle down for a nice ride.

A typical swinging night at the Mosley
We end up at the Mosley Motel (read the reviews! LMFAO). The place looks almost passable during the day. At night, the cockroaches, crackheads, drug dealers, prostitutes, dickheads, and bums come out in full force. Its an arm pit. People who end up here are out of jobs; out of couches; out of touch; and out of luck. This is the last way station before you are officially homeless. $200 plus a week keeps you from the streets. It does little to protect you from the marginal elements of socitiey. You fucked. There is no other way to put it.

Ain't got nothing to do
My experience has shown, from the front of my taxi cab, that these people are in between work, and in between here and there. Transient workers, mentally ill waiting for their checks, sex offenders, and the stung out. Unfortunately, since the recession, Families have turned to these places. That was not supposed to happen with this administration. Politicians have only  paid lip service to a very real, but solvable, problem.

Obama has made their life so much better.
She paid the fare and got out. I could notice people just hanging out on the stoops. Nobody looked like they had a job. Nobody looked like they had any fire burning behind their eyes. Life takes...I guess. I wonder how many just chose to live this way. While I was parked there, you could see a black, older guy, come up the ally on a bicycle. He was looking around for someone but no one.

He must be a 'hook.' In normal person terms, that is a middle man. He never touches the dope or the money. He waits for people who want to score dope and he takes them to the place. He gets a fee for his services. I saw a hook get the shit beat out of him when he demanded money. It was in the backseat of my taxi. They had called for a taxi to go to the hood. I never ask people what they are doing, but you know. You know what I mean. The buyer was upset because he knew the dope boy and said the could get the rock on his own.

"Fuck you nigger!" he says

The hooked continued to demand his money. Then the buyer dives over the seat and beats the shit out of him. I stop and get out of the cab. Realize folks I was in deep hood. I mean DEEP HOOD. My white ass was standing there while a crowd was gathering. I hop back in as the buyer got out and I hit the gas. The origin of that fare was a crack motel in Tampa. The point I am making is these places are not safe.

Do these people ever go inside. They did pay for the room, right?
Most people can drive home at night to their nice crib. They can close the gate, and never have any contact with this problem society has. The only way it will get better is have housing for families and put the rest of fuck-ups  in prison. The later one is being done in Florida by this Governor and it already having a positive affect.

Lingerie shoot at a Pasco nudist camp

This is a video of model I shot a couple years ago at a Pasco County nudist camp. After all, Pasco county is a hotbed of Bigfoot activity and also a hotbed of naked bodies. I put this up to break the monotony of serious Bigfoot research. I could not show you more because YouTube would not allow that (you know what I mean).

Friday, May 16, 2014

Tim the Taxi Man to speak at the Florida Bigfoot Convention

I am honored to be a guest speaker at the Stacy Brown Jr Skunk Ape conference in September.
The 2014 Florida Skunk Ape conference tickets are now on sale!!!
It will be held in Orlando Florida on September 19th-20th at the Embassy inn & suites Jamaican court.
Speakers will include Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Lyle Blackburn, Stacy Brown Jr., David Lauer, Robert Robinson, Bill Brock and Tim Fasano. Tickets are $50 and will include a meet and greet Friday the 19th from 7:30 to 10:30. That also includes 15% off your stay at the hotel. Conference starts Saturday the 20th at 9 a.m. and will go thru 8 p.m.
go to for more info and to purchase tickets!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas

Tim and Santa Claus on vacation from the north pole
The International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas is having their convention in Tampa right now. We, as cab drivers, are thankful for their business and friendliness. I had a ride today from the DoubleTree Hotel on Cypress. The parking lot and lobey were full of the Jolly Saint Nicks. They did seem to be very charming and nice people. The couple I picked up were going to Busch Gardens.

No Santa is camera shy, so my fare posed for a selfie with me. How cool was that! I got my picture taken with a real Santa - the department store one. These were not the "Bad Santas." These were the good ones.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I bought my own charger

This Blackberry computer dispatch system we use at United Cab of Tampa has some flaws. The major one is the accessories to the hardware often malfunction.
For some reason the batteries won't hold a charge for long and the car chargers will stop working only a couple days after you get one. Your only option is to take time and go to the shop and trade them in for something you know won't work for long. The weekend is more problematic. The shop is closed and the girls in the office now have to charge batteries and look for chargers. You can tell they would rather be doing something else. But they don't have much choice, with all the drivers coming in and shift workers complaining that the car their taking out has a bad Blackberry. Faced with having to shop my taxi for a loaner cab did not appeal to me. Why should I? All that just for a battery while I continued to lose fares. Baloney. I went to a convienience. Store and bought a charger for twelve bucks. It works and I am back trying to make money. For the money I pay them, I expect better service then this. As a cab driver, I am their customer and I can have certain expectations.

Monday, May 12, 2014

A ride to St. Pete Beach

They were going to the Tradewinds Resort on St. Pete Beach next to Guy Harvey. I picked the ladies up at TIA and they were in for a teachers conference, and some R&R. I am very thankful after tourist season to be getting rides out to the beach. That was Sunday. Today, I got a ride to Bartow for $132 which I needed baldly. Luck does go in trends.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

My Twitter feed at Tim

On the sidebar is a Twitter feed with updates and photos. Check it out at and hit the "Photos and Videos" link.

Buccaneers training camp circa 1997

I was in a lot better shape then
After watching the NFL draft, I was thinking about all the fun we use to have at training camp. We had a gang that would go every year. Back then, you could bring a cooler and take photos. Security was light. This is why people should shoot film or get their digital images turned into actual photos. Who knows where your 'photos' will be decades from now. Perhaps, all the technology we use today will be obsolete. I am glad I shot this roll of film at the Buccaneers training camp in 1997. I still have the photos. How cool is that!
Bob, Scchuman (shoe), and Dean
A different angle

Morning on Mothers Day

To everyone who is a mother or has a mother living - happy Mothers Day. Just another day for me. My mother died years ago. Today, I am stuck in this taxi for about twelve

Got your Obama money?

This was seen on the side of a mailbox. This is Obama smoking pot and dressed like a pump. I guess them selfies can come back to haunt you. The thing is he's never told young people smoking dope is bad.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Epicurean Hotel sucks

What is billed as a world class hotel has crack motel standards. Cab drivers are getting dispatched to this property and they are loading the first cab that rolls by. They have NO RESPECT for working drivers, who now, waste their time and gas. This is what happens in the poorest motels in the hood. It is not what I would have expected from a five star resort. Stop calling us and use horses or something.

The photo below I took when I got the order this morning because I knew I was going to be no-showed. I got there in six minutes and saw a Yellow Cab pulling out with my fare! Epicurean, why are you doing this to us? What if 90% of your reservations never showd up? Its the same thing. I will never serve your place again and the largest taxi company in Tampa is considering the same thing. I hope your duechbag hotel burns to the ground.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Poachers at Tampa International Airport

Just another van unloading at Tampa international airport. I swear, this town has more transportation then Chicago. Most of these vans are being operated by drivers that were fired by United cab but they still want to drive for a living. So, they start these operations poaching our business. Most of these guys are bums that would be doing day labor if they weren't so lazy too work.
I wish the HCPTC would stop granting permits while cab drivers starve

Holy Smoke - God in the skies

I a sky writer yesterday taking advantage of a clear blue sky to send his message. He spelled out "U + God = (:*)"

It seems he has been doing this for years as a ministry. He only does it on clear days and the message can be seen from 35 miles away. I thought it was cool.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Johnny Weissmuller and Maureen O'sullivan nude in Florida

Most people don't know that the outdoor scenes in the Tarzan movies were filmed in Florida. North of Tampa is the Silver River where in 1932 the first Tarzan movie starring Johnny Weissmuller and Maureen O'sullivan as Tarzan and Jane was filmed. Florida was a natural setting because the jungle terrain is similar to that found in Africa. Plus, the nice climate allows the actors to wear skimpy outfits.

The weather was great and the watter was warm (at the time of filming alligators were an endangered species - today those waters are infested with gators) and in one scene they both swam naked in the Silver River. Unfortunately, the year this move was filmed was when they came out with the motion picture rating code and the nude scenes had to be cut. The current DVD release has the scenes added in.

Believe me, if I had Johnny's body, I would go naked too. I'm straight; don't worry. I was his age once.

Pasco County Florida to this day is the nudist capital of the United States. Many naturalist come to the Tampa area to enjoy the lifestyle you can experience here. In fact, Florida is the tourist capital of the world. It is not just Micky Mouse.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Going after Uber and Lyft

I have started a blog to defend my livelihood against the deep pockets out of San Francisco. The C.P.U.C - California Public Utilities Commission has been compromised by politicians in the pockets of Uber and Lyft. This is wrong and it will be exposed. My blog is titled: Stop Uber and Lyft go to the link provided. It is new, but big things are coming.
My attack platform

Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN

It was not the baseball history I wanted to see but I was glad to just be in the stadium after what happened Saturday. Tom called his customer about the bogus tickets we used Saturday to try and get into the Whitney Bank Club at Tropicana field. His customer is a business man, and had forgot that he had forwarded those tickets to an associate. He felt bad about what happened, and forwarded new tickets for the Sunday game for us. Cool! We were on our way. This game was the Sunday Night Baseball game on ESPN; It was an eight o'clock start and I figured it would end about eleven.
The view from the Whitney Bank Club
We parked in the same lot we had Saturday, and were very happy to find out our $175 tickets were good!  We were in...How Cool Is That! You enter the Whitney Bank Club through a private entrance where the staff begin waiting on you hand and foot. After the elevator ride up to the club, our tickets were scanned again and we found a good table by a window with a great panoramic view of the field.

Me watching the game
We feasted on prime rib, jerk chicken breast, vegetables (we eat healthy), scallops and much more. They even had Chicago style hot dogs which we ate during the game while we washed all of this down with boatloads of beer...All of this is free if you have a tickets. I can't tell you how wonderful the food was, and how many trips we took to the carving station. We were indeed in hog heaven. We were not, however, prepared for what we were about to see during the game.

The starting pitchers Josh Becket and Jeff Neiman pitched eight lights out innings and left the game with the score tied at 0-0. Tampa had their chances with many long shots that almost went out for home runs. Boston had left 14 men on base at the end of nine innings. By rights, they could have easily won this game. It was by watching this, that I saw how good a defensive team the Rays are. They don't miss a beat. Sam Fauld ran down many long shots with terrific speed, and Johnny Damon got two hits and plays at a high level for a 37 years old dude; Even Longoria got a nice hit to break his streak (he is coming back from injury). Neither team gave an inch and the game went extra innings. It seemed that nobody was going to score. The Red Sox loaded the bases twice, but hit into double plays both times. The Rays could not get a man passed second base the whole night.

Tom on our private balcony
The highlights of the evening were when a Boston fan ran out into the outfield and was chased by security who tackled him and beat his ass, and when Joe Madden got ejected from the game (defending a player that was attacked by a chowder head player who broke a bat).. We finally left about 1:00 a.m. and went home. I found out in the morning that Boston finally won after 16 innings. This was the longest game in Ray's franchise history. Most of the people were gone before it ended. Of course, many people have to go to jobs on Monday morning and who would have expected this game to go on for almost six hours. What was strange was watching Alex Cobb getting in some pitching practice in the bull pin after midnight. A very strange experience.

One thing I noticed was that the majority of the crowd were Tampa Bay Ray fans. Years ago in a Boston series, that would not be the case. I am glad to see the trend is turning. Friends of mine know my opinion on this. If you are going to live in the Tampa Bay area, support our teams. If not, go back too where you came from. Its as simple as that.

I am going to miss this place as I head back to the 'cheap seats' were taxi driver should be at anyway. A hot dog still taste good there. However, if you can swing it, the experience you will have at the Whitney Bank Club is well worth. it. Just having privacy was worth it for me.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Rays Baseball and two bogus tickets

There is nothing like getting free tickets to a Tampa Bay Rays baseball game. These are not just tickets, but Boston Redsox vsTampa Bay Rays tickets. In fact, they are too the Whitney Bank Club high price seating. This is where the fat cats and the bigwigs go to watch a game. These $175 tickets include free buffet style food and free booze. There is prime rib, shrimp, lasagna, and everything you could dream of. The wait staff serves your every need, and we Tom and I had tickets.

My best taxi driver friend Tom Castros took a high-roller to the airport this morning and they businessman said he had the tickets, but his plans had changed and he wanted to just give Tom the tickets for the $25 fare. Tom took them in a heartbeat and called me on my cellphone. I said "hell ya! Lets go!" The game was set for a 4:15 start and we were both hungry. Free drink and food...I'm all over it! We would soon be surrounded by beautiful women and the rich and powerful in the Tampa Bay area. Wait till they get a hold of us.

Since we are cab drivers, we know how to get within two blocks from the stadium without ever encountering traffic. I am not exaggerating on this. Most people are on the interstate and it is gridlock. We know a parking lot that charges only $10 to park, and you are in the shadow of Tropicania field. How cool is that? We walked right up to the stadium and got someone to take are picture. We were on our way and breaking all the rules We felt like Thelma and Louise. This was going to be awesome.
Tim and Tom outside Topicania Field
We walked up to the gate with our expensive, high baller tickets and proudly gave them to the ticket people. The lady scanned my ticket with a light and said, "I'm sorry sir; something is wrong with your ticket" I could not believe that. She did point out that we needed to go to gate 6 and perhaps everything would be all right. Tom and I headed over there. We could not believe that had happened and felt we would be fine over at gate six. Wrong. Now this was something out of a "Curb Your Enthusiasm" episode.

Sir...There is a problem
Security said that the tickets had been 'forwarded' yesterday to another party. In short, these tickets were no good. There was nothing we could do. Its bad enough to get beat out of a fare, but to go through all this and get your hopes up so high is just cruel. David Shields was pitching and I really wanted to see how good he would be against this powerful Boston batting lineup.

It was very hot and we just wanted to get to some kind of air condition. We had no water because we were going to get that in the club suite. When we went back to the parking lot, the guy asked us why we were leaving so early. We told him that we had been ripped off and he was good enough to give us a refund of the $10 parking fee. At least something went right.
On the ride home Tom's friend called and said that he has a special who gave him tickets to Sunday's night baseball game between the RedSox and the Rays and he could not go. He wanted to know if we wanted to use the tickets. We told him yes. He then said they were not just tickets - they were to the Whitney Bank Club and they were $175 which included free food and booze. Great! I can't wait for tomorrow night.

A homeless story

It was hard to get to mad at this guy today. He was just trying to survive like I am. I have been driving for 14 years and I have regularly picked "Dave" up over the years. He used to live on Wisconsin ave until he was evicted. I picked him up today at the Crosstown Inn, a sort of rundown motel at Dale Mabry and Gandy.

He needed to go to Metropolitan Ministries because that is where his mail is now being delivered. I agreed to take him and pick up his Social Security check and then, take him to Amscot. Sounded simple. It got a little complicated.

He went inside the Mission, which was crowded with people picking up boxes of food and waiting in line inside for what the sign on the door said "food, money, living expenses" and other things like that.

I could not help but notice that the parking lot was full of new and late model cars. Go see for yourself. Just go by. That really pissed me off.

Many time in my life, I have had to sell a car or other things to get money to eat. These people are not making sacrifice. The ones I saw were duchies. Sell your Goddamn Car and your family can eat tonight. I don't even have a car, and I don't BEG.

The guy came out and said his check was not there and we needed to now go back to south Tampa to the Post office. He was completely ignoring the $25 on the meter.

I'm sorry folks. I am sensitive to his plight, but I cannot run the meter up to 50 or 60 bucks just on speculation that I might get paid. I took off and left the schmuck behind.

I shortly got a real fare and collected MONEY!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Tampa Bay Buccaneers have the best cheerleaders

Great photography
This is one of the young women that is a cheerleader for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I found her picture on the Pewter Report. There seemed to be a whole thread devoted to the girls that dominate this squad. I wonder why!


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