Monday, March 31, 2014

Baseball opening day

I got a ride out of the airport from a man who flew down from Chicago to go to the Rays game. He is just a fan, that's all. People in Tampa Bay say the Tropicana Field is too far to travel to. That was Chicago folks! I dropped him off at Fergs sports bar where a massive party was going on. "There's no place like dome."

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Uber is safe for women?

The women who wrote this article says she feels safer as a women by using Uber. What she does not know is most of their drivers are homeless. They ate bowery bums that were fired by all the major cab companies in their area. Uber is the only place to go because they are incapable of working in any other job. Their drivers have not been screened and may be criminal. They were not allowed into Tampa because they were considered a threat to the community. Don't wear a skirt if you get in their cars.
Read more below:

Top ten taxi scams

.1. Long Hauling – Basically the taxi driver knows you’re a tourist and takes you on a scenic route instead of the more direct route (without telling you).

2. Taxi driver asks if you want to take the freeway (highway) or streets (local) – This is a trick question and is mostly common in Las Vegas, but could be applicable in many parts of the world. Hint: The freeway is almost always the most expensive option, so know your geography.

3. Fake bill switch – Basically you hand over the driver a large note, $100 or $50 and the taxi driver pulls a fast one on you. Afterwards, he will tell you that you handed him a fake.

4. Surcharges – The driver may add a surcharge to your fare and give you a BS reason for it

5. Turbo meter – Basically the driver has installed a device in his taxi which speeds up the meter faster than usual, thus increasing the cost of your taxi

6. Giving you a high fare quote – This is common in Latin America where fares are negotiated before getting into the vehicle.

7. Telling you a certain road is closed – The driver tells you the main road is closed and you must go the “long way”.

8. The taxi driver picks up his phone and calls someone – This is a clear sign that a scam is going on.

9. The driver picks someone up – This is a clear sign something bad is going to happen.

10. No Change – The driver tells you he doesn’t have any change.

Continue to How to Avoid and Deal with Taxi Scams.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Getting out of the cab

The big mistake many taxi drivers make is not getting out of the cab. Exercise is important and walking is good cardio. S treadmill is boring but going out into natural allows me to truck for miles. I may not find Bigfoot but I'm getting good exercise.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Great sunrise

There is something optimistic about sunrise. Today, there was an unusual sunrise that was all aglow. There must have been humidity or something. The humidity is on the rise and I hate it.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

UFO mother ship over Tampa Florida

I saw this "mother ship" flying over downtown Tampa very close to the office towers. As I got closer, I could see it was the Direct TV blimp. It was acutely broadcasting HD TV on the side of it that could be seen from the ground. How cool is that!?

Chickens run wild in Ybor

Dropping off in Ybor City I could see the chickens passing through. These two roosters were walking down a city sidewalk just like they lived there. They do!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tampa International Airport holding area circa; 1987 (old cars)

I found this on You Tube. It seems there was a Public access TV show called TAXI TAXI and one of the stars is Yellow cab driver Nana. In this video he tells why he is a cab driver because the only job he can get in America is dishwasher and driving a taxi gives him a sense of accomplishment. Pollock remembers this show and once did a video for it with Tammy.

Video from a Pasco County Florida nudist camp

I shot this video a fews years ago at Paradise Lakes nudist camp. This is the tame version. Naturalism is a major industry in Pasco County Florida. People from all over the world come here for the great climate that makes this lifestyle possible.
I love outdoor photography

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

An old picture of Steve

Steve was every ones favorite mechanic. He no longer works for United Cab after having a stroke. He is doing great and I am sure he does not miss the taxi cab business in Tampa. It was hot, hard work, and this business wears on you. Anyway, I found this on my files and decided to put it up.

I think I may make this blog my main blog and delete everything else. I know the Bigfoot stuff is doing well but I could not give a rats ass for anyone of the dysfunctional, marginalized, dickheads that are in that hobby.

I like to hike and camp but there is no evidence of a damn beast that anyone has ever produced. It is a cash cow of a cottage industry that is making a lot of people rich. No doubt about that. I think I am wasting my damn time.

Anyway, time to get back to being a cab driver.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Dog out the truck window

Dogs really like to fly. This proud pooch is almost at attention while going down Dale Mabry. I now have several of these images. Just hit the topics function.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spelunking at Dames Caves

George and I found our way to Dames Caves. These are limestone caves formed by water over thousands of years. This photo is me coming out of the cave. I explained to George the conditions inside were too wet and I wanted to return when dry to get way back in the cathedral areas which requires crawling on your stomach thru passage ways. You will get hundreds if feet

Camping on the Citrus Trail

I just got back from this expedition and I am beat. George and I went two hours north to enter the Citrus track of the Withlacoochee state Forest. This track is 155,000 acres and you can get lost. Anyway, more later after I get some rest.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What happened to the Malaysia jet,?

We have two pilots that drive taxi, Sam and Larry. Sam believes the plane was hijacked because the ELT devices never activated and they would have in salt water. I believe it went into the ocean and these "pings" are something else. I wonder what Larry thinks. Feel free to comment.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The internet can make you famous

Jay Z was right. All you need is an internet connection and you can reach millions. Mainstream can't stop you. Advertisers will notice. That is what happened with Jen Welter who has one of the highest rated Twitter accounts going. Give ya three guesses why.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Southside of the Skyway Bridge

Enjoy it while I can. This time of year is when you can get the Sarasota/Bradenton runs and the best way to go is over the Skyway from TPA. The shame is that the taxi overlords have so demonitized this business,brie driver will work like a dog or ox the rest of the year to just pay expenses. If the company hears we made an extra five dollars, they will want it while drivers sleep in a mission or tenement row house. It was once different.

Riot at Cigar City Brewery beer fest - hipsters go wild

They ran out of beer last Saturday at the Cigar City Brewery craft beer fest. Joey Redner had sold 2,000 tickets but 9,000 hipsters showed up with counterfeit ones. Redner closed the event and a riot broke out. I thought hipsters were into peace, save the whales, environment, Obama,and all that.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

The first selfie taken?

If these people look familiar, your right. Its Jackie Kennedy, Ethel Kennedy, and JFK taken in 1954. They were just kids. Who knew how popular this type of photography would be. A real genre, I believe. Some folks say its narcissism. I don't think so. Jackie's camera looks like a medium format still used today, with a $20,000 digital back.

The Hillsborough River is green?!

I thought Ivwas seeing things on the Kennedy Bridge today. The Hillsborough River by Curtis Hixon Park was green. This was in honor of St. Patrick. Recreational boaters were out in mass and the city made it an event with live bands and food trucks.

BTW, I can't tell you how sick I am. We were rained on hard at the camping trip and I have bronchitis and I'm coughing so hard I'm fainting. I need to go home.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Crowds at the Yankees game

March is baseball season in Florida and I have been getting many rides to Legends  Field for the games. In 15 years I have had one ride to a Rays game. Support the local team, and all that. You can see the overflow droid in this photom

Cool jazz on a hot night

Late night when its slow and the heat index is over 100, WUSF cool jazz is all you have. Late nights belong to smooth jazz. You can also listen to Coast to Coast and get your UFO and Bigfoot fix.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Taxi cab at the campsite

We had fun for three nights but I got sick and don't feel like posting. Just to let you know it was great and I hope to be back posting tomorrow.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Enigmatic Anomalies and Bigfoot

You know I work with a group of good guys who are starting up a new cable network from the ground floor, it is called Enigmatic Anomalies. George and I will start off a three day/two night expedition into the heart of the Green Swamp jungle Tuesday. Kevin will join us later. This is a promo George did a couple years ago about their ambitious project. NOTE: professional use of cinematic lighting that you would see on Sci-Fi channel. These guys know what they are doing. promo shot in an old warehouse with side lights set at a distance. Very cool.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Saturday night in Tampa

I thought I was a dirty old man. "The Senator' takes the cake because he is real (friend of the taxi man), 58 years old, and gets massive ass. He is a legend at the Castle in Ybor City, and in Tampa pop culture. Pop for his hard-on he sports in the clubs.

I was going to say it takes balls to do what he does, but balls it is. Hay, I got a thong and a Cuban cigar. Monica would be happy (sorry for the 1997 reference,).

Hipsters everywhere

Tampa is a happening place. Hipsters are everywhere. You see them in faded jeans, plad shorts, tee shirts, beards, wool hats, drinking craft beers, hanging in coffee houses, smoking Cuban cigars, playing chess, and seen in the trendy Hyde Park, So-Ho, and Chanelside areas. Today, we were invaded.

Hipsters from all over the country came to Tampa for two major events - the Gasparilla Music Festival and the Cigar City Brewery Festival. Both have brought hipsters and money into the area. I really don't know where their money comes from.

I mean the whole persona they exude is of slackers living off daddy's money and not giving a thought about the future. Well, whatever they have figured out missed me by a mile. I work seven days a week and deal with stress I would never encountered if I lived a normal life. But hell...I do have a Cuban cigar.

The images are from outside the Ybor brewery as the Hipsters began moving in. Lots of taxi fares today.

Friday, March 7, 2014

"The Poorist of Guarantees" guest post by jbyello a Seattle cab driver

What kind of guarantee if any awaits the intrepid driver when facing a new day?  Physical pain certainly, aching hands, back, legs and sometimes your head, especially if incoherency is included.  Physical exhaustion must also be added to the list.  Come down to the lot at any shift change and its a "Night of the Living Dead" revival, one shift of zombies changing positions with the next.  One remedy is reducing your hours, exhaustion replaced by a gnawing anxiety holding its own special wear and tear, lesser hours equaling fewer fares meaning you haven't won because you are losing.  All this translating into relentless stress because not finding a fare anywhere,  ticking minutes becoming hours and now after paying your lease and gasoline you have three remaining hours to make your day pay.  Try that for weeks on end and see how you feel. 

Read more here:

Steve came by the shop

Many people in the cab business in Tampa know Steve the United Cab mechanic. He has been out sick for the past few months. He may actually retire on disability. He came by the shop the other day to say hi, and get his tools.
Many folks gathered around to wish him well and get caught up on stuff. Steve was working for United when I started in 1995. Hard to believe its been that long.
Anyway, he looked good and I told him he was much better off getting away from the grind. You look better and feel better without the stress.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Nude Night begins tonight in Tampa

Nude Night model I shot in studio
Nude Night starts this evening and runs through Saturday. Nude Night is held every year in Tampa in an art warehouse north of Ybor City. Each year has a theme and in 2011, the theme was body art. One of the models was Clearwater beauty Daisy. She was painted up and walked around the warehouse with many of the other models. There were paintings, photography, and seminars on body art.

A month before the show, I had the opportunity to do a nude shoot with Daisy in a studio suite. She was professional and put a lot of effort into it so I could get some killer images for my book. One of the images of her nude, and other models, can be found at this link Glamour Models. If nudity offends you, do not go to it.
Nude Night starts this evening and runs through Saturday. Nude Night is held every year in Tampa in an art warehouse north of Ybor City. Each year has a theme and in 2011, the theme was body art. One of the models was Clearwater beauty Daisy. She was painted up and walked around the warehouse with many of the other models. There were paintings, photography, and seminars on body art.

A month before the show, I had the opportunity to do a nude shoot with Daisy in a studio suite. She was professional and put a lot of effort into it so I could get some killer images for my book. One of the images of her nude, and other models, can be found at this link Glamour Models. If nudity offends you, do not go to it.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A view from the front seat of the taxi

When do you officially become a "dirty old man?" I feel it getting closer every day. I just run my calls and have no control over who gets in. Sometimes, I am glad about who gets in.
It has been very hot in Tampa and many women are wearing summer clothes. After rolling up to a house today this well built women with a tight tank top emerged. We are talking watermelons. I wondered how she even got the shirt on.
I got a call from dispatch at that moment and was fiddling with the radio when I noticed she was trying to get into the front seat! I unlocked the door and she got in.
How I managed NOT to run into a pole or another car is beyond me. I was glad when she got out because anymore of that and I would have been a road hazard. Anyway, you got to love driving taxi.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Fireworks over Bayshore

Tampa does this often, they will light off fireworks for no particular reason. Bayshore seemed to be the direction this was coming from and it was professional in nature. Maybe it was to celebrate the beautiful weather we have been having. Too bad 2,000 flights were delayed today from the northeast because of snow blizzards.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

A photo of me at the shop

The building to the left is United Cab of Tampa. It is known as "Gulf Coast Transportation." The building to the right are the upscale condos the were built recently. The circle in the middle is a mirror with me taking my image.

I know this post is lame, but after working all day, I am beat. I have lots of photos and stories that will be up after I get a good nights sleep.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Violetta Storms in a blue bikini

Violetta Storms seems to be of some interest on this blog. I have no idea why but I have found another image of her in a blue bikini. I am sure her fans will enjoy it. I have many of her nude. I will post them some day.
The beautiful Violetta

Bad stretch of road

I 275 between downtown Tampa and the Wesyshore district is tore up because of construction. There are parts that look like Nevada when you go by. Florida dirt is a light Brown color. Plus, the traffic is messed up.


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