Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pill mills are back in Tampa

Every few days I pick up some crackhead looking person at TIA and take them to 2727 W MLK Blvd. They have no luggage, from Ohio, and their teeth look like the smoke meth. There must be a doctor in there that is writing scripts on the side. Plus, these assholes never tip. The Tampa police should do an investigation.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Why Russia will not be defeated

Why did the Russian tank cross the road? To get to the liquor store! Daily life in Russia is like a scene from "Jackass" the movie. I don't think they are afraid of much. This video is awesome! The girls come in at the end.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Cats love shrimp

I got a call at the shrimp docks this morning for Jose. I never did find my fare but a little kitty was hanging around looking for shrimp. He seemed kind of lost, and was friendly. Cats are the most misunderstood animal.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Bob Buckhorn and Marco Rubio live in dream world about Uber and free markets

Mayor Bob Buckhorn Tampa - DINO (Democrat in name only) has aliened himself with Marco Rubio on a very naive version of free enterprise affecting the transportation market. Both of them are supporting illegal activities from unlicensed companies. For some reason, they have support among craft beer drinking hipsters, Tampashere Troll Blog, and liberals, who have no clue how far they have strayed to the dark side. The confusion of Buckhorn is legend, from naked ladies (he once had a law about how close a man could get to a naked lady) and now, a fundamental misunderstanding of real world dynamics as they apply to business and public safety. Not surprising he is lock step with Marco Rubio.
The man on the left does not hide his support for the 1%
It is not going well for unlicensed transportation in the United States. Law suites and legal procedings abound:

1.      Sacramento, CA
California Department of Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones issued a press release today announcing his recommendations for requiring transportation network companies (TNCs) such as Uber and Lyft to provide commercial insurance in order to ensure protection for passengers, drivers and pedestrians. According to Jones, TNCs should bear the insurance burden when they encourage non-professional drivers to use their personal vehicles to transport passengers for profit.

2.      Houston, TX
Taxicab and limousine companies in Houston have filed a civil Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) lawsuit against Uber and Lyft. This type of civil lawsuit refers to the ongoing and intentional criminal practices of a party. Houston taxicab and limousine companies say Uber and Lyft are operating as for-hire vehicles without proper licenses, fee payment or insurance, and are not meeting the obligations of for-hire vehicles in Houston. They are seeking an injunction to stop the companies from operation.

3.      Columbus, OH
The City of Columbus filed a lawsuit that seeks to bar uberX from operation. The lawsuit states that the public is at risk because the city is both unable to verify drivers’ backgrounds and conduct vehicle inspections. Officials have said that charging for uberX rides is illegal because their drivers are acting as unlicensed vehicles for hire, which in Columbus is considered a misdemeanor. In the meantime, the Columbus attorney’s office is requesting a temporary restraining order that will prevent uberX from operating until a judge can decide whether to grant the permanent order.

Of course, both companies are armed with war chests of hundreds of millions in venture capital funds--plenty to fund high-powered lawyers and lobbyists. They will undoubtedly fight these lawsuits  tooth and nail. We’ll keep you posted.

This is what Bob Buckhorn says about illegal and unlicensed businesses that want to operate in Tampa:

"That's the kind of environment were trying to create here," said Tampa Mayor bob Buckhorn, who counts himself a supporter of new projects such as Lyft and Uber. A major city needs to innovate and attract young, digitally savvy people who want to change society, he said. "This is how the next generation wants to live, and we need to accommodate that and encourage that type of innovation and not be held hostage to the special interest that dominated and controlled the PTC for decades."   Tampa Tribune April 5, 2014
The next generation wants to break the law!? What! That's the kind of environment were trying to create!? What! You should be removed from office right now for advocating illegal activity in the very city you took an oath to protect. What we need Mr. Buckhorn is to accommodate law abiding transportation services. That can only be done by a regulatory agency. Hows that for a liberal concept. How can this man continue to call himself a democrat? Just asking.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

A taxi stand in Hyde Park

The Hyde Park taxi stand
We don't have taxi stands anymore but many of the drivers still sit on the old Hyde Park 21 stand. The stand is at a city park that is centrally located for getting calls. There is shade, a basketball court, a baseball diamond, and some cool wildlife. The retention pond behind the chain link fence is now the home of many migratory and wading birds. Richard says they eat frogs, which are plentafull in the lake.

A wading bird
This pond  has formed its own eco-system and I would not be surprised if there were now fish in it. Every time I stop by, I see different birds. They know there is food in there and they are patient enough to wait it out. There is something else that is going on out there as well.

You can see the "Obamaville" thru the fence line
A 'hobo camp' has been set up behind the pump house. These guys are not hurting anyone and they don't bother people for money. The camp is along the railroad line where it is open and provides them with some security. They have collected some mattresses and and a sofa. Hell, at least they don't have the rent I have. I guess you call this an 'Obamaville.'

You can see the discarded furniture that makes up this camp

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Remember when Yellow Cab Tampa had the "courtesy cab?"

(This was from 2008. I still feel the same toward this bad idea and Uber Lyft)

This is not the time for taxi companies to offer complimentary cab service in the vital downtown Tampa and So Ho areas. Most taxi drivers are broke and struggling in this economy. We cannot offer free rides. It would not be practical and we are regulated in this part of town at $3 a head from 2 to 4 riders. I guess Minartti (the owner of Yellow cab) got Keven White to let him do this for a kick back. White is a very corrupt County Commissioner and he should be voted out of office. Oh, he likes mixed-race ass by the way.

I saw a group of "hybred" green cabs at what is left of the old Yellow Cab compound on n. Oregon ave in Tampa. They were locked up behind a chain fence. Just keep them there.

Cat party

I threw some food out to feed one cat. Today, I see this. I guess word spreads among cats about the soup kitchens. I like cats. I just can't have them where I live. They seem to be peaceful creatures.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What Lyft and Uber will take from the Tampa taxi business

A lyft car at the Iconic sign on Florida ave downtown Tampa
I have been a hack in Tampa Florida since 1995. Unlike the estimated 50% of Americans that hate their jobs, I have never had a day when I did not feel like going to work. Certainly, the last few years  have not been fun because the economy fell apart like a three dollar watch. However, economies are like tides and this one is on the rebound, at a snail's pace. I would like to thank Mr. Obama for that but that would not be fair. The economy is recovering despite any fiscal policy of his. That being said - there are challenges.

My job is inherently difficult. We face strange and deranged people street level on a daily basis. Taxi companies in Tampa (which are regulated) must serve the general population. We have no choice. Short fares, drunk fares, people going to buy drugs (they don't tell you that) we must pick up. Don't get me wrong, there are business people, beautiful women, great trippers, and long hauls. The difficulty comes in not really knowing if you will make any money. For someone with a gamblers personality, this job is fine. I am getting older and risk is not my favorite hobby anymore.

I am a people person. I have met some of the most outstanding people in the world doing this. People I would  have never met, I met through the cab. When my girlfriend died a few years ago, it was my passengers that gave me solace and comfort. I have met general officers from Central Command and asked them if UFO's were real or if we went to the moon in 1969. In sort, I have enjoyed my life and time as a taxi driver.

UBER and LYFT now threaten all of this

Lyft adds nothing to any community they go into. They only cannibalize on the business that is already there. In fact, their drivers only "cherry Pick" the cream. It is a hipster service being run by hipsters. Unlike cities that are regulated, these drivers will not have to work in the poor and BLACK areas of town. They can sit in their little green cars, pick up their green passengers, and feel they are saving the whales or something. All they are doing is taking the best fares away from people who have paid their dues and now, will not be able to survive.

We won't make it because the daytime business of little old ladies and poor people at grocery stores and bars will not pay the lease. Five dollar fares with no tip will not work.

UBER and LYFT are Illegal in most cities

Is that who you want to ride with? People who are breaking the law? I bet most people who drive for them are Democrats. These are the very people who criticize the Republicans for their law and order stance. I guess this proves my point. Nobody should frequent a business that is a speak easy by nature.
Drivers have been on the ropes for the last few years. There is not enough slices of the pie to go around. Men have been doing this for years and raised families doing it. Are you wanting to make beggars out of us?

If Lyft has something to contribute to the local community, then they should be giving a shot. They are not and that is why Hillsborough County has shut them out. I really believe the HCPTC should start giving out those $800 fines and impounding their cars. Maybe that would knock the smug look off their faces.
Hard Times For Tampa

Tampa Bay area has had hard times since 2007 on all fronts. We are now walking on wobbly knees. Please allow us to recover from this Tommy John. Good jobs  have left. The world has changed and I know that is the argument for the app service. This is just what the hipsters want. No, let me tell you what people should want and what they should expect.

Tampa Taxi Companies and Drivers meet regulated standards

All Hillsborough County taxi drivers have been screened by the HCPTC for criminal background. If a driver has a warrant or drug offense, he will not be allowed to drive. All drivers  have been screened by a tough as nails insurance company who will not insure drivers who get tickets. Forget about the ticket clinic helping you. If there is smoke, there's fire, and you will not be allowed to driver, until you learn to drive.

The taxi companies must carry a very high limit of liability insurance or they will be considered a threat to the community and the companies will not be allowed to operate. I am talking in the millions of dollars. The Tampa community knows when they call a cab, the driver is not a dangerous fugitive and the company has very deep pockets and is committed to providing the best service anyone can possible ask for.

Lyft is operating against a "cease and desist" order. Why does that make you so sure they have run background investigations on their drivers? What makes you think they have purchased the required liability for when one of their drunk drivers kills you or someone in your family? There is, in fact, every reason that outlaws from the start are not going to comply with any of this.

The end result of Lyft's impact

They will only serve hipsters and college kids with smart phones. Period. They poor suffer as the number of taxi drivers drop off because of the paltry wages. The Tampa Bay area suffers because of these predators. Why would Lyft care? They are based out of Seattle and Uber out of San Francisco. They have no vested interest in the Tampa area. United and  Yellow were founded by local Tampons.

That's what gets me about Bob Buckhorn - the mayor of Tampa. This cat is the one that allowed the food trucks into downtown Tampa, completely ignoring the restaurants that pay taxes and are located downtown. He justified it, in the same way he is Lyft, that in this economy we need jobs. True, what we need are jobs that people can live off of. You are making beggars out of people Buckhorn. I guess  its good your wife had a good job before you got elected because you would have been flying a sign like the rest of the bums on the streets. No offense to bums. At least they work and struggle every day. The hardest thing you ever did was take your mutt to the dog park.

There was a lady who because I was ON TIME for her airport ride, said she could not wait for Uber to come into the area. She used to be the press secretary of Jeb Bush. If she reads this, she will know who I am talking about. She offended me deeply. The worst part was, she had no idea what she was talking about. I do. I  have lived the life for 19 years and I will fight for my livelihood.

This war has just begun.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Richard - A long time taxi driver

(This was posted some years ago. Richard left cab driving when he ran a red light and hit another car. Richard was alright - just the video went viral, and was seen on Fox, CNN, MSMBC. Bad day for Richard.)

This may be one of the few pictures Richard. He has been a United Cab driver in Tampa for almost twenty years.

Richard is very educated and once was a teacher. But like many, he became marginalized by society, and started driving a taxi.

He is from Wisconson and not seen his family in years (like me).
People just really don't want to have much to do with you when just drive a hack.

Anyway, this image is one of the only ones of him.
Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android

Be thankful for Facebook

I saw this on Facebook today. As a taxi driver I must buy the gas. My fares act surprised by that. We are quickly reaching a breaking point and the company will have to help us. If not, nobody will drive these gas guzzling wrecks.

Sunday, April 20, 2014


In today's world it is all about brand identity. To keep taxi stuff separate from personal, camping, hiking, Bigfoot (the things I really enjoy) my name in dot com became available. Check out TimFasano.com avoid the rush.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

A vintage taxi

I saw this taxi crossing the Courtney Cambell Causeway today. I think its a 1957 Chevy. I think. They have a website and they are out of Saint Petersburg. Fist time I saw one of these. I guess they are just another operation that is flirting the Tampa Bay transportation market.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Uber and Lyft do not serve poor and minority areas

TaxiokokThe CEO of Tampa's finest taxi company, Rob Searchy went to Tallahassee two weeks ago to deliberate against a bill that would deregulate "transportation on demand" in Hillsborough county. This bill will allow anyone with a car (and unclear intent) to pick up anyone from an app on their phone. This would allow these drivers to only work hipster areas, and ignore the general population as a whole. The ramifications of this are now being felt in San Francisco and Seattle which is being cherry picked. This movement must be stopped, as well as, Marco Rubio's concept of free enterprise.
While Rob Searcy was in the Florida state capital they played a clip of Ashton Kuthcer of all people. It seems he and the owners of Uber are very tight. This is what was said about that:
Ashton Kutcher made an unplanned cameo during a Florida Senate Transportation Committee meeting two weeks ago. Uber representatives presented a clip of theTwo and Half Men star and Uber investor on Jimmy Kimmel Live blasting Miami for not changing longstanding laws to accommodate the upstart car service.
 "Basically, it's like mafioso, like village mentality of like we're not gonna let the new guy in," the actor said. "Like in Miami."
Diego Feliciano might be considered one of those mafiosi. Feliciano is the president of the South Florida Taxicab Association. A man who got his start more than 30 years ago as a cab driver, Feliciano says Uber seeks to skim the top off taxis' business while potentially threatening service to those who can't afford the app...Read More
And that's my major point about this entire concept. When you have a commission, it makes sure the general public is served, and picked up. The commission can also act on complaints about drivers. This is not just rating a driver on a website. This is controlling who drives and running background investigations to ensure the drivers are not criminals and have good driving records. By having drivers regulated, the HCPTC can make sure adequate insurance and upper limits of liability are at play. If not, the driver could be considered a threat to the public and not allowed to operate.
More on this coming up.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

TypePad is back!

TypePad now has a slick template with a slick mobile function. They sometimes are late to the rodeo, then, they score big. TampaTaxiHack.com is back. It is what I'm looking for and worth paying for. It does more then WordPress free version. Check it out. I am very happy with it.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Remember Italian Tony?

Tony was a guy that everyone liked and knew. He was an old crab apple but he was in poor heath that must have affected his mood. He was one of the long time drivers from way back. I mean back to "The Bagel Boys" days. If you are still around from that time, you are one of a handful.

Tony came to Florida like many do in search of a better life. That was in the days when they said you got paid in sunshine. Hell, he had already been driving cab 15 years when I started in 1995. He worked the airport for ten years, then, became a night driver. No matter what he did, he could not get ahead.

I used to talk to Tony a lot and he expressed a desire to work in the hot rod industry. He was an expert of vintage cars. However, he could never get his finances right to move to California where the action was. Instead, he stayed in the cab until the day he died. Literally.

That is a fate that awaits many cab drivers who get into a since of denial about just how bad things are. I promised myself that I would never do that. Circumstances out of my control since 2007 have given me no choice. I am ready now. I just hope they don't find me (or any other taxi driver) dead in a motel room. That is not the most dignified way to go. But it has happened to way to many drivers.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Random shots from a cab driver

From a piece of shit taxi, to Paul the shop forman, a colorful United Cab trash can, and other views.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

The taxi at the campsite

This was last Halloween in the Green Swamp. Taxi drivers sometimes have some fun. That is a nice campfire.

The view from Ruskin Beach

I had a ride today to the Bahia Beach Club on Ruskin beach. There is no more public beach. All of it is private land. You can see downtown St. Petersburg from the beach. I also found this partially built walk away right on the beach. A relic from the Great Recession.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Marco Rubio (U.S. Senate R Florida) says screw the cab industry in Florida and he is embracing Uber and Lyft

This man has been bought off by venture capital and is as corrupt as the day is long
"Sen. Marco Rubio (U.S. Senate R Florida) was looking to score a quick ride in Miami, but when he tapped his white Uber button on his smartphone, the Florida Republican came up empty. “I was bragging to someone about this service in Washington and I clicked onto my app … and up comes a message saying, ‘Sorry we can’t pick you up in Miami because the county commission won’t allow it,’” he recalled.

 That incident was the impetus for Rubio's Monday visit to Uber’s Washington headquarters, where he used the struggle of a growing and fashionable tech company to underscore his case concerning overburdensome regulations.

“We should never allow government power and government regulations to be used to protect an establishment incumbent industry at the expense of an innovative competitor,” he said. Operating in 37 U.S. cities, Uber is a transportation company that allows a customer to order a taxi, town car or SUV to a specific location with just a click of a phone app. All transactions are paperless and tips are included in the fee. The service quickly gained popularity in Washington due to frustration with the lack of available cabs in certain parts of the city and the inability to pay with credit or debit cards."

NOTE: Rubio is wrong because Uber and lift services DO NOT serve the BLACK and poor SPANISH areas (He betrays his own people). Poor people don't have credit cards Rubio. They rely on free money orders from Amscot to pay their bills. Regulatory agencies PROTECT THE POPULATION FROM CRIMINAL DRIVERS. It is a public safety issue. All taxi and limo drivers in Tampa must be cleared by an FBI background check. Your method gets around that. Would you want your wife picked up by a Rapist?


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Collin of LYFT needs to be arrested

Collin of LYFT is providing an illegal service. Is that the type of operation you want to do business with? This man is a criminal and the HCPTC needs to take care of him.

I would not be surprised if this guy ends up in the bottom of a pond (because of bad driving). These assholes will only work prime areas, airport, downtown, Hyde Park, and do not service the general community. They have not been screened by law enforcement and are a threat to the Tampa Bay area

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I got my job back

I got cleared by insurance and the company even gave me a couple free days to make up for it. I guess alls well that ends well.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Is it "Right or Left at Oak Street"

I was suspended by United Cab today.  After 19 years, I was told to leave. The reason is the new insurance company does not have my correct drivers license number and they can't pull my DMV report. Without that, they can't insure me. Its sounds like somebody fucked up and it was not me. However, I am home with no cab, no job, and no clear idea when this shit will be fixed. As much as Gulf Coast Transportation tried to spin it - THEY FUCKED UP!
You can't pass the buck when you are dealing with people's lives. I have a perfect driving record and I have been with this company for nineteen years. They all of a sudden have no copy of my drivers license?

When I was a kid I saw a song by Roy Clark on Hee Haw called "right or left on oak street." My father said it was about desertion. A man does consider what direction he should take. It seems appropriate tonight.

Monday, April 7, 2014

My new exercisr routine...the right way

I've been doing this exercise routine for years but still don't have six pack abs.

The sad life of Kim

Kim has been on the streets for at least twenty years. Long time cab drivers know her from Kennedy Blvd where she would work as a prostitute. She is mentally ill and unpredictable. She can also be sweet and nice.
I saw her today for the first time in a year. I was at a gas station and she asked me for money. I just don't have any extra and told her no. She looked sad, and walked off. I genuinely have sorrow for her.
Her disappearances are from being in jail or rehab. I hope. Perhaps ObamaCare will help her if she goes online and pays the $400 a month. Right.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

"Shave the Stache" Lyft car service bad for Tampa

All that glitters is not gold
When the Lyft car drivers kill your relative, good luck in finding them. They are very bad for Tampa and Dickhead Mayor Bob Buckhorn only wants to make beggars out of the cab drivers that have faithfully served the Tampa area for years. This is just wrong. Hear what I have to say in the video below!
You Can see them coming

Friday, April 4, 2014

Paul shows his enthusiasm

The shop has been dicking around with cab 363 since Monday. That was supposed to be my new cab but they could not get it running. Paul was good about it and has now put me out in a lower mileage unit. He was checking me out and let me know how excited he was about the shop problems. The newer car is sweet and I hope to have a good weekend.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Epicurian Hotel Tampa needs to raise its game

The new Epicurean hotel on south Howard in Tampa has quickly developed a bad reputation among cab drivers. They will call for a taxi, and when you arrive, they tell you your fate is already gone. This is happening so much, United Cab dispatch mostly flags the calls.
The hotel prefers to use car services like the illegal Flex Sedans. I have heard they are not charging the required $50 minimum, but charging taxi rates. That violates HCPTC rules.
Here are some photos of the scum loading my fares after I was sent there. They are bad people.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Big mileage day

Yesterday was just one of those days. I put a ton of miles on the cab and it was all working mileage. You know those days when everyone you pick up is going somewhere. I wish every day could be like that but its not the norm. Today, I'm sure it will be grocery stores, laundry mats, and runners.

Rays did win opening day. I had a hot dog and enjoyed the moment.


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