Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Little Manatee River Trail

A hiking adventure awaits
Someone told me to take a I did. I took advantage of a long ride I had out of TIA that went deep US 301 near Manatee River State Park. I got $100 cash while Uber driver would have done it for $20 and given up twenty percent.

I dropped my fare off at a campground 500 yards from the trail head of this cool trail. I circled around and parked at the gate. I always keep my hiking polls in the trunk, so I knew I would have good footing. This trail has a lot of roots and the polls help me a lot. I did not have my backpack, so I had no water. Unfortunately, I had no water so I would have to limit the hike to one hour.

There is a primitive campsite about 3.5 miles into it. I hope to camp there in the winter but today it would just be a hike. Good aerobic exercise.

Check out the photos:
The boardwalk over the creek

Tim Fasano on the trail

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

U2 and thunderstorms in Tampa

Thunderstorms loom over downtown Tampa
I actually had a good day today and it was not because of U2 playing tonight at Raymond James Stadium or the thunderstorms building up over the bay area. It had to do with the three part approach I use to try to book like the old days.

1) I live in Clearwater, so I get out early to rack up some liquid gold. That is the increasing number of people that are going to PAR on Logisticare charges. That tends to slow down by 8'oclock.

2) I work Tampa International Airport in until the lunch hour.

3) I work the hood until late afternoon. That is where a taxi driver can still get cash fares because these people are not good enough for Uber or Lyft. They don't have bank issued debit cards and the ride share folks do not want them. You also get many Logisticare charges from the poor areas.

That's about it. Adapt or perish is the rule of the jungle.

Forget about getting any U2 people like we would have in years gone by. Those folks will most certainly be using ride share even under surge conditions.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

I lost a friend over Donald Trump today

Trump says he is sorry I lost a friend
A friend of mine could not handle the fact that the Democrats cannot produce anything on Donald Trump. There is a reason for this - there is nothing on Trump! This whole Russian thing is the biggest political hoax in history. (View Video Below)

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Trump will win

I've never felt better
The Deep State has shot their wad. Has anyone bothered to tell us what the crime is Trump is supposed to have committed. I have historically been consistent on these matters. On the day the Republicans impeached Bill Clinton, I stated it "was a sad day in America." The reason was the Republicans were on a witch hunt and had nothing on Clinton. Now, its not the Democrats trying to get a payback, its the news media. We cannot continue like this. Trump will be cleared before this gets going. (Check out the video below)

I have added onto my home gym from last year

I know. I need to clean the soap off the mirror

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The last vestiges of cab driving

HULA Girl goes with me everywhere
I have been fighting it spiritually for some time. The reality that I am not a taxi driver anymore. I have become a medical transport driver. That is nor what I wanted to do.

That would be a job. Cab driving is not a job. It is a hustle. You get customers who use you to go buy drugs, go to the bars, the clubs, the massage parlors, the grocery stores, work, the airport, football games, church, and so forth. Along the way you meet a variety of interesting people. They all use Uber now.

We load walkers in the trunk for elderly people with oxygen tanks. Seriously. God love them but that's not my calling.

I want my whores, drug addicts, business people, jerks, sports fans, hipsters (I really miss the hippies), computer geeks, college students, degenerates, gay duds, the confused band the lost back.

There are only a handful left as the gig slowly dies.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

I've sort of been busy

The Skyway Bridge
I have not put up a post in the entire month of April. There are a few reasons for that. The main one is that I am trying to take my mind off of how bad the taxi business is in the traditional form. The business is becoming a hybrid form of medical transport precariously dependent on a few eggs in small basket. I have simply lived long enough to know that is an untenable situation.

I am not, however, looking a gift horse in the mouth (whatever that means) for without it, it would be chips out. I am at least able now to have not such a myopic view of everything and I'm adapting a long view of the situation. Hence, the image of the Skyway Bridge.

I crossed that bridge six times in one day when I lucked out at and caught a double Bradenton run from St. Pete. The charge included deadhead and that worked out pretty good. Believe me, I never got anything like that when I was driving traditional taxi. So I am not able to complain too much.

I am coming out of my funk and slacking off on my chess games on which I need to. I am currently rated almost an expert with a 1975 ELO rating which puts me in the top 99.4% of all chess  players in the world. The ones left above me are IMs and Grand Masters and that is going to be tough nut to crack.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Chess is giving me joy

My record right now is 13-5-2
Right now I am rated 675,000 in the world (out of 2.6 million). I am training for a more modern opening for over the board tournaments. This is the Kings Indian Attack Sicilian variation. I like it for you can control the center directly and indirectly without your king ever being in trouble.


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